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Desh Premee {HD} – Amitabh Bachchan | Hema Malini – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

August 6, 2019

What news have you brought? Because of the Quit India Movement
started by Gandhiji yesterday.. ..all our leaders
have been arrested. And the British Government,
under Section 144.. ..has banned gathering of
more than four persons. And has ordered to shoot anyone who
dares to unfurl the tricolour. To break free from this slavery.. ..we have to break the
law under Section 144. And also unfurl the Tricolour. Surround them! Hey stop it! Don’t you know about
the Section 144? I know.
– Then bring down that flag. This flag shall not
be brought down.. ..even if it were to
cost us our lives! You are committing a crime. To disobey orders of the Crown
is considered a crime. We refuse to obey your orders. Because Freedom is our birthright
and we’ll take it from you! Shut up! I will shoot you! You don’t possess the
weapon that could.. ..fatally wound the
heart of a patriot. You are trying to bind us with
your chains of slavery. But we have decided to
live a life of Freedom. Nothing can deter us now! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Surround them! Shut up you dogs!
Shut up you Indians! Go away! Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!.. So, you were shouting in protest!
Will you still do it? I was and will continue to do so! Till I die, every drop of blood in
my body will scream in protest. Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Shut up! You dogs!
– Long live the revolution! Now we will say, long
live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! – Cut it! Now we will say? Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Leave him
– Leave him.. Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! Long live the revolution! “Best in this world..
Is our Motherland..” “Best in this world..
Is our Motherland..” “Best in this world.. Friends, ours is now a free country! And to win this freedom, many of
our patriots have shed their blood. One of those revered patriots
is now with me. And that patriot is, Dinanath,
the teacher.. And now I request our leader,
Mr. Dwarka Prasad.. confer this honour
upon Mr. Dinanath.. How fortunate I am..! have got such a great
patriot as my husband. Behind every successful
man is a woman. Father, what could be the
price of this medal? It is still priceless! How high a fever is she running?
– 102 – 102. I think my tour.. No, don’t worry about her.
I am here with her.. Take him and the rest of the
children and go on your tour. Yes, move. Move, move, move. Come on. Very good. What’s going on? -I’m storing
rifles in the class. Rifles. Have you taken permission? I am head of this village.
I’ve got this school built.. Your husband is our servant and
masters don’t seek their permission. My husband teaches children to
nurture patriotism in them. And in this very sacred place,
you, as a traitor.. ..are storing weapons
for the other traitors. This entire family is patriotic. Her husband fought the British
and she, those loyal to them. Catch her.. Send her with her
daughter to Bombay. To Sher Singh. – Thakur sir!
– Take her, take her. This is not fair, Thakur sir. When her husband returns,
what will you tell him? Take it. Take it, it’s not a bribe,
but your share. Take it. People beg him for
a loan on interest. And you’re getting it for
free. Take it! Take it. Tomorrow the rifles shall be
taken out of your classroom. And your wife and children
will be safely returned. Hands up! I feel one day you will
kill me for sure. If you threaten my teacher,
I will shoot! I am not threatening your teacher. I’m making him understand
the value of money. Take him away! You may go. Listen to me sometimes.
I could be of use to you. Your Rs.5,000 Interest for a day 2% is
three rupees and one anna. There’s your 3 rupees and
here’s your one anna! So this means that you have
no value for this money. I do value it. So much so that my life’s earnings
would not amount to so much. But whatever you intend to buy,
I shall not sell at any cost. And that is your integrity! Alright. If my wealth cannot buy
your integrity, then.. ..I too will see where your
integrity takes you! Wherever it takes me, it will
surely take you to prison! If you don’t believe me,
then see for yourself. I’ve got an arrest warrant
in your name. I’m going to prison and will return
when released. But you.. won’t see your wife and child
for the rest of your life! Master Dinanath come out! What’s the matter? What’s
all this chaos for? You’re criminal. -You’ve put
on a charade of patriotism. You are a traitor! You hid the rifles in the school. Who says I hid them in the school? Now you’ll accuse me of getting
my wife and child kidnapped.. Who says so?
– I say so! The saw your men hiding the rifles. And you wrongly accused our village
head and had him imprisoned. Am I not right?
– Yes. You’re right. This is not true.
– Shut up! What are you waiting for?
Set this house on fire! Stop.. Fire! Fire! Fire! Hit him! – Hit him!
– Hit him! He shouldn’t be spared! – Hit him!
– Hit him! – Fire1 – Fire1 Don’t come near me!
Even your shadow repels me! Try to accept it. It might brighten
your otherwise gloomy life. Accept me. I’d rather accept death than
to accept a man like you! It’s your principled husband
who had accepted death. And who has been beaten up and
thrown out of the village. It’s a lie! You’re lying!
The villagers won’t hurt him! On the contrary, they have
hacked him to death! 5 years back, if you’d listened to me.. wouldn’t have suffered this. It’s not too late. Listen to me.
Come with me. I’ll take you from rags to riches. Never! Deep down in my heart,
I’m confident that he’s alive. And as for you, there’s no escape. One day, the police is sure to find me.
What, then, will you do? Return it to me.
Return my mangalsutra! Remove your sari and wear this!
Else, I’ll kill your child. No.. I’ll wear it. Give back my child. Do this sari and chain
belong to your wife? Yes. I’m sorry. We could retrieve only
this from the river. I’ll take this with me. I’m your childhood friend.
If you don’t have a place to stay.. ..This world is big enough. I’ll get a small place
so shelter myself. She escaped and you
were not aware of it! Geeta.
– Bharti, you Yes Geeta.
– Come in. Come. You didn’t inform us in anyway. Else, we would have
come to the station. Where is your husband? No.. My child suddenly took ill
and so I had to come. She has high fever. Don’t worry. I’ll ask my husband
to fetch a doctor. Take a seat. Geeta.. Her husband didn’t come?
– No. He didn’t. Where did she go?
– She must be here somewhere. Bharti! Bharti! You’ve not been blessed
with a child.. Today I’ve given my child to you. Rear it as you would your child.
I’ll always be grateful to you. It is necessary that she stays
away from me, because.. ..I.. my god! O darling. Who’s it?
– It’s me. Hey out, out, out, out. Come, sit.. come, come. Sit down here, besides me. Sit. I’ll make you a queen. Really?
– I swear by you. Once you hold my hand,
you won’t leave it. Will you? Not on my life! Give me your hand. Here, hold it. What has happened to you?
– Leprosy. Leprosy?
– Yes. Your filthy dwelling, where you
held me captive.. ..has resulted in this. Why did you come here with it? Why this sudden hatred?
You liked my face, didn’t you? Then see it. Bharti Go, I’ve freed you. Go home. Home! Which one?
The one you destroyed? Anybody around?
– Yes, there is.. ..your Death! On the basis of the evidence
that has been presented.. ..this court sentences the accused.. 7 years of rigorous
imprisonment. But the day I am released,
I will not let him live. Raju?
– Ye.. yes. What are you hiding?
– Nothing. What’s in your hand?
– Nothing, father. Where did you find this?
– It fell from his pocket. Go and return it to him.
– Why? You had taught us in school that.. ..we’ve a right over whatever
we find on the ground. I admit that I said that,
but I didn’t mean it. We’ve a right over our
hard-earned findings. This is robbing someone.
Go and return it to him. No.
– Raju! Give me the wallet. Hey have the sacks
of rice come or not? When will be get kerosene? No one is willing to
cart it till there. As soon as I get someone,
I will send it. OK! Send fast. Every body
is standing in a line. Sir. – Yes.
– You had dropped your wallet. Thank you. No one here is as decent
as you to return money. You don’t belong to this place?
– No. I don’t. Destiny can sometimes make a man
a stranger in his own country. Where have you come from? Raigarh. – What work do you do?
