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Editing Landscape Photography in Lightroom, how much is too much?

September 5, 2019

how much is too much
is the question and this is also a very interesting topic when it comes to
landscape photography how much is too much editing in Lightroom how much is
too much post-processing in Photoshop we will talk about this and I will share my
thoughts while editing some landscape photography in Lightroom of course so
don’t go anywhere stay here welcome to my channel here we talk about
photography and I make videos just just like this one where I share my thoughts about
editing landscape photography in Lightroom so if you’re here for the very
first time it might be a great idea to subscribe not sure what’s going on with
my hair today maybe time for haircut look at this I am sure that if you are a
photographer like me and you post your images on different social media you
have received this question how much did you work on this image did you use
Lightroom how much did you edit in Lightroom how much did you change these
colors how much did you do what did you do I get very annoyed by those kind of
questions because in my opinion it doesn’t really matter this is not the
point how much is too much it’s a very personal question yes I don’t think
there is too much I don’t think there is a limit the limit is yourself the limit
is your vision the limit is what you see when I shoot my landscape photography
and I have eventually a vision of what I will do in Lightroom this vision might
change over time this vision might change by the time I get back
it doesn’t really matter while editing this photo the limit is what is
compelling to my eyes to my vision in the only thing that matters to me is
that the result is pleasing my eyes yes I do post images on social media and
people will ask questions but in the end I will only share an image that is
compelling to me that is pleasing to my eyes there is the result of my vision
both while I take the shot and while I edit that photo but then you might have
the objection that there is people that are using multiple photos sometimes of
even different places to create a composite image that does not exist that
does not correspond to reality well you know if that’s what they like if that’s
what they envision why not maybe personally I’m not a big fan of
that kind of photography at the same time I am guilty too because in my lady
in red series I do some composite too basically I take two shots one long
exposure and one short exposure in order to freeze the subject in that landscape
the frame is the same the composition is the same but that scene does not really
exist and by the way since I mentioned those photos let’s see what I’m talking
about so it is up to you to decide what you
like what you don’t what you like for your photography and what you like for
other people photography and in the end as usual the most important thing is
just to create so rather than sitting at the desk
judging other people photos why don’t you just go out take photos for yourself
create your own landscape embrace your vision and bring it to life – talking
about this I think we should move to Lightroom and see how I edit my
landscapes you will tell me how much is too much here I am at my desk in front
of Lightroom and I have this lady in red series picture taken in Iceland in this
beautiful place which is the Vestrahorn headland I was lucky enough that nobody
else was there and this is the beauty of traveling alone this lady in red
shot is different from most of the others as a matter of fact this is only
one shot I’m not actually merging two images together and not using a long
exposure f8 iso 100 one twentieth of a second with my loyal 20 millimetres f
1.8 it’s a cloudy day low clouds and in my vision I see the lady in red which is
harmless but fearless that is facing the strength and the drama of nature
so I want to create drama in the sky but because I wanted to retain the details
in the foreground I exposed my image all the way to the right as you can see from
my histogram and I will be able to retrieve a lot of details from the sky I
do want to create drama with this image let’s get started as usual xxxxxxxx really no Siri
no leave me alone as usual I will start from the
aspect ratio in this case I’d like to use this image for my thumbnail so let’s
see if the sixteen by nine crop will work and I believe so I open the basic
panel i changed the profile to Adobe landscape which already brings some
saturation in you can see and I already have more details even in the upper part
of the image I didn’t use any ND filter for this photo but at the same time I
want to check my white balance so I go and pick up a white neutral target and as
you can see this does not work at all I will try cloudy and I think I like
cloudy better first thing first I want to fix whites and blacks I hold down the
shift key double click on whites and double click on blacks and I already
expanded a little bit my histogram to the left this time I will decrease the
exposure a little bit add a little bit of contrast decrease the highlights by a
lot I go all the way to minus 100 just a little bit of shadows, a touch of
clarity I will work with the dehaze quite a bit and you can see how the mood is
changing already very quickly a little bit of vibrance you will remember from
my previous Lightroom tutorials the vibrance is increasing the saturation to
the more muted colors present in the image while the saturation is actually
increasing the saturation to every single color I will give it a touch of
saturation as well now let’s go to the tone curve and I will see if the medium
automatic contrast will work for me I think it does I’m not going to touch the
hue saturation and luminance panel for now I will go straight into the split toning
details as you know Lightroom will apply a little bit of sharpening right away
but I will change the radius want a smaller radius but I will increase the
details I will hold the Alt key move the masking slider to the right in order to
see where the sharpening will affect everything that is going to be white
will be touched by the sharpening whatever is black will not be touched
that I don’t want any sharpening in the clouds and now I can increase the
sharpening and I will be sure that will only affect the areas that I care let’s
zoom in to see if that’s too much you can see that the edging here is creating
some kind of weird artifacts and so sometimes is the image that is telling
you it’s too much so move it back and I think it’s better my chromatic
aberration and my profile Corrections are happening at the moment of my import
check out my previous videos to see how that can be set and I will go to the
effects panel because I want to add some vignette into my shot and let’s see with
these quick general adjustments what kind of results we have this is the before very
flat this is the after before after now let’s add some local adjustments and the
main thing I want to do is to increase the drama in the sky so I will use a
graduated filter I will double click on effect in order to reset all the sliders
I will hold the shift key and drag down my filter from the top release let’s
decrease the highlights here let’s increase actually the contrast I want to
decrease the blacks I want to decrease the exposure maybe
too much maybe not I will add some dehaze and I want to decrease the
saturation also I would like to remove this filter from this part of the
mountains that are becoming very very dark here to the left and to the right
and in order to do so I will I will click on the bottom left corner in order
to see which part of the images are affected and then I will select the
brush within the graduated filter and I will click on erase in this way I can
create a brush that will erase the filter from the area that I don’t want
to be touched you can see that the red is disappearing and for the sake of the video I’m doing
this in a very quick way because I want this video to last forever at the same
time if there are areas of the photo that are not touched by the graduated
filter like the clouds on the left and the clouds on the right I can use a
brush and instead of erasing I will actually stay to the a brush and fill in
those area that were not actually touched by the graduated okay this is that let’s see how it looks
before after before after what do you think is this too much so in my opinion
we should not put any limit to creativity it sounds like a crazy
contradiction in terms I believe instead that we should follow
our vision trust our taste please our eyes without trying to please everybody
else and it is also natural that over time our way of seeing things will
develop will change in my own experience my way of seeing my way of editing in
Lightroom changed a lot over time not only because I learned new techniques
but mainly because my tastes changed and I think it’s a good thing it means that
we are still searching but I am curious to know what do you think about this so
don’t be shy don’t be lazy just a few words in the comments below
easy I appreciate that I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you learnt
something new and if you did I think he should or could hit the like button maybe share the video with the wife husband boyfriend
friend thanks for watching and I will see you in the next well wait a second
actually I would like to know who is watching until the very very end if you
do just write in the comment I do now thanks for watching and I will see you
in the next video


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    How much is too much editing? What do you think?

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    Ciao vorrei dire solo che i tuoi tutorial sono stupendi! Sono al inizio della mia avventura con la fotografia e sono momenti veramente difficili. Volevo chiederti se ti mando una foto gli puoi dedicare un po di tempo perche credo che la foto a un potenziale ma sono Io che non riesco a trovare giusta soluzione.Grazie aspetto la tua risposta

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    I do!!!

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    Forza Atilo, great job

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    “What do you think?” you ask. I can say that tutorial is nice and thanks for sharing. However stupid loud music can cause brain damage. It would be great to mute it!

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