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Dispersion Pixel Effect – Adobe Photoshop CC

November 3, 2019

Hello! Open the picture you want to edit. Go to Layer, on the right side. Right mouse click on the backgroud layer. Click Duplicate Layer, and then again duplicate layer on the first duplicated layer. Go to the middle layer. Get the Lasso Tool, the second one on the tool raw. Right click with mouse on the selected part and click Fill on the window. Go to the first Layer. Get Quick Selection Tool and select. After selection go to Refine Edge… on top of the window. After finishing with Refine Edge, right click with mouse on the selected are and Duplicate Layer. Duplicate again the new Layer you just duplicated. Go to the second Layer, get the selection tool the first one) and drag your model forward. Go to Filter Liqueify… Drag your model on the way that your gonna do your Dispersion. Make it big. After you are done click OK. Wait until you see the effect done on your screen. Go to the second Layer and click on the right bottom corner of the screen, the third button. Same for the first Layer. Go to second layer. Get the Tool as in the video and pick the black color. Add it to the liqueifyed area. Go to the first layer, get the brush tool on the tool bar. Select the tool you like. Also on the 3rd layer deactivate the small eye on the left side of the layer. Click anywhere you want to make the edit. Make sure you have black color picked. You can change the size or the direction of the brush to make it look more natural. After you’re done, go the the second layer. Change the color of the brush from black to white, and start clicking wherever you want to do the dispersion. After you are done, just save your work and enjoy it. Thanks for watching!

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