– Nothing. A shelter and some work
is what I am looking for. Will you work for me? I am willing to do any
respectable job. This tank contains kerosene. On the other side of the
hill is Bharat Nagar. Take it and sell it.
I’ll pay you Rs.10 for it. Agreed? Agreed. Thank you very much. Sit here. I’ve never seen you before. The kerosene tank has arrived! A new man has brought it.
Come before he gives it to someone else. Hey idiot! I am Shamsher Singh! We, the lions of Punjab,
should first get the kerosene. Bring the cart here. Stop here. Come soon, these Punjabis are
taking away our kerosene. Where are you going? We’ll get it first and the
rest will get it later. Understood?! Where are you taking it? These Madrasis and Punjabis
will finish it off here. If you dare give it elsewhere,
I will not spare you. It will first be distributed here.
Turn the cart. Come soon! The kerosene
cart has arrived! You silly man! Where are you going? Bring it here!
We Bengalis will get it first. Didn’t you hear me? Come here! Come here! You dare go there! Hey Kerosene seller!
If you don’t give it to us first.. ..I’ll blow your cart to bits! Come here! Come here. If you don’t
I’ll destroy this cart. Hey fool! Come here else the kerosene
will be used to light your pyre! What a nuisance this is! You all want to explode this,
light a pyre and dig a grave.. I’ve come here to sell kerosene
and not to bargain for my death. You have divided this place
into different places! If you all come in one line.. Oh no! We can never
come in one line! Many leaders perished trying
to make us do that. They couldn’t get it
then How can you? Alright. Then come to the shop,
pay money and take it. Where are you going?
We’ll take a decision here itself. Don’t go anywhere.
Wait here. I’ll come back. Stop it! What are you all doing? Deciding. Bloodshed will only increase hatred.
It has no other outcome. Hey move. Father, are you hurt? No son! You hurt my father! You!
– No son! Throw it away! Leave me!
– I told you to throw it! Stop it! What are you all doing? Hey move! “Break the stick of hatred..” “Discard the dagger of greed” “Stop being adamant..” “You all are messengers of Love.
My compatriots” “My compatriots” “Love one another, my compatriots” “My compatriots” “Love one another, my compatriots” “Break the stick of hatred” “Discard the dagger of greed” “Stop being adamant” “You all are messengers of Love” “My compatriots” “Love one another, my compatriots” “My compatriots” “Love one another, my compatriots” “This water so pure..” “Let it not be contaminated” “Whenever you utter something” “Think before you do so” “Those deep wounds are healed” “Which are caused by bullets” “But those wounds are not healed..” “Which are caused by
bitter utterances” “Speak works filled with love” “My compatriots” “Love one another, my compatriots” “My compatriots” “Love one another, my compatriots” “See this earth” “ our mother” “Think amongst yourselves” “What is our relationship” “If we fight amongst ourselves,
who’ll take care of the nation?” “An outsider will then throw
us out of our own house” “You foolish people,
come to your senses” “My compatriots” “Love one another, my compatriots” “My compatriots” “Love one another, my compatriots” “Break all the barriers..” “..existing between you all” “Don’t come in the way” “Of these winds so gay” “People of the north, south, east,
west, this is what I mean” “Ask this soil about its language
and its religion” “And then speak with me” “My compatriots” “Love one another, my compatriots” “My compatriots” “Love one another, my compatriots” “My compatriots” Love one another, my compatriots “My compatriots” Love one another, my compatriots Hey my brother!
– My brother. Love one another, my compatriots Come in a queue for kerosene. Why has the police come here? Uncle, these four have
hurt my father. Uncle, arrest them! No, no inspector sir, don’t listen
to this child. Come here, son. People had crowded for kerosene.
I got pushed around and so hurt. If one has to pass through this
crowded world, one will get hurt. But your wound has a different
story to tell. Anyway, I know you four
are the crooks here. You always cause trouble. You’ve a hold over these
poor people here. You protect them and extort money. I could have arrested you today. It was his goodness
that saved you all. The day I get some proof,
I will arrest you all. Understood?
– Yes, sir. I’ll take your leave.
Have you found a place to live? Not as yet, but I will get it. Dinanathji, you’re like
a brother to me. If you don’t find a place,
then you’re welcome to stay with me. Thank you very much!
– Ok son let’s go. Let’s go! He does seem to have influence
with the police. If he stays with us,
we are sure to benefit. You are right! Let’s go and talk to him.
– Yes, come! Master heard that You don’t
have a place to stay, do you? You should have told us. I mean.. how can you not get a
place in this vast locality? It’s surprising. But to stay in Bombay,
I don’t have the money to pay rent. But who has asked you for it?! So, should we stay here? Father, I don’t like the
look of these four. One mustn’t judge a
person by his looks. Oh that way!
– Yes. We don’t wish to break your heart. Looking at your innocent faces,
we have decided to stay here. Wow.. very cute, very cute kid. These are the stones..
mix them with the rice. And here’s hay. Dye it a dark color and make
tea leaves out of it! Do a perfect job of it! Fool
even the One up There! You can’t fool the One up There!
He knows all about it! Greetings! What are you doing up there?
– ‘Came to get my kite.. But now, you’re caught!
– Don’t tell anyone of this.. Not even to father?
– No! He’s influential with cops. Yes. That he is. Uncle,
my kite’s been damaged.. Your kite is damaged?!
What am I here for?! Take this, son, and enjoy yourself! Bye. We’ll meet. In the next month. Greetings!
– Greetings. Hey.. That’s 20 bottles full.
– Fool! Should have been gallons! Greetings, brother.
– Greetings. I can smell it up here. What are you doing up there? My kite got caught. I came to
retrieve it. But now you’re caught. Look dear, don’t tell anyone
of the ongoing here. Not even father?
– No. He’s pally with the police. Yes. He sure is.
Uncle, my kite is damaged. Dear, so what? Here take this.
Buy a new one. Here take this. Good-bye. We’ll meet
in the next month. Next month?! Greetings! – Greetings!
– How are you’ll? Hello, Mr. Ghosh! Here he is again! He always
comes every month! Here’s your two rupees. Indians are a strange lot.
We judge a product by its label. They drink Indian liquor, thinking
it to be imported and enjoy it! At this rate, we’re going
to do terrific business! With me around! Greetings! So you are here again! Uncle, my kite.. Your kite is damaged.. The skies can fall for all I care! I will not give him a penny! I won’t give. You won’t give him a penny? I will break his head if
he asks me for money! I am a true Bengali.. If I get angry,
I will ruin his life. Understand. He started with Rs.2 and
now demands Rs.500! 15 years ago, that rascal
was a tiny tot. Had we taken him to task then we
wouldn’t have seen this today. Alright. If that brat asks
me for money today.. ..I break his legs! Here’s the leg! My dear uncles, your nephew
is here before you! Greetings. Greetings. Greetings. Greetings. So, you were making plans
to break my legs! Think about it. You break my leg
and I’ll expose you all! Looking at your faces,
I feel sorry for you, really! So, my dear uncles.. I’ve decided not to demand
Rs.500 from you.. Really?
– Yes. Instead.. From today, I’ll.. ..take Rs.1,000! 1000! You rogue! Living has become expensive.
I can’t survive on less than this. We’ve decided too that we
won’t give you a penny! I didn’t accept a
penny when a child. How can I expect a penny now? These days, the market talks
only in terms of thousands. To hell with your market! Come on let’s go to his father. Instead of living under constant fear,
let’s decide once and for all. So, you’ll decide?
– Yes. Come on. Come! Come in. Sit down. Seeing you together makes me happy. Since you have a guest,
we’ll come some other time. What about the decision..? Dear Raju, that too,
some other time. Not some other time, but right now. What are you whispering
amongst yourselves. Today they all started very bravely
to come here to tell you. But I wonder why there
are silent now. Why, what’s the matter?
Tell me, don’t be afraid. Tell him..
