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Editing a NETFLIX ORIGINAL – A Crash Course

October 30, 2019

– [Sven] Compete in
the Filmsupply Edit Fest. Get your work in front
of world-renowned judges and win $80,000 in cash and prizes. (air whooshing) Netflix is the most popular
streaming platform in the world. (upbeat music) – I’m a celebrity. – [Sven] It has over 150 million subscribers worldwide. – Holy forking shirt! – [Sven] And a 71% market share. As an editor, it’s a badge of honor to cut a Netflix original. Hey man, how are you? – How you doing? – [Sven] Good to see you. – Good to see you. – [Sven] So I was
thrilled to meet up with Lawrence Jordan, ACE. – This is our visual
effects editor, Jose Marra. – Hello! – [Sven] Hi, Jose, how are ya? – How’s it going? – [Sven] Good, this looks cool. – Post Super’s office This is our music editor’s
spot, Andrew Silver. – [Sven] Nice, nice facility. – This is where our assistants are. Diana’s workstation. Rolf Fleischmann, our
first assistant station. That’s a rendering station right there. And this is my office. – [Sven] He opened up his bay to show us his process. – [Lawrence] The director
works with me in here. Basically works out of this office. – [Sven] Larry worked
on “Back to the Future.” (frantic music) And “War of the Roses.” – Come on.
(tires squealing) (metal clashing) – [Sven] As editor he
cut “NYPD Blue,” “Jack Frost” and “The Spy Next Door.” (kicks thudding)
(men grunting) I wanted to find out
what it’s like to work on an effects heavy comedy. – [Lawrence] I think the
most interesting thing about the project is that the star plays seven roles. – [Sven] The importance
of an assistant editor and how to become one. It’s the gateway to becoming an editor. – Always has been, yes. – [Sven] And finally, his process of cutting a Netflix show. – They’re new thinkers. You know, it’s not so much the old Hollywood studio system. – That’s my birthday and see– – But that’s my birthday. – Yeah but that would only make sense if in fact, you and I were… (splutters) – Twins? (playful music) – Check this part out. The hug. That was not part of the original shot. But, our VFX editor Jose figured out a way to comp that and ROTO it in After Effects and made that a very
effective part of the scene. But, this entire move
was as designed on set, So that’s the plate. – [Sven] The
plate is an empty shot. – Exactly, locked off, empty shot. – [Sven] And it
doesn’t do the movement? – It actually does the movement. They did the movement
with the techno-dolly which is a computer controlled dolly which can repeat motion. And that was really helpful to get nice moving shots
with multiple takes with the same actor
playing different parts. You know, it’s like
Marlon had to shoot Alan in the red coat on day
one and Russel on day two. And they would overlay
the film from day one on day two on the set to
see how their timing was and to make sure everything
was working right. The director Mike Tiddes
is really sort of, very technically inclined. He knows all about all the different kinds of tools and everything. So, you have to do all the plates exactly the same as the shot,
that way they match up. – You’re about to be an uncle. – Uncle Russel, that’s a terrible name! – Has a little ring to it. – Sounds like a cheesy
morning disc jockey. – Frankly, this is only
two characters in a scene and it gets a lot more
complicated from here. (upbeat acoustic guitar) This has been a really
fun experience for me because it’s a huge visual effects film. It’s the story about a man who, he and his wife are about to have their first child. So he goes out searching for his siblings and he finds that he’s one of sextuplets. – I am free! – And Marlon plays all
six roles and his mother. – I complained to mother
about a toothache, all I had was a cavity. – Alan!
– Hey! – Hey, brother!
– Alan! – Come here.
– Look at this. – Oh.
– Come on, brother. Come here and give me some love. Aw, so good to meet you. (deep music) – [Sven] How involved are you? Do you just cut the story
and then you give it to your assistant to
clean up all that part? – Well, you know I’ll do
the rough kind of comps. I will have the performances of, again, Marlon as Alan and Marlon as Russel to work the timing out and the performance out and see what I like best. But to get it to kind of like this level, where it’s to the finished level. That not only went through
my visual effects editor but it also went through our visual effects
supervisor and compositor. I’ll give you another example. This was another interesting scene. This is our CGI bull. (chaotic orchestral music)
– Open the door! (bull bellows)
Russel! Open the door! – Would you stop knocking when
the window’s open seriously? Open the door, Russel!
(bellowing) – You know you have to
use your imagination when you do something like this. I mean, that’s what that looks like without the bull. – [Sven] Oh, wow. – [Lawrence] And that’s what that looks like with the bull. As you see, they paint
out all the rigging. Then they paint in the dent in the car and that’s a pretty realistic
looking bull at this point. (metal crunching)
(bull bellowing) – [Interviewer] Once you get the dailies, walk us through how long it takes to get to this stage. – This is what you’re dealing with. You’re looking at basically a blank frame. So, imagine cutting a bull chase scene where you don’t have
anything chasing anything. So you basically have to imagine it and use your own internal
rhythm as an editor. So there’s the bull, he’s a wooden cutout on the hill. There’s a little bit of a
bull that we shot practically. (laughs) I used him as a stand-in. – Brown cow! – [Lawrence] And I cut in the storyboard. – Yo! (grunts) Toro! – But just in terms of the bull being up on the hill, sort
