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Drawing My OC [Speedpaiting/ Sai + Photoshop]

February 9, 2020

Hi, welcome back to my channel and this is my next vid ^0^ I’m drawing my OC today She’s Frost, a cold girl owns the power of ice!!! And i choose some Kpop musics for you to listen ^^ I’m a Kpop fan so i really love adding K-music in my vid, hehe I still draw in Paint Tool Sai and edit in Photoshop But i miss drawing in Photoshop cuz some tools so useful to use and i don’t have to switch between 2 apps at a time T_T Btw, Sai is really fun to draw Her face is a bit long Set up the light and dark Switch to Photoshop to edit I draw face a lots but it still takes me a lot of time to draw perfectly I enjoy drawing her hair ^^~ The light on her hands reflects on the shirt Shading the boobs UwU Back with her face again T_T I decided to give her white eyelashes to sync with her eyebrows Forgot her skirt 0_0 Adding the buttons The necklace Pattern on her bra Some final edit Please like and subscribe my channel for more vid like this ^^~ See you guys in next vid, bye bye. Keep drawing everyday!

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  • Reply Minh Vo February 9, 2020 at 5:26 am

    Đẹp quá ạ, nhạc nền cũng hay nữaa😍

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