– Why don’t you tell him? Dear Raju! Looking at the terrible state
your school building is in.. ..each of them have decided
to donate Rs.500! Yes donation, donation. Chanda! Chandramukhi! Wow! A good deed done so timidly! They’ve improved a lot.
Extortionists turned donators! So, my dear uncle,
out with the donation! Here’s my Rs.500.. Thank you. I’ll give you a receipt.. There’s no need for that.
– I don’t want it. Okay we’ll leave. I’ll be back in a minute. My dear uncle, wait a minute.. You settled the donation inside.
Now, let’s talk about business. You son of a gun! We’ll take care of you one day! Take this.
– Take this, too. You’ll be cursed one day. Just see you’ll be cursed see! 1000 rupee note. What are you doing? I asked you to print the
denomination of Rs. 100, but these are Rs. 1000! Partner,
this is the right way to earn quick buck. Instead of selling 10 hundred rupees notes,
why not sell 1 thousand rupees note? Less work and more earnings..! Thousands! With thousands
you want me die? If you have notes of Rs.100, then
please send me Rs.1,00,000. Otherwise, good bye. How long are you taking?
To repair the AC? The coil in it was burnt
and so I was changing it. I’ll charge you Rs.10 for it. He looks just like the teacher. What happened, sir? Is it expensive? The factory charges Rs.350.
I should earn atleast Rs.50 Who are you?
– I’m a mechanic. What is your name? Tony! Tony! And your parents?
– I’ve no one. I’m all alone. Where do you come from?
– Goa. Why do you ask? Just like that. How much is your bill?
– Rs.400, Sir. I don’t have change.
I have a 1,000-rupee bill. No problem sir, I’ve a lot of change.
See, one-two-three-four.. Here, take this.
– Take this. Alright, Sir. I shall leave.
Call me if you need me. Greetings, sir. – Okay. Hey come here. What happened? You called
me immediately. These are fake!
– These aren’t real either. It’s reciprocal. Who are you? I sell fake currency. ..I am an ace at it. I couldn’t get a chance to meet you.
I had to act as a mechanic. Give me a chance.
I can work wonders. Can you circulate notes of
Rs.1,000 in the market? Just give me your word.. I can capture the whole market! I am quite a crook! Come with me. These are notes worth Rs.5,00,000.
Bring real once in exchange. I can do so by this evening, but.. I’ll take 10 per cent as my commission.
– Agreed? – Okay. Hands up. You haven’t over your pranks.
A toy gun was alright.. But if you fool with the real one.. can go off and
I can get killed. Don’t worry, father. I’ll kill,
not the innocent.. ..but those traitors who ruin the
nation with their activities. Sir, even I’m tall like a bird. See this, I hope your father hasn’t
given me a fake note. – Shut up! He is an inspector’s father.
This can’t be his doing. You’ve taken offence. If your you, then someone else’s
father may be doing so. Oh Sir, I hope you’ll remember
about my ten per cent commission. Ten per cent commission?
– His commission for repairing the AC. Yes, I will. And if you talk less and work more,
I’ll make it 15%. Get out.
– Thank you. I shall take your leave.
I’ve work of thousands! Father, bless me.. I can nab those who are
printing fake currency. May you nag the fake ones! You are looking smart
in this uniform. There’re many sycophants here.
Like this one you have here. Munshiji! Did you see that I was the one
who pampered him the most. And now.. Did you kill that teacher, Dinanath? Teacher Dinanath! There won’t be any signs
of his remains either. And that new trade that
you’ve started? The new trade? It is flourishing! And if it continues, then half
the population will be out of the country. Don’t hit them so hard. Indian skin is in great
demand outside. Preserve the skin or there
won’t be any rewards! What man! 100 people I brought! I’ve managed it with difficulty. I had to lie a lot to bring it. This business involves a lot risk. Our Indian women are very adamant.. They’ll die out of starvation,
but not get sold out to anyone. But don’t worry. I’ll use such a tricks that will
fetch us nymphets for pleasure. ..middle-aged women for slavery
and young boys for work. I’ll make a queue, a queue!
You just see what happens! Fire. I had decided to send her elsewhere
and where has she reached? Matter of destiny. One who’s destined to
earn his food does so.. And one who’s destined to
earn his death, does so.. Rs. 5 lakhs, counters.. 5. Thank you. One thousand please! “O ungrateful, heartless one..” “O ungrateful, heartless one..” “I’ve pledged my life to you” “Even as I refused,
I’ve given my consent” “Even as I refused,
I’ve given my consent” “O ungrateful, heartless one..” “I’ve pledged my life to you” “Even as I refused,
I’ve given my consent” “Even as I refused,
I’ve given my consent” Show. “Don’t give an opportunity
to these friends.. ..or they will ditch
you in friendship..” “Don’t give an opportunity
to these friends.. ..or they will ditch
you in friendship..” “How did this card turn
into a bigger one?” “Oh, for the sleight of your hand!” “You have the whole
gathering astounded” “Even as I refused,
I’ve given my consent” “Even as I refused,
I’ve given my consent” “O ungrateful, heartless one..” “I’ve pledged my life to you” “Even as I refused,
I’ve given my consent” “Even as I refused,
I’ve given my consent” Cash these please.
In hundreds please. Hi. – Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! In exchange for your
fake thousands.. cannot get genuine hundreds. You get the handcuffs. This is the grip of a policeman! Get up! C’mon! Get up! Don’t move. Wait! You don’t move inspector. Otherwise. Coward! Hiding behind a woman! A sinking man clings to anything. Besides, she’s a woman. No. Look ahead! I may as well become a groom! Why did you follow me here? Go away! Come, daughter, come. Who are you?
– Police! I convict’s on the run. If you
don’t mind, can I take a look? Who could it be? They’re
here for their wedding! I’ve come to see if he’s used
this occasion to escape. Allow him. He’ll be convinced. You. You. Will you please show
me your face again? No.. no.. not.. me.. I’ve met you before, haven’t I? Yes. We’ve met before. Not now, but before. I’d come to repair your
father’s AC, remember? I’ve quit that job.
Used to soil my hands.. And now? I’m into making crisp pancakes..
out of jute, that is! I’m sorry to have troubled you. Greetings. Panditji, start the ceremony,
please. Who are you people? – Hey, move! How dare you barge in?
– We want to see the girls’ faces. Who are you all? We are searching a girl
who has run away from home. What are you doing? Hey move! Wait! Move! These are all my daughters. And no father will shows
his daughter’s face.. ..during her marriage to strangers.
– Hey move! She will not even after marriage,
without her husband’s consent. How dare you preach to us? We have to first search
for the girl. I salute you. You have lots
of guts in this old age. These old bones still
have the strength.. Strength lies not in bones,
but in one’s righteousness. Sit down. Sit down. Please begin the ceremony. Why are you following me? And Indian husband does not lead
her husband, but follows him. Give these sermons to someone
else. Go home now! After marriage, she goes
to her husband’s house and.. ..that becomes her house. Why don’t you just get lost?
Stop pestering me! You were only too eager to marry
me and are now finding me a pain! It was only an act! You were hiding from those
ruffians and I the police. To hide from them I did this farce. You must have put on an act,
but I’ve got married to you! You refuse to see reason! I’m a first rate rogue!