of having a stare down and then running after Alan and attacking the car. And then he goes around and he attacks him from the other side. You know, that all kinda
had to be done in my mind. (screaming) – What do we do now? – Press the brake! – Okay brake pad, pad. – [Sven] Do you
tend to show scenes fat? – Absolutely, I cut long. And I think that you’re cheating yourself as an editor because they wanna see what they shot, at least, in the first pass. “Riding in Cars with Boys” that I worked on with Richie Marks. The first cut was 5 1/2 hours. – Get out!
– That’s my Dad. All we were doing was making out. – You show the director what they shot. A lot of times can be a lot of improv and crazy stuff that’ll
never end up in the movie. But that’s really not my decision to make at that point in the process. (light music) – [Sven] What
would you say are the most difficult scenes to cut
in a movie like this? – The most difficult stuff to cut is the improv comedy, by far. (wood smashing)
(screaming) The action scenes to me are pretty fun and usually come together pretty quickly. (crunching) The improv comedy however,
there’s just so much material to plow through. You could have, not only five
or six versions of a scene, you could have five or
six versions of a joke. – Where my smokes? – I didn’t bring any smokes. (table thumps)
– Oh, hell no! I know you did not show up to a prison without no damn smokes! (groaning) I know you
ain’t come up in here with no smokes! I know, oh hell no, oh hell no! – For me I like to improvise
which drove everybody crazy. I don’t know what Dawn’s
gonna prepare that day. (moans) – You smell that? That’s a high wipe, he stinks. – Like Russel, when he picks in his butt. I knew that I was gonna say as Dawn “Oh, he got that high wipe.” They would be like what are you doing, why is you picking your butt? And I’d be like, I know what I’m doing. And then I’d be like, “See he got that high wipe.” – It really serves your best interest to cut every version. Because invariably they’re gonna ask, what is that? You know, where is that joke? Where’s that thing? ‘Cause they remember everything. – That’s like going to the boom-boom room and not bringing singles. Ain’t nobody gonna rub on your
little pling-plong for free. – So what I wanna show you was every scene was also script sunk. Because in an improv comedy, it’s the only way to find
the lines that they’re asking for when they’re sitting on the couch and they’re like, “Oh hey,
remember I did this bit?” And I’ll be like, oh God, I’m not sure. I don’t remember. So basically it’s like transcribed and my assistant down in Atlanta, Sarah Bennet did this and
she just really, really did a great job. So many different versions
of individual lines and individual bits. All those are ad-libs. – [Sven] Gotcha,
so you’ll have a moment that just repeats itself
over and over again? – Yeah, just like one
way of reading the line, one way of delivering a joke, another part of a joke, sometimes
Marlon will combine three or four jokes into one joke. You know sometimes it’s just a matter of separating that stuff out. – [Sven] Then here
we have all the different takes and set-ups? – Exactly, you know she color coded it red would be somewhere where he did a restart. Like for example, if I
wanted to see this reading for “Hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’, up.” – Hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’
up, hol’ up, hol’up. Oh, I see, I see it with me and you. – So yeah, there’s a tremendous amount of prep work in this stuff. And it’s certainly more pain staking. But you see the thing is, is that you need a separate person just to do this. There’s no other way to do it because so much else has to go on. Jose was focusing on visual effects, Sarah was focusing on
dailies and script sync. We had another young woman named Jenny who was doing the marking
and doing the comments. (uplifting piano music) – [Sven] What
are some of the traits that make a great assistant editor? – You know, on long form
scripted feature films and television shows,
you have a tremendous amount of source material. So a trait that I look for in an assistant is organization, dedication
to the task at hand, patience and accuracy. You know you really,
really wanna find people that are into it, that
wanna be film editors. I’ve been through a
couple experiences where I’ve hired a PA that, they wanted to be a writer or they
wanted to be something else. it’s like everybody in the cutting room should be really into making the movie and really into the editing
process of the movies. So that’s something that I really look for in an assistant and I really find as a valuable quality. – [Sven] From
your experience working with assistant editors in the field, how many of those wanna be editors? And how many love being assistant editors? – Oh, I would say about
90% want to be editors – [Sven] Okay, so
it is kind of the entry, it’s the gateway to becoming an editor? – Always has been, yes. As long as I’ve worked in this business and in this town. Because it’s pretty rare
to get break-out person coming straight out of film school. But being an assistant and having those organizational skills and
learning the workflow from start to finish is indispensable no matter what. – [Sven] Before we
get into Larry’s insights into working with Netflix,
I took the opportunity to ask him about his
course Master the Workflow. Where he and his former assistant editor, teach aspiring editors
the steps to performing the duties of assistant
editing on a real TV or film production. – My former assistant
on the previous Netflix film I did, Richard Sanchez and I, we came up with this
