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EDIT FASTER In Premiere Pro // 10 Shortcuts & Features You Should Know

October 30, 2019

okay I’m not saying that I advocate this
or that I’m promoting it in any way but if you are a procrastinator and you put
things off to the last minute this video is probably good for you
what is that people Dunna here and today we’re talking about ten shortcuts and
features that you can be using to speed up your editing in Premiere Pro being
able to speed up your workflow and increase your efficiency is something
that every editor should be striving for if you’re just doing projects for yourself
it’s gonna increase the amount of time that you have to create more and if
you’re doing projects for clients it means the potential to impress those
clients hit deadlines and in the end make more money doing what you love to
do one of the best ways that you can speed up your workflow is by using
shortcuts on those repetitive tasks that you’re gonna do thousands of times over
the span of a project even if each shortcut only saves you a couple of
seconds multiply that by every time you have to repeat that throughout the
project and you’re basically a time-traveling wizard or just really
efficient okay let’s jump into the first one number one is creating your own
keyboard shortcuts this might seem like a weird place to start off but it’s one
of the most important ones if there’s something that I don’t mention here
today it probably still exists inside Premiere Pro and if you think it’s a
good idea you can map it to whatever keys you want on your keyboard go into
the preferences and go into the keyboard shortcuts and you can customize them
however you want find the function that you want cut beside it and then use the
shortcut that you want to use in the end if the keyboard shortcut is already
being used by something it’ll give you a little warning and you can decide
whether you want to go ahead with it or not I found this particularly helpful
because I’m used to other software and other shortcuts from my work in
recording studios so when I first started using Premiere Pro I went in and
mapped things out to what I was already used to simple things like cutting
moving things just map them out to where I already knew them and then I didn’t
have to learn a whole nother program and that brings us to our second point which
is to add edit all this means is that we’re gonna make a cut in a clip on our
timeline now you can go and click the Blade tool and make that
come wherever you want or you can use the shortcut for it which defaults to being
in command K or control K I personally set it to “B” because that’s what I was
used to in my other software but you can set it to whatever you want because you
know how now number three everybody’s favorite ripple delete let’s say we make
a cut in a clip and make another cut and we want to delete that but we don’t want
to leave a big empty space on our timeline we want everything to snap back
to where that clip was all you have to do is use ripple delete to ripple delete
highlight the clip that you want to delete and hit shift delete
alternatively if there’s already a gap in your timeline double click to
highlight the gap and then hit shift delete again I map this to a quick key
of X because I use this so much one thing to note on the left side of your
timeline there is something called toggle sync lock and this is gonna
change whether each track in your timeline is going to respond to that
ripple delete or whether it’s going to leave the clips in the same place if
it’s turned off on that track it’ll leave the clips alone if it’s turned on
everything will snap back with the ripple delete something very related to
ripple delete number four is ripple trim trimming just means pulling in from the
end of a clip so let’s say we want to trim off the last 15 seconds of a clip
we can just pull it in or if we leave our cursor where we want to trim and we
hit W it’s gonna automatically do the trim for us and snap everything back
into that place so there’s no gap in the timeline again alternatively if you want
to trim from the front of a clip you can put your cursor where you want it hit Q
and it’ll delete everything off the front of the clip snapping all the clips
back to the place where that clip was starting now be careful with this one
because not only does toggle sync lock affect this but also the toggle track
targeting which is the highlighting of the a1 v1 v2 so on and so forth
essentially enabling which tracks are going to be affected by this and which
ones aren’t this can actually be really handy because sometimes you just want to
work on one track at a time and leave everything else where it is so you can
turn off all the other tracks and only work on the one it takes a little bit of
getting used to and you delete a couple of things you don’t want to but you can
always undo bonus tip command-z or control-z undo you probably know that
one already number five is snapping and you can
toggle this on and off by using the s key but there’s also a button on the top
left side of your timeline and what this does is it toggles the snapping of
different clips when you’re moving them around on the timeline if it’s enabled
they snap to pretty much everything if there’s a marker if there’s another clip
you can always snap them to other places on the timeline but sometimes you want
to move them around without them automatically snapping into place so you
can toggle this off move it where you want it and you’re good to go
number six is an awesome feature that not enough people are using and it’s the
custom workspaces actually even the workspaces that they give you not enough
people are using one of the best things for usability in Premiere Pro is that
you can totally customize the layout the way that it looks and the way that you
interact with it but Premiere Pro also set you up with a bunch of automatic
ones that are designed for each stage of the process
so there’s assembly for when you’re picking Clips there’s edit for when
you’re editing there’s color for when you’re ready for color grading audio
graphics and then I personally customized a couple of those and made
three different setups for myself one for when I’m just using my laptop it’s
my single screen setup one for when I’m at home and I have my secondary monitor
so that’s my dual screen setup and one that’s designed for editing vertical
video for Instagram that has a vertical video viewer on the right-hand side
instead of the space at the top to view your video which is obviously made for
horizontal video once you move a whole bunch of things around if you want to
save your own all you have to do is go up to the window menu and save your own
under the workspaces tab number seven is a simple but useful one and it’s moving
your cursor to the next cut on the timeline sometimes you just want to jump
to the next cut see what the next clip is if you press down it’ll go to the
next edit and if you press up it’ll go to the previous edit holding shift will
make that work too any track in the timeline but if you just hit up or down
without holding shift it’ll just go on the tracks that are activated on the
left hand side number nine is one that I only recently
started using and it’s super handy and it’s called rearrange clips let’s say
you’ve got two clips in a row and you want to rearrange the order of them if
you try and just drag that second one over the first one it’ll just make the
first one disappear but if you grab the second clip hold command or control on a
PC and move it before that first clip it’ll actually bump the first clip over
now if you’ve got other tracks as well and you’re only holding command it’s
actually gonna bump everything over and it will make cuts and the other tracks
so if you only want it to move over things on the track that you’re working
on hold command and option I believe that
would be ctrl + Alt on a PC I’m not really a PC guy and the final shortcut
is to copy and paste attributes I talked about this in a previous video where I
talked about hacking speed ramping and making it quicker throughout a whole
sequence what copy and paste attributes allows you to do is take a whole bunch
of different functions of a single clip and paste them to another clip or
multiple other clips all at one time so let’s say I’ve zoomed in made some
keyframes done some things with the opacity and applied a couple of effects
to a clip and I want that to be applied to all the clips that are in that same
series all I have to do is highlight that first clip on my timeline hit
command C to copy or control C on a PC highlight the other clips that I want to
paste those attributes to you can hold shift to select multiple or just draw a
box around them right click on one of the clips choose paste attributes and
then you can select which parts of that previous clip you want to paste on to
the other ones this is really handy for Clips like this where I’m recording for
a long period of time but I cut it down if I think I want to apply an effect to
any of those clips and I want to eventually do it to all of them all I
have to do is do it on the first one and then paste attributes to the rest of
them and bam I’m done as a bonus to that one you can also remove attributes so if
you right-click on any clip you can click remove attributes and you can get
rid of any little part of that clip restore it back to the way that it
originally was as always I want to turn it over to you guys do you have any
shortcuts or features that you use in Premiere Pro that speed up your workflow
share them in the comments let’s start a conversation if you had fun you learn
something make sure to hit that like button it really does help if you want
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notification so you don’t miss anything if you want to watch another video
there’s one right here I think you’ll really like it and I’ll see you next
time EDIT FASTER In Premiere Pro // 10 Shorcuts & Features You Should Know


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