– Accepted. I am a ruffian amongst ruffians! I’d accept you even if you were
the only one of your kind. If you get involved with me, you’ll
regret it all your life. Not all, but half. I’ve already
repented for half my life. I’m used to it now. I don’t mind repenting for
the rest of my life! Stop talking nonsense, or
I’ll slap you! Get lost! “Go..go..go..” “Go if you wish to..” “But hear me out first” “Go if you wish to..” “But hear me out first” “Wear some bangles” “And dress like a girl!” “Go if you wish” “But hear me out first” “Wear some bangles” “And dress like a girl!” “He who cannot protect a woman” “What is such a man called?” “Go.. go.. go..” “But hear me out first” “Wear some bangles” “And dress like a girl!” “Anyway, our survival is difficult” “Anyway, our survival is difficult” “I don’t harbor feelings of anger,
you don’t harbor feelings of love” “You claim to be King” “But please forgive me,
for I cannot believe you” “Helpless woman that I am” “With ruffians at my heels” “And you’re scared and aloof” “Do you really look good!” “Go if you wish” “But hear me out first” “Wear some bangles” “And dress like a girl!” “This world full of crooks” “And darkness surrounding” “This world full of crooks” “And darkness surrounding” “Why do you come out of the house?” “You should have stayed indoors” “Why do you fear?” “Why do you feel shy?” “What could the world have been
had everyone been as shy?” “Why do you close your eyes?” “Why do you close your eyes?” “Take my veil” “And cover your face with it” “So, if you wish, go” “But hear me out first” “Wear some bangles” “And dress like a girl!” “Go if you wish to..” “But hear me out first” “Wear some bangles” “And dress like a girl!” “He who cannot a protect a woman..” “Tell me, what is he called?” “Go if you wish” “But hear me out first” “Wear some bangles” “And dress like a girl!” Where are you going!
– Listen, listen. Let’s see who comes to save you! Leave me! – Get in! Let’s go. Mister.. please come out. Just a minute.
– What is it? I just wanted to shake
hands with you. Thank you very much. You’re
taking her away with you. That’s all.. Oh! One more thing.. Oh my God! Why are you clinging to me?
Your work is done. Now go home. “Go if you wish to” “But hear me out first” “Wear some bangles” “And dress like a girl!” “He who cannot protect a woman..” “Tell me, what is he called?” Shut up. Listen. Did you have tea? I had it long back. Who are you? What
are you doing here? I’m the bellboy here. Where is my husband? Those who come here claim to be
husbands and wives at night. But at daybreak, the husband
goes to his house.. ..and the wife to hers. Your ‘husband’ too has paid the
bill and has already gone home. You too drink your tea and
leave for home soon. We already have customers waiting.
– Shut up. Get out of here! I am going. Why are you being angry? So, this means that he
too escapes like you. I think so. What has this world come to? The one you settled down with
yesterday, is absconding today. Don’t cry. Do you know his name?
– No. I don’t. Alright. Give us your address. As soon as we find him,
we’ll let you know. I don’t have a home. I’m an orphan. I escaped from my step-brother
and came here.. ..And I got married
to a total stranger. Strange. In that case.. ..come with me. Till we don’t find him,
stay with me. Come. Come daughter. Come. Sit down. Raju! Dear Raju! Yes daddy.
– Come out for a minute. I’ve brought a helpless
girl with me. Some rascal married her yesterday
only to leave her today. Strange world! Where did she come from? What happened? Come out. You know I feel shy to come
out in front of girls. That’s alright. But bring
that shameless to me. Are you listening to me?
– Yes, I am. Look.. Don’t worry. The one you’ve lost
God willing, will be found here. It’s time for me to go to school.
Tell my son, he’ll help you. Okay. Raju I am going.. Okay father. So, what’s his name? I didn’t ask him. You don’t know his name.
His address? I don’t know that either.
– Then how will I search him? Do you remember how he looked? How he looks.. umm.. Yes! He’s tall.. like your father. Doesn’t know name, address, where’s
the need to remember his looks? What?
– Nothing! I mean.. ..where did you meet him? A place where many marriages
were being performed. I married him there. He saved me from my brother..
– Then? ..then he tried to escape from me!
– Then? Then what? As if I would let him go! I’ve married him. It’s a commitment,
not for a day, but for life. He fled on a flight of steps.
I was already there before him. He jumped the wall, where
I already was facing him! He came from there, I from here.
He, from here, I from, there.. That’s enough. What happened then? Then he took me to a hotel.. He took you there only
after marriage. How could I go there before? Then?
– Then.. Then? How can you ask that? I meant to ask what happened
after ‘that’? I woke up in the morning to find
him gone without paying the bill. He simply left!
– What’re you saying! He paid up! How do you know? I too can judge a man.. He couldn’t stoop so much, take
his wife and not pay the bill! You’re lying! Yes. But only this was a lie! In this big city, where
will be search for him? Forget him and marry a nice man. What’re you saying!
– Watch it! I’m not dressed! Sorry. How can you say that? Am I the sort to change
life partners? I married him! It’s no joke! I am fed up with their marriage. Why are you getting angry?
I’m not talking about you. I am not angry. I’m only
trying to explain to you. You married him not out of love.
So why this persistence? We are true Indian girls.. ..and not foreigners to first
fall in love and then marry. That’s no fun. The real essence
is in marrying first.. ..and then falling in love. You seem to have an answer
for every question. But I can’t find an answer
to the man in question. Raju! Coming.. The people here are not good. And one thing
sit in the room inside. I’ll meet this gentleman and come. Sit, sit. Run from here! Don’s coming here by tomorrow
morning’s flight. You’ll go to receive him.. I’m. Won’t you come along?
-No. You know my son’s an inspector. My presence at the airport
can cause some trouble. Okay. And listen.
– Yes. Take the diamonds from him and
put him in the helicopter. Okay. Please fasten your seatbelts.. a few minutes from now we’ll be
approaching Bombay airport very soon. Don after little while a report
will be coming from Bombay. What happened? Is anyone
here a doctor? I’m doctor. What is your problem? Excuse me. Please hold this.. Relax. Relax. Relax. Relax. Undo his tie.. Relax. Just relax. Madam, send a message to the airport
for an ambulance. Please. – Okay. Get the stature fast.
Quickly. Come fast. Hurry up! Hurry! Hold it! Move! Come.. fast! I’ve been sent to collect
the diamonds. Here’s the gold. The diamonds are in the girl’s
bag who was in the ambulance. Oh god. No problems. I’ll take it from her. Fake stuff! Bastards! What’s happening?
– The engine’s caught fire! Where are the diamonds? I don’t know. Where are the diamonds? I don’t know, Sir. You don’t know. Now, can you remember? I’ll tell you! I can remember! I’ll tell you! Tell me!
Where are the diamonds? Don hid them in Dr.
Preeti’s medical kit. Yes? – Ms. Preeti? – Yes tell me? Police. Where are they? May I come in?
– Please do. What is the matter? I’ve to recover stolen property? You must be joking!
You get that in the thief market. Certainly not! As for now,
it is in this house. What do you mean?
– Where’s your medical kit? Why? – The man who
pushed you in the ambulance.. ..put the diamonds worth hundreds
of thousands in your bag. Oh no! Please be seated. I’ll
bring it right away. This is my medical boxes. Excuse me. Hello. – Dr. Preeti. – Yes.
– I am Police Commissioner speaking. Is there a man posing to be police?
– Posing? Yes. – Did he show you
his identity card.. ..and ask you for diamonds?
– Yes. He’s a smuggler and
not an inspector. Don’t give him the diamonds! Keep him engrossed in your talks.
I’ll send a man to arrest him. Okay. Listen. I’ve found them. I shall leave now. Stop there! It’s a revolver! You might
pull the trigger! I’m not only a doctor, but also
a military personnel’s daughter! I know both
– how to heal and wound! Do you know the punishment for
attacking an officer on duty? Instead, one is rewarded for
attacking an imposter like you! You’re mistaken! I’m not. Don’t move or I’ll shoot! I’ll shoot! Listen to me. Hey, listen
to me, please. Listen to me! Alright! Here are the diamonds.
Oh! You’ve come! Leave me! Leave me or I’ll shoot! Give me the revolver?
– No! I won’t! Give it to me!
– No! I won’t! Won’t give? Won’t give? Now, will you give it or not?
– No, I won’t! Give it to me, it’ll go off!
– Let it! I won’t give it! Please give it to me!
