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Edit & Create Awesome Videos on Phone Using Adobe Premiere Rush

December 8, 2019

hey everyone what’s going on Claudio
Zavala junior here thank you so much for stopping by and checking out this video
for those of you out there that are watching this and are looking to getting
into editing videos creating videos to share here on youtube or any other
platform you’re in luck us today I’m going to show you a really cool app that
you can use not only on your desktop but also on your mobile phones this app is
called adobe premiere rush I’m not gonna go through in finite detail I have a
link up here if you want to check out this video where I go through a full
step-by-step tutorial so let’s go ahead and get started here okay I’m going to
launch Adobe Premiere Rush you’ll see your projects if you have several here
what you’ll want to do is tap on the plus sign at the bottom to add any media
clips choose add media to select videos or photos that you have on your device
in this case I’m going to go to videos and look for some video clips from a
project some time ago here I’m going to pick these here you can pick as many as
you want this one is from a Dungeons & Dragons session we’re gonna call it D nd
if I choose sync with Creative Cloud it’ll save it to the cloud and then I
can go ahead and edit – on any device that I want that has premiere Rush
install I’m going to tap on create and begin editing this little short video
and as you can see I can scrub through the videos and what I’ll do here is I’m
going to zoom in to the video clips here as you see as if I tap each clip I’m
given the option to do several things I can trim this video clip by clicking and
dragging in or if I click on it and move my scrub line and then at the bottom I’m
going to tap on the scissors and it will cut that clip I can do several things I
can move it somewhere else or just tap on the trashcan to get rid of it
let’s go ahead and trim this one as well just gonna drag this one in so now I’ve
got four clips here the next thing I want to do is add some titles here so
I’m have the ability to add titles but before I do that I want to directly to
that icon on the lower left got a vertical and a series of
horizontal lines when I tap on that I’m able to see all the different layers I
can add I can have for total image text or video layers and then I have three
audio layers either for audio tracks like music or a voice track like a
narration let’s go ahead here and choose titles and I can have these different
motion text or motion graphics and I’m going to choose this one here that says
trend blocky titles and drag it to this layer and if you can see as I scroll
through you’ll see that text there now I’m going to click and drag that to make
it shorter but also I’m going to move that to the front so that it introduces
my video now with the text clip selected I’m going to come up here and tap on the
word blocky double tap there and put the + sign and do the same with trend call
this dungeons that’s how long let’s spell that correctly dungeons and then
go to titles and change that to dragons now what I’ll do here is tap on that and
then go back to titles at the bottom and then I have the option to edit that so
now I can see there I have dragons dungeons and then and let me open that
arrow and then resize this dragons have to make sure and select that whole text
let’s shift the baseline up and now we’ll do the same to dungeons we’re
going to make that smaller leave it where it is and then select and and
we’re going to get smaller shift it down boom and we’re all set here so now if I
scrub through bone look at that pretty cool so now if I want to I could add
some more text let’s do it a title here and let’s do like a call-out
we’re gonna move this here and then if I want to I can click and that whole thing
and move it bring something to attention we’re gonna call this stuffed animal
because I have no idea what that’s called and my son will be disappointed
in me but that’s alright and then it fades in it fades out
now talking about fading in and out I’m going to add some transitions here and
then just tap on cross dissolve cross dissolve cross dissolve and cross
dissolve and then if I want to I can color I can add a built-in preset so if
you notice how the colors change for that so I’ll go and choose each one
let’s let’s do the same one for each clip and color it up so there we are in
business last thing I’ll do is I’m going to mute
this entire track you see that audio just went from blue to gray and then I’m
going to add media go to audio then to a soundtrack that’s built-in to rush I can
also bring in royalty-free music I’m go ahead and tap add and boom now we have
audio here music and if I scroll through here we’re going to trim it because that
audio track is way longer boom now we’re all set and lastly what I’ll do is tap
on the share button so we’ll click on export and let Adobe Rush do its magic
once the video is rendered it’s been saved to my camera roll and then I have
the option here to log in to any one of these social media platforms tap on it
sign in and then if I choose to publish I’m able to add description and all the
extra information so for this example I’m not going to do that I’m just going
to go ahead and cancel but you can see there that you have that option to
immediately share from right here within Adobe Rush all right there you have a
quick run-through of adobe premiere rush adding videos that were on my phone
trimming them muting the track adding some
tools and then dipping the black adding a soundtrack trimming that track and
then export rendering right on my phone and if I want to log into different
social media platforms and share immediately from my phone without ever
having to touch the computer in this case now as I mentioned earlier you can
edit on your computer uses download Adobe Premiere rush if you want to start
on your phone and finish on your computer you can easily do that and vice
versa it’s a great great tool especially if you’re on the go if you need to do
all your editing on your phone or iPad boom you have that option so what do you
think is Adobe Premiere rush something that you might use please let me know by
adding some of your comments in the comment section below and let me know
what you thought about this video give it a thumbs up by clicking on that like
button down there and if you haven’t done so do subscribe to the channel and
don’t forget to turn on the notifications so that you can check out
my next coming videos until next time peace I’m out you


  • Reply Claudio Zavala Jr April 17, 2019 at 12:46 am

    Have you tried Adobe Rush?
    What do you think about it?
    Any tips or tricks you have using it?

  • Reply Bert Hubbard April 17, 2019 at 1:56 am

    This is awesomeness. Thank you kindly

  • Reply Elaine Venter May 22, 2019 at 6:16 am

    How do you think rush compares with Apples iMovie mobile or something like Quick (although I use this mostly for 9:16 video tbh)?

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