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Detective Pikachu. FAN FILM

December 16, 2019

Pokemons continue to disappear in our city. Today, this is the 10th case of kidnapping. Police claim the disappearance of Mega Blastoise,
Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Arbok, Golbat, Magneton, Dodrio, Onix and Charizard. Although the authorities have long forbidden
to catch the Pokemon and use them in illegal battles, the kidnappers are still trying to
get on them. Recently the City camera was recorded as a
Mega Blastoise rob a cash machine using the Mega Launcher. As can be seen on the record, he looks around
and makes one striking shot that causes an explosion. Another city camera recorded another robbery,
this time it was Squirtle. He also looks around and uses a rapid spin. The ATM explodes. It seems that Pokemons do not understand what
they are doing. Experts say they may be hypnotized and even
do not remember these events. Witnesses say they saw a gray car not long
before the Pokemons disappeared. Also, one of the witnesses managed to make
a photo of the car, which shows the vehicle registration plate. Photo of poor quality, but some of the vehicle
registration plate can be seen. Most likely there is a hunter written there. If you have any information that you can find
in a hijacker, call the police, or go straight to our channel, write comments in this video
and in no case try to detain the intruder yourself. It can be very dangerous. And for other news. Youtube channel UniversalFormat has released
fantastic videos about Pacman, Call of Duty and Fruit Ninja. I think I saw this car today. I certainly saw her. Hey! I’m walkin here! All of them are made in real life, if you
are interested, subscribe, comment. There will be a lot of interesting videos
on the channel, so subscribe quickly I have to catch him. I hope he will not see me. Now you will bring me to your lair. How dark is it here. I think I saw a flashlight. I found. And Pickach said, let be the light. I hope we don’t have a long ride. If I save everyone, I will become a hero. It seems like we have arrived. How can I get out of here? You think I didn’t see you following me, you
miserable detective. Open the cage. You will fight for us. For whom for us? Who you are? Fights are forbidden, you will
be sent to prison. Do you think so? Naive
We are the power, no one will do anything to us, we are not afraid of anyone, we will
rule the world, kh kh. Yeah yeah. I’m already afraid, especially your cough,
it’s so scary. Shut your mouth up. Then show your face. Why you are hiding? I am not hiding! Can I give you some advice? ???
Go to a plastic surgeon!) How dare you? Let’s see what you got. I will not fight! As you wish. Charizard. Friend, we don’t have to fight. Come down. Or I will electrocute you! I warned you! No, no, no
Hey, scary cough where are you going. You had to lose! But I did’t lose, and now I’ll take care of
you. Scary cough, come here, you can not get away
from me, no one was able to escape. That’s all guys. If you like my video, subscribe, share with
friends, write comments. I hope you like it. Tell me about it in comments.

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