– Don’t! Don’t! Who are you? Who am I!? I am.. Who am I?! Can’t you
see for yourself! Does this look like an uniform
on hire? I’m inspector.. Kadam.. Chinchpokli.. police..
station. – Yes? I am the officer of that station. You can make these fake
identity cards and.. ..pose as an inspector to
loot these innocent girls. Okay inspector, I mean Mr. There are many like you in prison.
It’s your turn now! Madam! Don’t move! Don’t move! Where are the diamonds?
– With him. Come on, out with the diamonds! I’m a strict man. If you act smart, I’ll get tough
with you! C’mon pull it out. Pull it out man! Thank you. Don’t move! Don’t move man! Don’t move madam! Inspector sir! Won’t you arrest him.
– Well.. Why not? Why not? I’ll arrest him. Give me your hand. Give
me your hand. Perfect. Greetings sister.
– Greetings sir! “I look like a toughie..” “But I’ve a tender heart” “I look like a toughie,
but I’ve a tender heart” “I look like an angry man,
but I’ve a cool head..” “So, you’re scared!’ “Beat a hasty retreat!
– No, I won’t” “Listen to me..
– No, I won’t” “Beat a hasty retreat!
– No, I won’t” “Listen to me..
– No, I won’t” “You’ll go to prison..
– That’s alright” “You’ll get a thrashing..
– That’s alright” “You’ll remember I’ve set you free,
you’re forgiven this first time” “No, I won’t” “Beat a hasty retreat!
– No, I won’t” “Listen to me..
– No, I won’t” “You’ll go to prison..
– That’s alright” “You’ll get a thrashing..
– That’s alright” “Resolve never to repeat
this in the future..” “Resolve never to repeat
this in the future..” “Every morning you will offer
your salutation to me..” “Every morning you will offer
your salutation to me..” “Come near and listen to me..
do you have any money?” “No, I don’t” “Beat a hasty retreat!
– No, I won’t” “Listen to me..
– No, I won’t” “You’ll remember I’ve set you free,
you’re forgiven this first time” “No, I won’t” “Beat a hasty retreat!
– No, I won’t” “Listen to me..
– No, I won’t” “I know how to wield this baton” “I know how to wield this baton” “But I do think
about your children” “I know how to wield this baton” “You’ll be locked up and
you won’t come out” “That’s alright” “Beat a hasty retreat!
– No, I won’t” “Listen to me..
– No, I won’t” “You’ll remember I’ve set you free,
you’re forgiven this first time” “No, I won’t” “Beat a hasty retreat!
– No, I won’t” “Listen to me..
– No, I won’t” “Take a good look at his crook” “Take a good look at his crook” “This thief is reprimanding
a policeman” “You’ve been there a hundred times” “You’ve been there and how could
you forget the ways of the police? “No, I won’t.” “Come back quickly!
– No, I won’t” “Listen to me..
– No, I won’t” “Come properly.”
– “No I won’t.” “You’ll get a thrashing..
– No, I won’t” “No, I won’t” “No, I won’t” These are the genuine ones. But how did you get them? I knew they would sent their man.. I carried the fake ones with
me which are now with them. I am asking you for the last time!
Where are the diamonds? I’m telling the truth! I got these
from Dr. Preeti’s house. Okay! I sent you once before to
her house as an inspector.. get the diamonds. And now I’ll send you once again.. her clinic as a patient. Listen to me! I’m telling the truth. Leave it on till he confesses. Listen to me! I’m telling the truth. Listen to me! I am telling the truth.
I don’t know where the jewels are. I.. don’t know.. Sir, Tony has escaped! What? He escaped?! We’ll set a search for him.
How far can he go? What a wonderful thing she is! I wonder! What a famous danseuse
stays in our locality.. ..and we don’t know about it! Swear on business! Please make me happy once!
I will shower money on you! Where are you going,
my beautiful one? We too are crazy about you! Consider me please! – You insolent! Where are you going, my queen? Wait. You’ve brought a bombshell with you! Come here! You are having fun with her
all alone. Give us one, too! Let it be today. We’ll give you
Rs.1,000 instead of Rs.500! I’ve Rs. 5,000 here in my pocket. So, now you’ve started raising
your hand on us? If anyone dares to speak against
her, I won’t spare him! Why are you so angry?
Is she your mistress? She’s my wife! Oh no! She gyrates before the public.. ..and you make her your wife?! You fool! – Raju! Well, kid! Whom would you
like to confront first? Wait! Father. Father! -Save him, else there
will be bloodshed! Save whom?
– My husband! Raju? He is my son! And my husband! What?
– Yes. Come. Wait! What’s happening?! Why are you all fighting?
– They spoke filth about her! What does she mean to you? What does she mean to you? ..She’s.. my wife! Then why did you keep me
in the dark till now? Every father has one wish.. ..and that is to see
his son as the groom. And to bring his daughter-in-law
home in a palanquin. Neither did I see you as the groom,
nor did the palanquin come. And I met my daughter-in-law
for the first time.. ..whilst she was being victimized
by their abuses. Look sir. We didn’t know that
she was your daughter-in-law.. ..we thought her to
be one of his kind. What do you mean by that? Forget it. You’re a very naive man. Your son is a perfect rogue. You won’t be able to hear the truth. All my life, I’ve faced
nothing but the truth. What truth is it that I cannot
face today? Tell me. He’s not what you think he is.
In fact, he is something else. He has done all possible
illegal work.. He’s a black marketer who
circulates fake currency. He does many other things.
Can you bear to hear all? Is it the truth? They too are no saints! They are black marketers who
live on wine and women. They sell adulterated stuff. I know of all the deeds that
go on in their houses. They are not what they claim to be. If you don’t believe
me, come I’ll show you! I didn’t ask you about their
questionable activities. I’ve asked you about your doings! Every man cannot become a great
and principled man like you. One needs money to survive
in this world. Decency and simplicity can only.. ..earn you a name, not money. Those who earn money even at the
cost of their conscience.. ..are worse than beggars
inspite of their wealth. Decency dwells not in a decent
body, but in a beautiful soul. ..which you have sold in
your greed for money. Which you’ve left off to meander
in the black market. You’ve crushed it in the
fake note making machines. So what happened!
-Shut up! That’s enough father!
I respect you, else.. Else what? You’ll hit me? You’ll raise your hand
on your father? Once the child steps into
his father’s shoes.. .. he’s no longer a child. Let me go, father!
– No, my son. I won’t let you go. Inspector Arrest him! He is a black marketer! He deals in fake currency. He’s a dangerous man. He has ruined this locality
of decent people. And arrest these four as well! All their illegal dealings
go on in their houses. And which they have kept me and
the law, as well, in the dark. We permitted you to
stay here so that.. ..your presence here would keep
the police from coming here. And now you’re getting
us arrested! Look sir! Like the son, the father too
has become ungrateful. Don’t betray us.
That’s alright. ..I’ll take care. I hope
you know me well.. Santu Ghosh! It’s ok! We have to go today, but on our
return we won’t spare you! Put all of them behind bars.
– Let’s go.. Let’s go!
– Let’s go! Move! – Move!
– Let them go inside! Move1 Move! Hey Sardar! Don’t irritate me!
– Move! Get inside! Are we rogues?
– We know of your decency.. I’ll come back soon! Wait daughter in law. Your son is killed in this accident. Daughter-in-law..
– No! There is no one left inside. What did you achieve by keeping
your principles alive? So, you’ve sacrificed your
young son’s life, eh? Satisfied, aren’t you? Don’t be dismayed. At the time of the accident there
was a strong current in the river. He could have been carried away. We’re still looking for his body. My only prayer to God is that.. ..if I have done anything
good in life.. ..I want my son’s life in return. Save my sons life, god.. Boss see that. Bring him in this cabin. You tried hard to kill me but
your efforts were in vain. What are you saying? Those fake gold biscuits, the
blasting of the helicopter.. ..You did it all to get hold
of the diamonds for free. – No. I didn’t do this. It must
be Pratap Singh’s work.. In order to silence me,
he tried to kill me too! You are lying!
