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Disintegrate into ASH Effect : Photoshop Tutorial

September 3, 2019

Stock & Brush link in description. Head over and select the Quick Selection Tool. Select the entire person. Head down and select Mask. Create a new adjustment layer>Solid Color. Make sure it’s black, Then hit OK. Drag the Solid Color below the Man. Right click on the Mask>Apply Layer Mask. I’m going to rename this layer>Man. Head up to File>Open. Double click on the Lava Texture to open. Head over and select your Move Tool. (V) Click and drag it onto our main project. Position the texture like so. Adjust the opacity to see behind it better. We want the lava on the face. Opacity back up to 100%. I’m going to rename this to Effect. Head down, hold ALT + click on mask. Your mask should be black. Select the Man layer, then click on mask. Make sure your foreground is set to black. Have your Brush Tool selected. (B) Select the “Smoke” type brush. We want to fade out the edges of the man. Take your time. If you need to rotate, you can like so. That looks pretty good so far. Now, lets select a particle brush. I will select this one for now. Open up the Brush Panel. Click on Brush Tip Shape. Change the Spacing to 20%. Click on Shape Dynamics. Change the Angle Jitter to 50%. Click back on Brush Tip Shape. Here you can change the size for later on. Each time you click, your brush will rotate. I will speed this up, since it’s very time consuming. Drag the Lava layer below the man. Make sure the mask is selected. Foreground set to white! Carefully start adding the effect. I will also speed this part up, since it’s time consuming. Make sure to change the size of the brush frequently. I will speed this part up as well. Click on the top layer. Then head down and select FX>Blending Options. Click on Drop Shadow. Opacity 100%. Distance 0px. It adds a much better effect. Then hit OK. Head down and create a new layer. Rename the layer to Shadow. Foreground set to Black. Brush Tool selected. (B) Select a large brush with soft edges. Brush Opacity 100%. I will add a shadow to the left side, like so. Change the opacity to about 62%. Head down and create a new layer. I will rename this layer to Color. Change the Blending Mode>Linear Dodge Add. Drop the opacity to 10%. Click on the foreground color. Change it to an orange/red color. Color Code: ff2a00 Then hit OK. Have the Brush Tool selected (B) Use a soft edge brush. I will start adding extra light to the lava. Head down and create a new layer. I will rename it to Eye. Change the Blending Mode>Linear Dodge ADD. Using the Same color as before. Select the brush tool. (B) Use a small brush to color in the eye. Then drop the opacity to 35%. Starting to look good! Head down and create a new layer. Rename it>Clouds. Reset your foreground and background. Head up to Edit>Fill. Contents: Black then hit OK. Head back up to Filter>Render>Clouds. Change the Blending Mode>Screen. Drop the opacity to about 10%. Then head down, hold ALT + click on mask. White should be set as your foreground color. Brush Tool selected. (B) Brush Tool selected. (B) Select a brush with soft edges again. Select a brush with soft edges again. Now you can manually add the clouds back. Head over to the layers panel>Select the Shadow layer. I’m going to bring the opacity back up to 100%. Have the top layer select. Head up to File>Open. Head up to File>Open. Head up to File>Open. Double click on the particle image to open. Using your Move Tool. Drag and drop onto our project. Position them as you’d like. Create a new adjustment layer>Gradient Map. Click to edit gradients. You can download my free gradient pack. I will select this one. Then hit OK. Change the Blending Mode>Soft Light. Drop the opacity to 40%. CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E (Merge all visible layers.) I will rename this layer to Merged. Head up to Filter>Sharpen>Smart Sharpen. Amount: 40% | Radius 0.5 px. Then hit OK. This will make the particles look much better. That’s it. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.


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