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Efeito Parallax com o template Vollumax no Adobe After Efects

October 26, 2019

So, last day here, we are going to leave but
I got some pictures here in João Pessoa I’m going to use Parallax again and
we’ll make these effects. This is another way for you to make a parallax I used Volumax version 5 I did several tests with it to show you If you have Volumax, before you start I
recommend that you disable the option “Disable Layer Cache”. To do so, hold SHIFT, click on preferences to
enable this secret option You disable the option “Disable Layer Cache” I recommend after using the Volumax project
to reactivate this option because it may be that in your regular project
this will make no difference and maybe even slower. The Volumax, how does it work? You start creating the displacement map
inside Photoshop Volumax has a template where you insert
your picture and set the size. It’ll be in 4k You’ll create a grayscale displacement map.
It already has the layers here to do so So, you have to select the closer areas,
the areas in the middle of your scene, the parts away from the “camera” And, again the far away parts. Then, you can fine tune it with the
last layers. Remenbering that the brighter areas are closer
to the camera and the darker ones are further from it. Then, you will… You will click here on this action that comes
with Volumax So, you must save your image, it is already
in 4k, as well as the displacement map. Once you have this map you go inside
After Effects, there you insert your scene inside the comp “Your Picture” Now there is a comp where you must add your
Displacement Map. In the main comp you have controller null and
other controls: Lateral, Zoom and you can also add Blur and Flare. If you need so, you can change anything in
Photoshop and save with the same name It will update the file inside
After Effects. You add movements as you wish, render it and
you’ll have a 4k scene that you’ll be able in your editing projects If you want to downsize, you can render it
in Half that is an option to render it even faster with half the
4k resolution that will be ok for you FULL HD projects Obviously it does not have that super magic thing
of doing it really fast, but it is… I think this way is faster to produce. Of course in some parallax projects it will
be better to use other techniques and maybe a mix between them What I found amazing was the face parallax The face parallax allows you to make these
movements you’re seeing on the screen So, you can make these movements, dude, it’s great
because it’s fast to make them It uses… You add a wireframe, it already
has pre-rendered faces (3D maps) Here, we use the liquify, it is already
applied You will move the wireframe parts to the right
places, so, you’ll have the distortion because it is almost done, you just have to
put this wireframe in the right position to creat your displacement map Just remember that like everything in life use
it sparingly because if you use too much the effect will not look good as you can see Obviously, it’s not free, so, there is that
thing, it’s not there just to get and use it, you must buy it. It is a solution you have as an option,
if you use parallax a lot it is worth it, you can make many parallaxes on
a project, you’ll be able to use it with all of them That’s it folks, try to do things like these,
test them. In this case it is a template but you can
use it with different pictures, so you aren’t simply reproducing what someone created,
you’re creating something new from the After Effects template and Volumax works
as an inside app. So, you don’t have that thing “I’m not
creating something new” That’s it, I wish you all great ideas And see you in our next video.


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