– I’m telling the truth! I’m telling the truth! If I had to kill you, why would
I risk my life to save your life. Correct. Yes you’re right. Look We are dead as far
as Pratap Singh and.. ..Sher Singh are concerned. Now, we have to resurrect.. order to make their
lives miserable. I said greetings. I’ve come from
Bharatnagar in search of you. I’ve been on the look-out for you.
Your husbands are in prison. They’re very ill. They’ve
called you there. Who are you?
– I’m the warden of the prison. Please don’t waste time. We’re
running out of it. Come with me! They’re very ill. Come with me. Come. Please sit.
Please sit comfortably. Accountant?! Hey! I’ve told you several times
to take care of their skin. If that is ruined, we will not
earn a penny! Not earn a penny! Fix these four, too! But the tables have turned now. You are destined to be riddled
with these bullets. Master You are alive! You tried hard to kill me. But till we don’t get summoned
from Up There, no one can die. Come. Be careful! You have a
stengun in your hand. If it goes off, we all
will be finished. A pen suits your hand. Not a weapon. I know how to use both..
a pen and a weapon. A pen to teach and a weapon
to defend my country. Today, when you were going to sell.. ..the daughters of this country. ..these hands have decided to use
the weapon instead of the pen! Move.. Freeze! Or this weapon
will spell your death! Oh! He closed it from outside.. We are really embarrassed sir.. ..Our husbands had
planned to kill you.. ..and yet you saved our lives. You saved us or these people would
have sold us to foreigners. A brother will always put his life
at stake to save his sisters. Hey! – Welcome, welcome. Welcome. Welcome.
– I like it. Hey take this away. You’ve honored us by this gesture. Honoured us.. You have treated
us with dignity. No.. no not at all, this is my.. On our arrival here, you made
this respectful gesture.. ..on our return, we too
will reciprocate it. Please don’t take the trouble.
That is not necessary. It is! We are here
with that purpose. Come on Let’s go man. Let’s go. Hurry up. Hurry up. Come, on..
Move. Hurry up. Move. Move. Move. Fast. Fast. Move baby.
Move. Move on. Move on. Close that curtain in the
front too, quick! Hurry up! Oh no. What happened? What happened don? Same old bloody pain man! He suffers from kidney trouble
and so, I’m always with him. No. No. This injection will
put me to sleep.. ..which will hinder my plans
of revenge on Pratap Singh. We can take our revenge later.
The injection comes first. Come on. Take rest. In the meantime,
I’ll meet someone and return. Whom?
– My wife. That cabaret dancer.. Perhaps she has remarried after
receiving news of your death. It’s both possible and impossible.
I’ve to see that for myself. What do these flowers cost?
– Rs.1.25 paise. Whom do you worship?
– It’s none of your business! What are you saying! Someone’s going to go mad
over your beautiful face.., why not me? Shut up!
– Mother! “Oh Damsel! Where are you going?” “Turn around, my beautiful one!” Insolent!
– Insolent? “When she walked away.. ..she left
my shattered heart behind” Greetings! “My salutations to the lady” “My salutations to the lady” “To woo a girl..” “To woo a girl..” “To woo a girl..” “ my only work” “I’ve staked everything in love” “My salutations to the lady” “Hey damsel! Why are you hassled?
– Leave my hand!” “When I hold your hand..” “ your teeth in a smile” “What are you? “We from Hyderabad don’t indulge
in boastful talk..” “We from Hyderabad don’t indulge
in boastful talk..” “If I were not to adorn your
hands with bridal henna..” “..I’ll never invoke the name
of my great native place..” great native place..” “My salutations to the lady” “My salutations to the lady” “You’re a unique one!
Full of wonder..!” “You’re a unique one!
Full of wonder..!” “There are chances of
a ruckus on the street” “There are chances of
a ruckus on the street” “Call the police, peace
is being disturbed!” peace is being disturbed!” “My salutations to the lady” “My salutations to the lady” “O Beautiful One!” “Would you like from the hands
of your slave.. a betel-leaf?” “It has your lover’s heart
instead of betel-nut! Chew it till you can.” “We are known for putting
our lives at stake” “We are known for putting
our lives at stake” “Once, in your heart,
and I won’t come out” “Once, in your heart,
and I won’t come out” “I always walk out with
my life at stake” my life at stake” “My salutations to the lady” “To hook a girl..” “To hook a girl..” “To hook a girl..” “ my only work” “I’ve staked everything in love” “My salutations to the lady” “My beloved! Did you recognize
me? Your lover!” “Leave me alone” “We don’t leave them alone..
we carry them away!” “Move away or I’ll hit you!
– Hit me softly..” “Lest your hand hurts..” Enough.. Get me down here,
get me down here.. You go, go. I’m convinced! She hasn’t changed. You! Asha are you all right? I thought you.. Why are you closing the door? What are you doing? God has returned you to me!
How can I look like a widow? Don’t do it even my mistake.. I’m thought to be dead. Seeing you like this,
they’ll be suspicious. The police will be after me again. Will I be sad like this all my life? Will I never be happy? I didn’t get love from my
parents in my childhood.. I suffered at the hands
of my step-brother. Life’s been miserable.. And now, I’m married.
But that too, in this manner.. Inspite of you being alive.. ..I cannot apply vermilion
on my forehead. You have that right.. ..but not with vermilion.. Your husband’s blood will look
better on your forehead. I’m staying at the Plaza Hotel.
Room Number 1142.. Be there the day after at 11.
I’ll wait for you. Ok. No. Don’t kill me!
Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! There’s going to be a blast!
Everybody move away! There’s going to be a blast! Where are you going? There’s going
to be a blast. Move away! Move away! That place is dangerous! Looks just like him.. Is he my son? ..Why are you hiding? The police is after me. Police. Have you done
something wrong? Forget that! Give me a piece of
rag! I’ve lost a lot of blood! Take this and tie it quickly! How can I? You tie it for me. No! I’ve got leprosy. Nothing will happen to
me. – No. Tie it quickly. You too will get it.
– No, I won’t. Be quick. – No. Tie it for me, Mother.
Don’t make a fuss.. Tie. I’m a mother.. that’s
why I can’t do this! Please. What is your name?
– Raju! Where are your parents? Here in Bharat nagar. Only my father stays here.
I don’t have a mother. Do you remember her? Yes, a lot. I lost her
in my childhood. Perhaps that is why I’m so spoilt. Maybe not a mother But you
do have a father, don’t you? Yes, but a mother is irreplaceable,
isn’t it so? Hey stop. What did you rob? A thief! Hey people come soon! She has robbed something
from Master’s house! She has robbed something
from Master’s house! Get up! All the people get up! This lady is a thief! Stop her! She has come
out of his house! Thief! Thief! Thief! Fast! Thief! – Thief! – Thief!
– Catch her! What did you steal from his house? Tell! Why don’t you say anything?
– Nothing. Leave her! She’s got leprosy! Leave her! Hit her! Hit her! Hit her! Hit her! Hit her! What happened? Hit her! Hit her! Thief! Hit her! Stop it! What’s all this noise for? She’s a thief! She’s stolen
something from your house! What do I possess that she could
steal and you could hit her? What did you steal? Don’t come near me! I’m a leper. Yes.. this chain.. Mangalsutra? This has no value in the market. But to me, it’s the most
precious possession! For me too, it’s the most precious
thing in this world. After ages, I’ve just realised
that I’m not a widow as yet. My husband is still alive! And.. That’s why I’ve stolen this. You’re indeed fortunate to
have found your husband. I wish God blessed me
with a miracle, too! My wife.. whom I’ve lost.. Well, never mind. If you no longer remain
a widow by wearing it.. ..then keep it. then keep it. If.. if you could.. Let’s go.. let’s go.. Number eight.. Come in. Please sit down. My letter!! My mother’s letter. 20 years ago she got leprosy.. She was scared that I
Too would contact it. That is why she left me then. In the hope of meeting her while
treating some patients.. ..I became a doctor. No. Where are you going? I.. Come in, please. Come. Let me see your..
