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EASY Background Removal Trick for FAST Photoshop Vector Masks!

January 14, 2020

Hi, welcome back to the, I’m Jesus Ramirez. In this video, I’m going to show you an easy background removal trick for fast Photoshop vector mask. In other words, I’m going to show you how
to create vector mask with just one click. There’s going to be a lot of
valuable information in this tutorial, so make sure that you stick around to the very end. So let’s just get right to it. This is the
image that I’m going to work with. If you want to follow along, you can download this
photo for my website. I’ll place a link down below in the description. So I have this photo of this shoe. And if
you’re working in Photoshop 2020 you probably already know that in the properties panel,
under quick actions, you have a remove background button. If you don’t see the properties panel,
you can go into window and properties. The remove background button allows you to
quickly remove a background. So I’m just going to click on that button so you can see how
that works. So once I click on that, Photoshop analyzes the image using artificial intelligence
known as Adobe sensei. It makes a selection and it applies a Layer
Mask which keeps the contents of the selection and hides everything else. So this quick action
removes the background with just one click. But what if you want to use a vector mask
instead of a Layer Mask? Vector mask use bézier curves to create a mask. They allow you to
be more precise and have sharper edges, especially in manmade objects. Anything that is not organic. So what if you want to use a vector mask and
take advantage of this artificial intelligence? Let me show you. I’m going to right click
and delete the Layer Mask so that we can start from scratch. What I’m going to do is create a Photoshop
action, record those steps and then I can apply them just with one click or by using
a keyboard shortcut. So I’m going to be able to create a vector mask with just one click, much like I did with the remove background button. First, you can go into window and select actions
to open up the actions panel. By the way, if you’re not seeing this, if you’re seeing
buttons, make sure that in this fly out menu you have button mode disabled, like I do here. Then create a brand new action by clicking
on this icon. You can call the action whatever you like, so I’ll call it remove background
and vector in parentheses. I can store it in the set called the fault
actions. I can give it a shortcut by using on of the function keys. For example, if I
use a function key like F4 while holding shift, it will apply this action and I can give the
action a color. And I’ll simply select red, and I’ll click on record. Photoshop is now recording every step that
I make in this remove background action. First, I want to tell Photoshop to use the artificial
intelligence, Adobe sensei, to analyze my image. To do that, you can go into select
and then click on subject. Photoshop will quickly analyze the image and
make a selection around the shoe. I did a really good job. Next we need to turn this
selection into a vector. To do so, you can go into the paths panel. If you don’t see
it, you can go under window and path. And that will bring it up. Next, you can click on this
icon here at the bottom. This icon will make a work path from a selection. But before you click on it, you can hold Alt on windows,
option on the Mac, and click. That way you can see the tolerance. The tolerance will determine
how many points it will create to follow that selection. Generally speaking,
stick to three to five pixels. I’ll use three for now and I’ll press okay. And Photoshop
generated this vector along the edge of this election. And you can see the steps that we’ve made
here in the actions panel. Next we gotta turn this work path into a vector mask. To do so
we can go back into the layers panel, then go into layer, vector mask, current path.
And that will make a vector mask out of that path. Next I can click on the stop icon and
that completes my action. So now I can use this action anytime I want
to remove the background using a vector mask. So for example, I can now click on this flout
menu, go into the button mode, and you can see my remove background button here with
the keyboard shortcut. And if I open up a new image, I can click
on that action and Photoshop will remove the background using a vector mask just with one
click, much like their removed background quick action that comes built into Photoshop.
Remember you could also use the keyboard shortcut. Now all press Ctrl Z, Command Z in the Mac
several times to undo that. And now I’m going to apply that vector mask just by using a
keyboard shortcuts. So I’m going to hold shift and tap on the
F4 key on the keyboard. And again, Photoshop performs that action. And by the way, I’m
going to make this action available for you to download on my website. It will be in the
same page where you download the photo of the shoe. Again, the link will be down below
in the description. Now, let me show you how to edit a vector
mask. So let me go back into the image that I was working with or originally and I’m going
to collapse the actions panel. And to edit a vector mask, what you want to do is select
any one of these vector tools. I prefer the curvature pen tool. You’ll see the line activate. If you don’t
see the points that you can individually click and drag like I have here, you can always
hold Ctrl, Command on the Mac, and click on the actual blue line to see the points. So I can see them in this case, but sometimes
they don’t come up when you select the tool. But anyway, one of the things that you can
do is select a point and then just simply hit the backspace key on windows, that’s the
delete key on the Mac to the lead point. If you hold shift and click on the vector
mask, you can see the original image. Notice that we have a nice smooth line here in the
bottom of the shoe, so I want to make sure that I keep that in my vector mask. So what I’ll do is I’ll click on this point
and delete it as well, and then I can adjust this point to try to match that curve. And
if I need to I can always add another point and drag up just so that everything is as
close as possible to the edge. I’ll adjust this point as well. Another thing that you can do is you can double
click on a point to create a sharp corner, and you can double click on it again to smooth
that out. And you can see that just with a few clicks
I was able to get a pretty good vector mask. You will need to fine tune the mask, but by
using this technique you will save a lot of time. If you’ve made it this far into this
video but you don’t understand vector mask, then I have a video that talks all about them. So I’ll place a link to it down below under
the description so you can check it out. Also, if you want to learn more about Layer Mask,
I have another video that talks all about those. I’ll also place the link to that video down
below into the description. If you enjoy this tutorial or you’ll learn
a new trick, don’t forget to click on that like button. Let me know down in the comments below of
you plan to create or download this action and use it in your projects. And of course, if this is your first time
at the Photoshop training channel, then don’t forget to click on that subscribe and notification
buttons. Thank you so much for watching.


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