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December 10, 2019

hey guys this is Morgan for and today many show you how to create smart phone wallpaper using up Adobe
Photoshop Cece and the art wars feature of this is fairly easy thing to do so
let’s begin to start we’re going to go up to file click New and then right here
where says document type you want to make sure that our board is selected
then our board size there’s a bunch of different options I’m gonna pick iPhone
six-plus because that’s what I will be working on two day and then once that’s
all selected press OK this new are bored pops up and I’m gonna show you something
really quick over here in the Layers panel which is our part 1 I’m gonna name
that iPhone six-plus alright and that is going to make life easier if you want to
work with multiple files at once all you have to do is click and drag the
are bored tool should already have been selected so now you are bored to you can
change the template for that guy right here over here in the end the size
drop-down so I would have six plus open I’m gonna click iPhone 6 for this one
and I will name that iPhone 6 this makes it so you can work with multiple
different kinds of layouts simultaneously which makes life a lot
easier and I’m going into debt right now but I thought that I would show you you
can even export all your our boards with what library 11 just go to File Export
and you can save every single one of them at the same time so it’s pretty
cool feature but anyways here yo I’m gonna open up the picture that I would
like to use for the wallpaper and I believe I have that right here yes this is a picture I took in the
Upper Peninsula last year so with so we’re still cooking dragged into our our
board and it’s quite a bit bigger than our board so zoom out just a little bit and resizes
good and now looks pretty cool to double-check measure the dimensions are
correct the template I was talking about earlier I’m gonna actually open one of
them I have right here 466 us plus I just made these for you guys and we’re
cooking drag it onto the air board call up my check the opacity to add a little
bit so I can kind of see through it and make sure that nothing is in the way the
app dock on your phone the little square the bottom those with
the four apps that’s gonna kinda high end up going to hide your image a little
bit so to prevent that there’s a lip and made you a little safety temporary here
could you could be able i dont have to make sure that little nothing nothing
that you care about is getting covered up alright sorry guys my computer froze up
for a second but we are back anyways back to what I was saying I made you as
all templates for all the iPhones in am currently working on the Android version
it’s just kind of a little safety net I guess to make sure that nothing is
getting covered up by a tray and bottom of your iPhone or Android might have us
so i click to address the template over this picture you see the opacity they’re
going at a hundred so this blacks battery here that’s rear apt tree is is
located so you can kind of clicking the Avalon and often compared we’re quite
what that person covered up covering up in the document I so now that I see the
tree and everything is going to be right above the after a I think that looks
finds a nice little hill tree in the Milky Way I’ll just click the template
off I’m happy with that and then it’s time to save it to see you just go to
File Export and then you could have our boards to files this file prefix name a
minute call it six plus lost his name of that image was lost at the end of it and
then read here it says include overlapping areas you just want you are
bored content only and I export as JPEG quality I said that to 12 and I click on
the Add include ICC profile right here underneath quality and then you can stop
pick that destination that you would like to say that I just saved to my
desktop free now click OK and then click the Run button that is how you create smart phone
wallpaper in Photoshop Cece

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