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Edit pics with Gimp, the free photoshop tool!

August 5, 2019

Hi guy’s Dustin Slade here in Denver,
I wanna make a quick video to show you have to make any image me meme or inspirational quotes in use a free software and if you’ve ever heard
a Photoshop for a shop is the industry standard and I camp is the freebie and so I have which gonna do is go to Gimp .org eniac download install at what to do I’m you can go through and they have a
great tutorial section here we can go through
and pick on any one of these I inter tutorials and you know go through and actually
show you how to do it an walk you through step-by-step a bit
so there’s plenty in the zetor really
grates and there’s plenty me have I’m image tutorials online as well
that you can do for you too so download Gimp get started with it and here’s another
show you when you pull up a image I’m gonna make a image share for
Facebook pay-per-click ad and so I’m gonna choose
the text tool and the reason I like Kim by the way is
because it has this layers function and your paint program that you have
normally install the Windows is an OK image editor but it doesn’t
give you the option to do layers whereas camp in Photoshop to and that is a real
benefits so what you gonna do is open up an image and go to the Windows and click dockable
dialogues and go down and shoes layers this game
your layers tool that will show you I’m the different layers that you
messing with yourself once you have the image open you can
expect on the text tool and see that it used to call you on
everything in seaway I’d chosen location money to
move this cursor down a little bit so that
you can actually see your options here so once actual words chosen somewhere going to Knotts I know you need more
leads and I don’t take that to a different color here make that a
little bit more eye-popping and if you are changing and highlighted
all and then choose a color route she’s read here and then within here now you’ve got options to a changeup summer there if you want I
bowled makes you have highlighted and then you can’t quite bold I you can click a
towel rack you click an airline strike to all these
different things and here’s a fun size someone a blow it up a little bit so it’s fairly big not too big so you
can read it off the picture in a match used
to move to or so I can move it to where I want I know you need more leads so spell this right and if you want edit
it click on the civil layers dialog and double-click on here there click the
box come out analysts spell this right now now I’m ready to mess with it and when I’m gonna do is come to my layers here and this is one
of the best things about the magic for this money to blow up your dialog box here so well wanna do is give it a little bit behind it here so there’s something here
look like unaware and was down a bit interview girl filters it’s given a drop shadow to the I to the text that we just did so
we’re gonna click on the box to selected its the the box you working with here and you
can choose filters 1.0 you gonna go to drop shadow and to go into allow the dialog box or
come up behind them you have some options to mess that here
a little bit near pass the end things and some and
click OK and now it just gave me a little bit the
background behind their this is as a drop shadow so it makes it
pop just a little bit more as a little bit more going on there much
you might wanna do is change to different font if you want you come here choose the font I’m you got are kinda different font in this to go through its kinda cool with camp
you’ve got a lot of options there I’m a lot of people use the impacts funds for making a bold kinda statement this impact condensed is a pretty powerful one so now that I just mess that drop shadow up
I gotta redo that ima throw this lair where got this layer
here ants I I wanna blow it up just a little
bit some not blow it up make sure clicked on it and what I can
make sure highlighted on in this case and then I can use bigger fine here to blow it up and the money he is this
dialogue here go up to about 30 pixels okay so now I have size and I want might go back and I’m not use the
filters am into the drop shadow one more time and you can choose any color that you
want you wanna I make it pop a little different got options let’s see what happens here that gives a
little something behind that to make it right let’s do one more go
filters drop shadow again and you’ve got tons of
options in here and let’s just change it back to black and we’ll do another layer so now idk is it just a little bit more
have a pop their and if you didn’t want the green in
there anything that you just didn’t didn’t like that can check and see what
looks with or without it in like a green okay well give me that
layer and you can keep playing around with
that mess with it I’m the 1-wire I drop shadow here and if I do double black it makes it pop
a little bit better makes it have a little bit more behind
the picture now if you wanna move that around you
click this I chain little thing here and to use the layers
that you wanna move with it now of three those will move together
when you wanna move your text so if you wanna disposition a
crackly and it’s looking just a little teeny bit
dark in here summer do one more and we’ll go filters %uh drop shadow mine showed up shadow
has changed to white and see what happens with the white or gray so now I have just a little bit something that pops kinda matches with
the background and in this case I am I think a I think I’ve done I’m I wanna mess at this lil bit more
but in this case you know if you wanna put inspirational quote or whatever you
wanna do now you gonna save it so you save: I am they have a couple options here ants one of the things that I like is that you can teach ass save it in
several different formats so what you can do is save is this dot XCF I have extension here this is a extension that’s a specific I’m extension but if you look at all the difference options that you have here
you’ve got it on and so you click on this select File by
extension type: and you’re going to be able to I’m to use by I’ll kinda different
extensions here the the known extensions for camp Gardot exy F so if you wanna say this
for the web for images for the web hear what
you can do is just changed the extension am ago I am and either leads and we’re gonna go dot see pic JPT is a standard Internet a.m. format that he’s and is well known by the Internet makes it
easy so we’re gonna click the JPG and we’ll
go save and I we gotta choose the file expert the
changes around a little bit here so what we’re gonna do now file export and it’s going to give us more
options to choose all these different photo op
center that’s worse so you could not have choose this Jay
pag jpg thats common to gimp format and some I put in my pictures stored somewhere where I know where it
is I animate chooses the JPG format like that one that works
well for me and year I type jpg either needs leads jpg and i’m glad an export it its gonna ask me your cock while I am at
the quality of the way up you can change that if you wanna making
easier to load and then that’s it and saved I am the one nice thing I like about a is I
like to save two files I am so that when I if I they wanted to go back and and it is all I’ve got that option so what I do is go back and say to
formats one in a a format that’s easy for the
internet to use and one in a dot XCF file so I can come
back in the event that I in like this and I
want to change it and switch it up just a little bit more I can’t do that without having to start
all over so hopefully that helps gets you a great way to start utilizing images to
market and make it easy for you to I edit images so hopefully this layers
dialog will help you really advance your photos editing skills so if you like this a.m. video any fans
in value please like it’s your social media is an if you have any more questions in like
two learn how to market online please contact me today and to due to
some free trainings thanks for watchin and I look forward to your comments and questions take care

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