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Editing Magic: Make Yourself GIANT with Premiere Pro

August 31, 2019

[Music] It’s Jordy here for
and welcome to Copy Cat Friday! This is the series where we break down the effects
or video techniques from a music clip or film. Today, however, we’re taking a look
at Youtube creator Kevin Parry. He has made this fun video where it seems
like he lives like a giant in his house. He also explains how he did it… …and you can find that original video
in the description below. And today we’re having big
support by Rocketstock. We’ve been using their
transition pack Prism… …for a little while now and
it’s been absolutely amazing. I love to use these drag and drop
elements on promotional videos, after movies or music clips. They add a great dynamic to your project and can be used in any professional
video editor, just like Premiere Pro. Definitely make sure to check it out,
you can do so by clicking the first link… …in the description below. Alright, let’s create some giants! First up we’ll create the giant
in his house. And this starts with a normal shot from
our garage port which is going open. Important is that you film
this from a tripod, as we’re going to composite
another shot into it. Next up, we took out a large carton box
in which Yannick the giant took place. To keep the lighting conditions the same, we
also placed this box in front of the garage. Very important is that we keep
the perspectives the same. Kevin placed a foil on his screen,
but you can also just use a water marker. Simply draw the perspective lines
of the garage on your monitor. Then when we switch back
to record mode, position that carton box so that
it fits within that size and perspective. Again, film from your tripod and then
take the two shots into Premiere Pro. Drag the shot of the garage port opening in your
timeline and head over to the opacity property. From here you wanna click on the
Pen tool to create a mask. Simply draw a mask around
the opening of the garage. When you’re done, you wanna click
on Invert, under the mask properties. At the point where the garage
opens and closes, you wanna animate
your mask with it. Enable the animation for
the Mask Path property and adjust your mask as the garage port opens
and after that also closes. Since we’re going to speed up the opening
of the gate, we’re going to nest this layer. Right click on the clip
and say Nest. Move the nested sequence
to track number 2 and… …drag the clip of yourself sitting in
the box underneath that on track 1. You might need to adjust the scaling and position
a tiny bit to get the clip right in place. If you notice that your
mask is too visible, you might wanna go back into
your mask properties and play around with the
expansion or feather. I’m going to take a duplication of the
nest by holding down my alt key… …and dragging it to the
channel above. You might wanna disable this
track as we’ll, as we’ll use it later. Then I cut the part where the garage
opens on the first nested sequence. It takes much longer than Yannick’s
movement, so from the Toolbox, take the Rate stretch tool and compress the
part where the gate opens to speed it up. You might wanna play this back and adjust
your speed percentage a couple of times to get it right. Do the same thing for when the garage closes
and that should leave you with this result. There’s probably one thing you notice and that is the part where
we’ve speeded up the clip. It doesn’t look so natural and that is
because of the surrounding. Clouds will move faster as well,
or wind through the leaves. And that’s why we’ve duplicated
this nested sequence. I’m going to enable that layer again and
draw a rough mask around the gate. From the properties you probably
wanna feather this a bunch… …and of course invert the mask. Now the surrounding stays
at normal speed, while only the gate goes open
and closes with a speed difference. When Yannick the giant comes to visit
the office, we did the exact same thing. To make it yourself easy, make sure to remove
anything that is hanging in front of the window. That way we can simply create
a rectangle mask like we’ve done with
the garage port. Now, it wasn’t important how the perspective
was with the second shot… …of Yannick standing close to the camera. What is important though is that
you retain the same focal length… …as with the shot
of the window. Do try to have a far distance background and
that the height of the camera kind of matches. To make it more realistic, I closed my aputure,
to increase the depth of field. Else the background would have
been too much out of focus. So after we brought everything inside Premiere
Pro we noticed that it wasn’t looking too natural. This was mainly because
of the lighting. Having such a giant standing in front of
your window, should create large shadows. So we took the shot of the window
again, and this time… …we had a large flag
to block the lighting. We tried to mimic the movement of Yannick,
so that the shadows would also match. And this already gave us
a much better result, but there’s still one thing missing
and that is a reflection in the window. But that is easily fixed. We filmed the oposite side
of the room, and it even works out better
if you have some lighting on. Then in Premiere Pro, I applied
a Horizontal Flip effect to it, so that it mirrors, because
that is what reflections do. Then position it behind the window and
perhaps scale or move it into the correct place. Window reflections sit in the distance and they
aren’t too sharp because of the double glass, so that’s why I’m going to apply
a Gaussian blur to it. Finally I decrease the opacity… …so that the reflection only
reveals itself a tiny bit and I would change the Blending Mode
to Linear Dodge, so that the lights would pop out better
and the darker areas get removed. And this way we have
a natural reflection. And that’s how you blow up yourself
and peek into buildings. Thanks for watching, and stay creative! Hey guys! I’ve got a special announcement,
because of the Holidays and all, we had to hire someone new
at the Cinecom Team. So, I would love you guys to meet
Justine, our new assistant. Here she is… Yannick! What the hell!
What are you doing with Justine? Get back to work!


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