idea to create a course. What is the experience
of the assistant editor on a long form scripted
film from a major studio or television network? From pre-production all
the way to final delivery. – [Sven] I, myself have seen many of my assistants transition
to becoming union AEs on scripted TV and studio films and ultimately cutting
their first show themselves. Larry’s course is one
extremely effective way of acquiring those marketable skills. – I mean it’s six modules,
we talk about some of the technical requirements of working with the Avid and network
storage and things like that. And then we talk about
the editorial process, dailies, the actual editor’s cut, the director’s cut process, and all of the things that go on. Our real sort of intention with the course besides teaching these critical skills, was to give people a
real world understanding of what it takes to sort
of, work your way up the ladder, pay your dues, to become a film editor. – [Sven] Larry’s course is open now for enrollment for limited time. Use the link in the video description plus a coupon code for 50 bucks off. (slow dance music) So you’ve done a couple
of Netflix projects? – Yeah, this is our second one. – [Sven] How many
years did you do the first one? – It was about a year and a half ago. – [Sven] Okay,
so probably it’s kind of the same relationship, it hasn’t changed? – No, it’s very different. They didn’t have sort
of a head of production at that point on that film and now this was a
Netflix initiated project. So they had a lot more sort of involvement and a lot more feedback. Some of the things that
went on in pre-production, I wasn’t on the film at that point but I know they had a
lot of a strong voice in everything from script to, not so much casting ’cause it was just Marlon. – That’s how you pillow fight! (heavy thudding)
(wood smashing) – [Interviewer] Netflix obviously evolved, they’re doing a lot of original content, but originally it was kind of like, we’re just sort of testing the waters and trying to get David
Fincher to do whatever he wants to do. – Action! – [Sven] But they’re sort of now, giving you a little bit more notes and having more creative input. – Yeah, no, I mean think that’s all part of the maturing process and them coming into
their own as a studio. Let’s face it, they’re a
huge powerhouse in this town. They produce a lot of content. Everyone wants to work with them. They’re new thinkers, they come from this whole other
world like Silicon Valley. And it’s not so much the
old Hollywood studio system. So it’s refreshing, it’s refreshing in a lot of ways to work with those guys, it’s exciting, they’ve got gorgeous studio and screening rooms and
they’re really into technology. But yeah, they are maturing as a studio, you know they’re feeling a bit more like the traditional studio
in terms of giving notes and participating in the process. No, it’s an exciting place to work. – [Sven] Final question on Netflix, they have this data
that they can pull from, so they know if a
thumbnail works on a movie, they know if a certain actor seems to be searched specifically. Is that something that plays a factor when you’re cutting the film? – No, I mean that’s sort of, like I think, their secret sauce to a great extent, but they keep it pretty close to the vest. I just think that they’re
just churning out content, and I think that for
filmmakers, it’s really cool. – [Sven] Yeah, I agree. (upbeat music) ♪ Tell me somethin’, ooh I’ll make you ♪ – [Lawrence] This is the final scene and this is where we have
all seven characters. Again, big motion control shot and you’ve got Marlon as Mom, Jaspar, Dawn, Ethan and Russel. – That nine-month layer dip. I knew it, I knew it!
(spitting) That’s just nasty. – What the hell? – Gross. – Why the hell is there
nine layers in the dip? – And you know, it was all about just trying to make it
feel as organic as possible. In a shot like that, that was a big motion control
shot, seven characters, took like, I think like
seven or eight days, maybe longer to shoot it. But this kind of thing where I would have, you know, these kinds of levels. I would choose like the
sort of hero performances and then I would basically
have Jose fill in the non-speaking parts for reactions and things like that. Because it just became, you
know, it becomes unwieldy when you’re dealing with
seven and eight layers. Or like this shot, this
is just a lock-off. But this is everybody at the end. Each character was
color coded differently, just to be able to manage it all. I know maroon is Ethan,
I know blue is Alan, green is Russel, pink is Dawn. – [Sven] Well
Larry, thank you so much for showing this, opening up
your bay and timeline to us. – My pleasure, man. Really enjoy your stuff! – [Sven] Thank you,
so this will be on Netflix, probably right now as you’re
seeing this on YouTube? – If it’s after August 16th,
it sure as heck should be! – [Sven] All
right, thanks again dude. – (laughs) Thanks man! – [Interviewer] Sorry,
let’s do that again. Thanks again.
(laughing) Let’s do it one more time,
okay I’m doing the fist. (slow electro music) Have you heard of the
Filmsupply EditFest yet? It’s a 30-day editing competition to cut a 60 second spec piece for advertising, title
sequence or movie trailer. Filmsupply, Musicbed and
Boom Library give you access to footage, music tracks
and sound effects. And you can win $80,000 in cash and prizes from all the sponsors involved. Did I mention that I’m a proud sponsor? So if you do well, you can
win one of the many seats of my premium online
course “The Go-To Editor.” Use the link in description, to check out EditFest and start cutting. Thanks for watching. ♪ Gonna give me good luck, good luck ♪ (upbeat music)


