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Drawing with the Brush tool in Animate | Adobe Creative Cloud

October 19, 2019

The Brush Tool has been
enhanced in Animate and I’m just going
to walk you through some of the ways you can control
the brush now. So, with the brush selected in the Properties panel,
you’ll see I have a cool slider for selecting
the Size of the brush. And not only that,
I have a slider for setting the Minimum Size
of the brush. So, now when I draw, I’m making good use
of that pressure sensitivity. So, if I increase
the Size of the brush, and you know, play around with the
Minimum Size of the brush, you can see how that plays
an effect on the stroke. And so, what I want to do is actually
I’m going to turn on Object drawing mode and I’m going to mix
a little bit of transparency into this black color. I’m going to do this because
what I want to do is just sketch out something first. And I kind of like to draw this way
if I’m just sketching something. So, let’s just create a character. And this is for me
with the transparency mixed in, it kind of gives that nice
feel of like using a pencil. Especially when you have
the combination of alpha and Object drawing mode on you can see the layering
of transparency. So, I’ve got a nice little
character roughed out here. And so now what I would like to
do is actually go and create on Frame 2
a blank keyframe. I’m just going to hit F7 and then turn on onion skin. And now, I can see
a ghost of my image and I’m going to do sort of a
cleanup version of this drawing. I’m going to remove
the alpha transparency. I like the Brush Size of 8 with
the Minimum Size of 0. And if I want to save
this as a preset, I can just click this little
plus button here. And that saves this as a preset. I continue to press
the plus button and those will be saved as presets and use them later
just by clicking on them. So now, I’m going to redraw
and clean up my drawing in Frame 2. I’m going to turn off Object drawing, and I do everything
in this one frame. I might make a few design changes
along the way, but for the most part, I’m going to just stick to the drawing
at hand as we have it. So now, what I want to do is make sure the Brush is selected
which it is and the sub-selection tool, instead of painting normal
as you’ll see here, I’m going to select Paint Behind. I’m going to make
a pretty big brush and I’m just going to actually
freehand paint this. And by choosing Paint Under, it’s painting underneath
the existing strokes. And again,
with the Brush Tool selected the sub-selection tool that
we want to use is Paint Inside. And what this is going
to allow me to do is, once I click down on
the existing fill color, wherever I paint, it’s only going to
paint inside that fill color. So, this is a nice handy
quick way to add some shadows and
shading to characters. And now let’s mix
a little color for her eyes. And while this is selected,
let’s add a little bit of depth to her eyes. Again, Brush Tool. I am going to Paint Inside
just like that. Let’s mix in a nice dark brown, maybe a little bit
of red in there. Make a nice big brush. Let’s make sure we’re
painting behind. Now we can be pretty loose. Now, let’s add a little
bit of depth to her hair. So, let’s make
some highlights, just mix a lighter version of that. Brush Tool is selected, and let’s say, let’s Paint Inside
as our sub-selection. Actually, here’s another
cool sub-selection feature. If we select the Brush, let’s choose as a sub-selection Paint Selection, and then select just the hair fill. Now, whatever we paint,
we will only paint inside the color that is selected. And this time, I am going to go
back to painting inside. So, what I’m going to do is,
select this shape, hold down Shift and select
a little bit more of that fill, grab the Paint Brush Tool and then I’m going to choose
as my sub-selection Paint Selection. Now, I can draw her eyebrows
in without worrying of an overlapping the line of her hair right there. And that’s just some of the ways
you can use the Brush Tool to draw or paint inside of Animate.


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    Hola 👋🏽

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  • Reply bladesquad1 September 4, 2019 at 1:31 am

    The brush is become way better than before, but i'm looking for a way to use it and modify curves as a line vector, it could be the dream !!

  • Reply Steven Huynh September 13, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    Good Stuff

  • Reply BigBoomer101 September 24, 2019 at 4:41 am

    i can never tell how big my brush is physicaly when changing sizes. the circle always stays the same making it hard for me to know where to start. for example i set the brush realy big but the circle that shows where your brush is at is still too small. know a way to fix that? also, is there a way to smooth the brush or make work like a stabalizer from paint tool sai? it would be helpful to know since my lines always look so messy when doing line art

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