– No. Don’t touch me or you
Too will get it! No. No. I’m a doctor who treats it.
Nothing will happen to me. Show me your hands.. Since when have you had this? Since you were so tiny.. ..I mean, for the past twenty years. Twenty years ago you must
have been small.. Yes! Are you married?
– No. Why? Didn’t you like anybody? No. I’ll be seeing one this evening. I have approved the new plan.. Now it depends on them what
they think. I think the construction.. Did you send for me?
– Yes, son. Major Verma’s daughter has
returned from London. I want you to see her before
You leave for work. If you approve of her, I’ll
settle your marriage. Ok. This is my daughter, Preeti..
And this is.. – Greetings. You?
– Yes. Did you know him? Yes mother. He’s the smuggler!
– What nonsense! I’m telling you the truth.
He’s very dangerous. He posed as an inspector that
Day for the diamonds. And today, he’s here in the garb
of an inspector to take me. Listen to me..
– Don’t move, or else! What are you doing?
What if it goes off? If he tries something
it is sure to go off. You’re misunderstanding me..
– Don’t move or else I’ll shoot! What is all this? Daddy? No, mother.. daddy.. He is the same man I told you about. You’re out of mind. You cure others but you should
Get yourself treated. He is Pratap Singh’s Son Inspector
Deepak. I know him very well. If your daughter has this
opinion about me.. it’s better I leave. Listen, listen.. Listen to me. Please
wait for a minute. I’ve unknowingly insulted you. I’m really very sorry. It’s alright. This job is
such that sometimes.. has to bear with insults
to respect this uniform. If you don’t mind, may I ask
something? – Please do. If you’re an inspector
then who was he? That man! We’ll soon find that out. Come in. Please I’m already ashamed. Please
sit. I’ll bring some tea. Come, sit. Come, son. It’s good that this misunderstanding
is cleared. But before I proceed there is
One more misunderstanding.. ..which I feel is
best to be cleared. So that your father shouldn’t feel
that he was kept in the dark. She’s meant more than
a daughter to me. But she is not my daughter.. ..She is the daughter
of a great patriot. Where is he now?
– We don’t know. Many year back his wife came
here and left Preeti with us. We don’t know either his
or her whereabouts. We will search for them. This happened long ago.
I wonder if they are alive. His name was Dinanath. Are you referring to Dinanath
– The Teacher? Did you know him?
– I do know him. He is alive and is in this City. What are you saying! My father is alive! Where is he? Where does he live? Bharatnagar. Greetings Mr. Dinanath.
– Greetings. Don’t you recognise me? I am.. Major Verma!
– Yes, yes. Come in please. Come in, come, in. – Come, in.
– Come inside, sit. Come, sit. How did you think of me
after so many years. Your daughter is to be married
And we are here. My daughter’s marriage! It is the father who gives
away his daughter. But I don’t have that good fortune. My daughter died twenty years ago.
Don’t play this joke on me. It’s your destiny that played
a cruel joke on you. By keeping your daughter
away from you. But your daughter is alive and
is sitting in front of you. What?
– Yes. She is your daughter ! Twenty years ago your wife.. ..left your daughter in our house. My daughter! Daughter! My daughter. – Daddy.. My daughter.
– Daddy.. How did you find my address. Deepak had come to ask for your
daughter’s hand in marriage. We said that we had
only brought her up.. reality she is
Dinanath’s daughter. On hearing your name he told us
that you reside in this city. Daughter-in-law?
– Yes? She is your sister-in-law. She is my daughter whom I have
joined after many years. What? Go, meet your sister-in-law. I am very happy to meet you. Where is my brother? My dear he is no.. On the contrary he too like
you is very much alive. What are you saying?
– Yes. I have seen him in this city
with your daughter-in-law. Is it true? Well..
– I don’t know anything. If she claims so, then ask her. that if he is alive then isn’t she
allowing that wound on head to heal. Why is she treating it as a mark
to show she isn’t a widow. If he is alive, nothing could
make me happier than that. But believe me when he
returns it won’t be I.. ..but the law which will
have a right over him. Hello? Sher Singh speaking. We’ve made
a mistake by killing Don. I am going to inform the police.
Are you coming with me? What nonsense! Stay there.
I am coming! What nonsense are you talking
over the telephone? What’s wrong with you. Don, you? – Hello. He was not talking nonsense.
We made him do that. But you.. You bastard! You gave me fake gold and.. ..placed a bomb in the
helicopter to kill us.. You bloody bastard, you bloody
fool, what have you done? Clean it. – I’m sorry, I’m very,
very sorry. – Clean it so well.. ..that your face can
be seen in this. Come on, you bastard! We’ve already taken 25,00,000
from Shersingh. Give us the remaining
25,00,000 right now.. How can I give so much. . arrange for such a big amount
in such less time. Give me time till evening. And by then if you
don’t arrange.. then we’ll make arrangement
for them. Okay, you see to it. How’ll we arrange for
it till evening? There is no need for it.. I’ve.. ..fixed a transmitter
beneath his shoe. What purpose will that serve? Time will tell. Let’s go. Driver, Plaza Hotel. Taxi, wait. Wait. Fast! Fast! Follow that.. that cab! Yes? My husband Raju has called me here. Okay. Come in. You’ve come!
– But your father followed me here. Father? Here? Oh my God!
What will happen now? Yes send that file number 23
to the head office. I’ll look after that afterwards. Daughter-in-law? Father..
– It’s you.. Master, Please sit down.. Son.. you people
When did you come here? A little while ago. “We are not white..
We may be black..” “We may be dancer and singer..” “We are not white..
We may be black..” “We may be dancer and singer..” “There’s no one like you.. “There is no one like us..” “There’s no one like you.. “There is no one like us..” “We are not white..
We may be black..” “We may be..” “There’s no one like you.. “There is no one like us..” “There’s no one like you.. “There is no one like us..” “We know everything and its
whereabouts. Believe us..” “We know everything and its
whereabouts. Believe us..” “We’ve kept an eye on everyone.
You should know” “We may be the gay
ones lost in fun..” “We may be dancer and singer..” “There’s no one like you.. “There is no one like us..” And his face.. Master Dinanath! Who is he?
– So he lied to me.. What? Let’s go. You lied to me.. Dinanath is alive.. What! “Awesome is our love and youth” “Awesome is our love and youth” “A thousand of our stories
remained around it. “Lips may be sealed with silence..” “We may be dancer and singer..” “There’s no one like you.. “There is no one like us..” Hi Guys! Come on! “Deceit, glamour and show are
the ways of this place. “Deceit, glamour and show are
the ways of this place. “Outside, the streets of this city
are sealed by the dark side of life” “There may be heart-warming
brightness inside..” “We may be dancer and singer..” “There’s no one like you.. “There is no one like us..” “There is no one like us..” “There is no one like us..” Good show. – Thank you.
– Congratulations! Thank you.
– Come to the office. Let’s have a drink and
collect your cheques. Sorry, sorry, sorry.
My compliments to you. That was a very nice show.
– Yes yes yes thank you. Your public show was a super hit But your private show lacked luster. I don’t understand what
you are saying.. You will. Look at this get up. You must have
worked hard on this disguise. But one thing gave everything away.. Don’t look at one another.. Take a look at the sole
of your right shoe You bastard!
– Hold it! You tried to polish your shoes
more than necessary.. It should reflect your face. I also wanted the same thing
Raju. To see such a face. Till my man doesn’t retrieve
the money from your room.. are my guests. Sher Singh! Your son saw me.
