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Disney Villains WITHOUT MAKEUP ☠ See what Ursula, Maleficent & Cruella REALLY look like! Alice Edit!

January 19, 2020

Hi everyone^___^ Today you and I are gonna discover what the Disney villains really look like, underneath all their makeup We’re gonna edit away their highlights and their concealer, everything to see what’s underneath Hi again, I just want put in a quick disclaimer Please dont’ think I’m obsessed by beauty or anything like that, this video is made just for fun and nothing else All people are beautiful in their own way and there’s nothing wrong with having bags under your eyes or red skin Personally, I don’t even wear any makeup, so I probably look like one of these villains every day I just think it’s so funny how almost all Disney villains put on tons of makeup Like they’re not just trying to cover up their faces, but also their bad personalities Anyway I just to say that makeup can be super fun to create a whole new look, but you don’t really need it to be beautiful There it is! Disney villains without any makeup on I’m curious to know what YOU think Also, do you have any ideas for more Disney edits? Please share your ideas in the comments I hope you have a wicked day See you in the next video!

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