Digital Makeup & Retouching Faces | Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

September 9, 2019

[Background music from] Hey what’s up video editors?! It’s Premiere
Gal here and in this video I’m going to teach you how to use the Beauty Studio
plugin in Adobe Premiere Pro to add natural touch-ups to faces or as I like
to call it digital makeup the Beauty Studio plugin is part of Continuum by
BorisFX in fact it’s only one part of Continuum’s image restoration suite
there are tons of other effects from 3d titles, green-screen keying, film looks and
more. now I’ve already done a couple tutorials on BorisFX plugins and
I’ve included a link to the playlist in my description box below. So you should
definitely check it out if you want to learn more about the power of these
plugins so anyway back to beauty studio it is used by tons of professional and
commercial video editors to touch up the skin of actors and actresses in moving
images so if you’re ever watching a film or commercial and you’re like how is
this person so flawless well it’s most likely that they are not and a lot of
video retouching can be done through Continuum’s beauty studio in this
tutorial I’ll be using a video of myself for demo purposes now the goal here for
me is just to teach you how to add some natural smoothing to your subjects not
to make it look too fake just enough to enhance the subjects natural beauty so
I’ll be covering two steps in this tutorial first I’ll show you how to
rebuild your digital makeup mask and track it so it stays on the face if your
subject is moving and then secondly I’ll show you how to adjust the mask
smoothing sharpening and color correction as well as the glow. And to
make it easy for you to follow along in my description box below you can find a
time coded breakdown of everything I cover in this tutorial and you can also
download my sample demo clip to follow along as well as download the trial
version of continuum so here in Premiere Pro go to effects and search for BCC
Beauty Studio and drag and drop it onto the clip in the timeline you can already
see that it applied way too much smoothing to my face let me zoom in on
my face a bit from the program panel and now I’ll turn the effect off and on from
the effects controls and you can see the difference already you can also change
the view mode so you can see a side-by-side difference
or a compare mode where it draws a line down the middle and you can use the wipe
effect to move the line to see the before on the left and after on the
right so the problem here you can see on the right side is that it’s also
smoothing my hair my eyes my lips and the background we want it to only smooth
my skin so to update this we need to manually change the mat parameters
starting with selecting my natural skin tone colors first let’s just turn off
compare and also disable this beauty studio effect temporarily because we
want to be able to select the original skin tones without the smoothing effect
on next turn on pixel chooser then underneath mocha matte we are going to
use the eyedropper tool for color a to pick a darker area of my skin and then
choose color be the lightest area of my skin this will be my skin tone range now
let’s turn the effect back on and then select view mask and boom it looks a
little scary at first but basically the white area here is the area that Beauty
studio is affecting and the black area is protected and it will not affect that
area so we want to try and make all the skin to be all white in the rest black
this includes making the eyes more black and the lips more black because we want
those to be in focus not softened so to do this I need to adjust the hue
softness saturation softness luma softness and the clip white parameters
the parameters here will be different for every face that you’re working with
because the lighting is different the person looks different so I played
around with these parameters for about 15 minutes or so until I got it to be
correct so what I did was reduce the softness to around 12 I reduced the
saturation softness to 6 I reduced the luma softness to around 18 and this
added in some more black to my face so I had to go into the clip white and clip
that more so I can get rid of some of the black that came in when I reduce the
saturation and softness now don’t worry too much about the shirt
and the hat getting completely black as we will mask that
with mocha Pro now you can see that my eyebrow on the left and on the right are
completely gone I can bring the one back in on the left using a mocha Pro mask
the other eyebrow is pretty much covered by the shade of my hat so that’s okay so
to create a mocha mask around my face to mask out the rest of the image from
being affected click on the mocha logo then I’m going to use the x-plane tool
to draw a mask around my entire face and my upper chest where my skin is exposed
then I’m going to track forwards and back and once it’s done tracking you’ll
see that the mask moves with the movement of my chest and face I’m going
to draw a mask on the right side of my braid as well because there’s some skin
exposed there then rather than having to retrack this mask I’m just going to link
this new mask to the tracking layer from the first layer next I’m just going to
zoom in on my eyebrow and draw a mask with the x-plane tool around that and
now under blend mode I’m going to select subtract and this will subtract it and
make that portion black not affected by the mask and I’m also going to link it
to the first track layer so that way the tracking is applied to it as well and
now we’re just going to hit file save and close out of mocha Pro then the next
step is to adjust the smoothing detail to make it look more natural up at the
top I’m going to reduce the master amount to around 65 to make it more
natural and you’ll see there are also detail levels all this is doing is
letting you control the size of the details you want to smooth so for
example the smooth smallest details controls the small pores and the large
details would be larger freckles so 4 is the default and it works well so to move
on I’m going to reduce the smallest to around 70 the small details to 60 and
then medium to 60 and the large to 60 this is all to make it a little bit more
natural next we’re going to sharpen it to bring in some more natural sharpening
that we lost so we can turn that on and also turn on use masks because we want
to sharpen the mask area this lets us bring in some detail we lost while also
maintaining our digital makeup mask so I’ll sharpen it at
fifteen you can also play around with it until it looks okay for the image you’re
working with next is color correction and just like sharpen also turn on use
mask in here I’ll increase the saturation to about five just to bring
in some more color if you increase it too much let’s say to 20 you will see
that it looks like I had a bad tanning accident and we don’t want that so let’s
bring it back down to five we can also add in some brightness again we want to
be subtle not too much because then it will look fake and bad then glow adds in
a natural glow also turn on the mask and I’m going to set the glow intensity to
about ten and you can also change the color of the glow if you want to give
more of a plushy glow you can change it to like a light rose color now let’s go
back up and change the compare mode to side by side and you can see the
difference between before and after you can see how it just very naturally
enhanced my skin tone and overall just making me look like I caught some more
sleep but use this retouch tool to carefully and make sure you’re not
overdoing it so that’s all I have today if you want more video tutorials that
explore Continuum’s capabilities such as how to make teeth brighter or wider
using continuum or any other tools offered in borås effects give this
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