He is following me. You bloody idiot!
Why did you come here? Do something or we’ll all die. All? All won’t die. Only one will die.
– Who? Get up you son of a bitch! You too get up. Get up! What did you do? This was the first scene of our
play and the second one is.. Is This! What is happening here? Good – You came in time else this
Negro would have killed me.. And that other Negro.. All that later.
I’ve to just catch Raju. Asha! Let’s go! Father! I am very happy to see you, son. But you’ve escaped from the law.. Father.. Inspector, your prisoner.. I’ve to arrest you. Why are you being adamant? No one is eating food! If you quit eating food,
is he going to return? Till he doesn’t come home.. I swear by him that
I shall consider it.. ..a sin to eat a single morsel.
– Sister-in-law! What are you saying?
Take back your words! Don’t you know that remaining
hungry is not good.. ..for you in this state. What will happen if I remain
hungry? I’ll only loose my child. You are worried about your grandson
who is yet to be born. And your son who is
very much alive.. ..doesn’t get a bit
of your consideration My silence doesn’t mean that.. ..I am not missing my son. Your silence can only lead
my husband to the gallows. You must furnish proof
of his innocence. Just as crime leaves a trail.. ..likewise there is definite
proof of innocence, too. If you are innocent then there
should be proof for it.. Tell me. I will go and will
risk my life to get it.. ..tell me, my son.. No father I’ve to go in order
to obtain it and not you.. There is a place where you can’t go! If only I could get
away for sometime. Father.. will you help me? Will you lend me your
attire for 24 hours? My Attire?
– Yes. But how? See this.. I swear on you father that
if I don’t get the proof.. ..within 24 hours,
I will return here. What are you saying?.. I am right.. I’ve murdered Shersingh.. And the one you have arrested
is absolutely innocent.. Do you know that your testimony
could lead you to the gallows! Yes I know.. And the same Testimony could
save an innocent’s life. May I see that innocent
man for some time. But.. I beg of you..
Just for some time. Alright! Take her to cell number 14. Listen..
– Yes? Did you meet him?
-Yes, thank you.. A great man’s son can’t
murder anyone. Listen.. Let me take these false
accusation on me .. Years ago I tried to
kill this scoundrel.. But I wasn’t successful.. But this time I can
be easily accused. Now it makes no difference
whether I live or die.. Inspite of being married
I cannot face my husband. I can only see him from a distance. That is because I am leper. Instead of living such a
life it is better to die! If not for yourself think
about your family. You don’t know that she has
quit eating food and.. Bharti! Bharti! Bharti!
– No. Don’t touch me.. I have got leprosy. For you I won’t even shun death. It was you, that night.. who
came to take the chain? Yes.. Where were you? Bharti! Bharti! Bharti! No! You cannot go like this.
I won’t let you go.. What kind of a meeting is this? You gave me a moment’s happiness.
I won’t let you go like this.. Bharti! Bharti! Bharti! What sort of a prison is this? What sort of a jail is this? Your law can handcuff.. ..this body and make
it a captive here. Is there a handcuff which could
stop my wife’s soul from going? Is there any such handcuff
which.. could.. Let me get Dinanath just once.
Then his son is sure to follow. Go to Bharat nagar and
bring Dinanath here.. If not for yourself then eat.. ..for the one who is
being reared in.. ..your womb. I’ve told you several times.. ..that till he doesn’t
return I shall.. ..not eat. So it is this.. Alright.. then.. Here is your Raju.. Go, see who is it? They have come to catch us!
– What happened who are these people? Come with us! – Who are you! Leave him.
Where are you taking him? She is expecting and the
poor girl is hurt.. An old man like you is making
A fuss like a young lad.. Get in! Hey, move you Bengali! I am still alive.. Ghosh! – Where are you taking him? Move away we else we shall
cut you to pieces. I’m the son of Bengal. Born in the land of the
Great Subhash Chandra. I’ll get cut to pieces. But from each piece only one
voice will be heard.. Hail Motherland! No enemy has still been able to cross
the border to come into our country.. ..and if he comes in
he would not go out. Sham Sher Singh! In our presence how can
you take him away? Drive it on him.
– Come on! Faster! Hail God! Where are you taking him? Here is Ali’s Gulam (Slave)
Gulam Ali standing.. If you move ahead I will
break your neck.. Hail God! When my other brothers did not
allow you to go how then will I? Hail Mother Kali! The Great Guru’s ‘Khalsa’! Hail Ali! Hail Lord Tirupati! Hail Mr. Ghosh! Hail Mr. Ghosh! Hail Mr. Ghosh! Long live Shersingh. Long live Gulam Ali.. Come out! Break the enemies’ spine! – Hail! With the four of us around how can
these people take you away.. What was the need to shed
your blood for me? And what was the need to .. ..risk your life to
some one’s wives? You’ve saved not only our
wives but our honour too.. Else what could we have
answered to the Lord? I never bow my head.. ..except in front of the Lord. But today I bow to you.. You are not a human being
but an Angel of Mercy.. They bow not to you
but to your attire. Which you have borrowed.. Let its respect remain.. Master! I am sorry to have interrupted
your entertainment.. Wonderful! You not only teach but also perform. You sent some dogs after me.. I’ve brought them in this van.. I think you don’t feed
them enough of bones.. They all are very weak! Now I will. I shall break your and your
son’s bones and feed them.. What are you waiting for?
– For your son Raju? There is no need to wait.. Both father and son are very much.. ..on this ground, below this roof. Whom do you wish to meet? Dinanath? Or his son? Kill him! Save me, save me! You! Master?
– Yes, master. I’ve come from the jail
to pay some old debts. Where are you going!
– No Raju wait! He is mine! I have to clear
my accounts with him. Remember how you separated
my wife and daughter from me! The same way I’ll separate each and
every part of your body from you! These hands destroyed my home.
Let them be destroyed today. Mercy.. Have mercy on me.. Mercy on you? Because of whom my
wife lived the life of a leper. I should have mercy on you.. Forgive me..
-Ask that lady for forgiveness.. Ask forgiveness from that lady.. Who could not claim to be a wife
inspite of being married.. She could not love her children.. Ask that goddess for Mercy
who is no more.. Enough please.. I beg at your feet.. I beg for your forgiveness.. Forgive me. For the sake of
that goddess let me go.. That lady whose life you ruined.
Whose death you caused.. Beg for her sake. You are
begging for your life.. Shame on you! Father! Father! Father! Hands up, father! You have been saying this
since childhood.. What have you done? I am the sinner. I should
have been shot. I should have been killed.. No my son.. It is the son who carried
the father’s coffin.. The father doesn’t carry
the son’s coffin.. Blinded by sins that I have
committed, I’ve lost my way.. Now when I wish to mend my ways.. accordance with your wishes.. You are leaving me and going away.. Who said I am going.. Only my body will go.. I am leaving my soul
behind with you.. My son who was for many years
lost in the darkness of sin.. I could find him today in
the brightness of truth.. Master?
– Son.. There are millions like my
son who have gone astray.. In this world.. Lead them to the right path.. Your mother died of leprosy.. Don’t let our motherland
be diseased.. The people who cause it.. away with those traitors.. Kill those traitors. Father!
– O God! – Father! Congratulations.. You’ve got a baby! After 5 years of imprisonment! A new Raju has returned
to Bharat nagar.. He is your father.. Father! Father. Greetings! You remind us of your father.. You idiot! Mr. Ghosh! – May you be happy.. As a child I too had once
picked someone’s purse.. Where did that one step lead me to? And today my son too.. You dropped your purse.. Well done my boy.. Who says you are no more.. Patriots never die.. They become immortal.. You are born again.. In my house. Look here. “My compatriots..” “Love one another My Compatriots..” “My compatriots..” “Love one another my compatriots.”


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