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    Editors simply do not get enough credit for making stories come through in the best possible way. They have a tremendously difficult job!

  • Reply Gamers best friend October 3, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    Unfortunately actors get more respect than editors ik what it's like I spent 6 days making a video and it's not completely done

  • Reply iStoleYoToast October 4, 2019 at 12:52 am

    Can you edit my videos?

  • Reply David Moreno Belmonte October 4, 2019 at 5:52 am

    What software is he using which you can edit and see your script on the screen? Anyone can share the name please? thanks!

  • Reply Yubis Smile Studio October 13, 2019 at 9:41 am

    Good job

  • Reply Rhowski October 15, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    thank you!

  • Reply Lhenndyn October 18, 2019 at 7:59 pm

    Interesting, thanks. But Avid… arrrr… so old school, so… ugly 🙂 I learned on that software, but since 15 years i work on Final cut (7 then X), Premiere, and now i'm learning Da vinci, that i think will beat the others pretty bad. Avid didn't progress during all this time, it's just… not ergonomic at all. But, yeah, i know… it's for professionnals. Big joke… all those terrible colored tracks almost killed my eyes !

  • Reply Daniel Startek October 21, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    Are you a guy or are you an edit?

  • Reply Ashu Shahi October 24, 2019 at 9:36 am

    These movie clips invoke a puking sensation, yuck WTH is this stuff?

  • Reply Thaimachine Films October 24, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    dont judge the book by its cover

  • Reply Sam Sloan October 28, 2019 at 5:21 am

    Why Avid? why not premiere pro?

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