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Debunking the Bower & Chorley Story: why Crop Circles aren’t all Hoaxes

December 2, 2019

There are many people hoaxing crop circles today, but two artists from Hampshire,
England are the only ones who claim to have been making them in the late 70s and 80s. In the early 1990s, Doug Bower and David Chorley told a
British paper that they started the phenomenon in 1978, and made every formation found in the next nine years. But though the media bought the story,
the men’s claims do not stand up to scrutiny: here’s why Bower and Chorley could not possibly
have made all the circles they took credit for, and why hundreds of formations around
the world are still left unexplained. 1990 was a big year in circle research, or cereology. The formations in southern England –
where most of the world’s circles appeared – increased in size and complexity,
and researchers made a number of important firsts: pioneers such as Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews
had just published the first books on circles, and John Michell founded the first journal. Meteorologist Terrence Meaden also published a book,
and organized the world’s first circle conference. The phenomenon made news around the world,
and was presented as a compelling mystery. Viewed from the ground,
real formations had a number of key features that seemed unlikely to occur in circles
made by strictly mechanical means: stalks that were bent at the ground, not broken,
and curved with the flow of the lay. Scientists had just discovered that flattened
plants had elongated growth nodes that were often blown open from inside,
and some plants were also found superficially charred. These features indicated the use of a “fierce and quick”
heat, but there was no evidence of a human presence: no footprints in formations, even on wet and muddy
ground, and no paths of trampled crop in the field. Nevertheless, in early September, 1991, two artists
from Hampshire, England told the London paper, Today, that they had hoaxed the whole phenomenon
by laying crop with wooden boards. Inspired by the famous Australian
“Saucer Nest” of 1966, Doug Bower said that in 1978, he convinced
David Chorley, his drinking buddy, to fake a UFO landing site near Cheesefoot Head,
a natural amphitheatre in Hampshire. The men said they made at least ten more
that summer, and 25 – 30 a year from then on: all of those before 1987, and many after, though
there were other hoaxers making circles then as well. After the boom in cereological
research in the early 1990s, they felt that the joke had gone too far, and told Today. The paper had the men create an elaborate
insect-like formation in a field of wheat, then invited Delgado to inspect it, as if they’d found it. Soon after Delgado said that he was
impressed with his preliminary tests, Bower and Chorley appeared from behind the bushes. That afternoon, they went to Delgado’s house,
where they were joined by Colin Andrews, and made their case for having
invented the crop circle phenomenon. Andrews did not accept their story,
but Delgado agreed that he’d been fooled, and stated plainly that the crop
circle mystery had been solved. The breaking story was published
the next morning, September 9th, while Bower and Chorley made a circle for the cameras,
and gave interviews for TV in the afternoon. Bower: Well how on Earth intelligent people of that sort,
professors, et cetera, can just walk into a cornfield and see some flattened corn,
and make all this out of it over the years. I mean we’re as standard as anyone else. Chorley: We used to laugh, we used to
talk to each other when we’re doing this, but all it is is flattened corn. If you walk in you
flattened it, the only difference was the shapes. Narrator: Today published two more
articles in the next two days, and newspapers, radio stations, and TV news
programs shared the story around the world. It was impossible to miss the news that week:
the circles had been debunked. But cereologists disagreed,
and there was some debate in the media. Science Editor: Well, it may be that they’re, that
the hoax is, not that they made the corn circles, but in fact they didn’t make the corn circles. We just don’t know at this stage whether they
can make circles in the way they say or not. One thing though is sure: that some of the circles, I think, they’d find it very difficult to
explain how they did make them. Narrator: When Andrews first met
the duo at Delgado’s house, he asked them how they made the
formation pictured on the cover of his book, Circular Evidence, which had a ring
of crops laid radially outwards. Although they initially said that they’d made that circle, Andrews claimed that Bower and Chorley
just looked at each other in silence, then admitted that they hadn’t. However, the Today reporter made no mention of this. Delgado changed his mind on Bower
and Chorley the following day. Delgado: I’m waiting for some hard evidence.
I want to see them do what they claim they have done in front of me,
in front of television cameras for all the world to see that their claims are untrue. Narrator: He and Andrews showed that the duo’s
demonstration circle was riddled with signs of fakery, including broken stalks and a dishevelled floor lay. Cereologists continued to challenge the men’s
claims in their later media appearances: in a debate with Bower on
BBC Radio 1, George Wingfield, founding member of the Center for Crop
Circle Studies, accused the men of lying, and revealed that Bower was known in the circle
community since at least the summer of 1987. In a later debate, Wingfield
suggested that Bower and Chorley were hired by the UK government to provide
a public resolution to the crop circle mystery. Whether this was true or not, the men’s story
did afford some resolution, if only in the media. Within a year, the narrative was presented as fact, and
those who doubted it were increasingly marginalized. Still, when Bower presented his case with skeptic
Ken Brown at a public meeting in Marlborough in 1993, the audience was very eager to debate. Audience Member: So you could have quite easily
have seen the circles just like everybody else. Say you went up there on one of your
jobs to do painting, or whatever, and you saw it so you took a photograph.
Doesn’t prove you made it, that’s the point. Ken Brown (offscreen): No, that’s true.
No, doesn’t prove you made it. Audience Member: I don’t know how many
people have tried to a piece of wheat at the node. How did you manage to bend the stalks? Audience Member: I went into that circle, I spent six
hours on my hands and knees looking for imprints. There was absolutely not one single footprint. Audience Member: No mention is made of any
of the curious luminosities or the strange effects on cameras, on batteries, and so on which have
been very widely reported. (audience applause) Or are we expected to dismiss everything that farmers
have said about circles having appeared before? Audience Member: We’ve been shown,
and I’m sure Steve everybody here tonight, very little proof of anything that you’ve done. Why have you never taken a photograph
of halfway through a formation? Brown: The evidence is there.
I saw it there I saw it there. I saw… Audience Responder (offscreen): There is no evidence Brown: Alright, well, all these, let me call it stuff then.
All this stuff that you see… Audience Member: But what about
all the money the police work had spent? Take personally to Collin Andrews and the rest of them? You maliciously led them astray.
You maliciously let them spend money. Bower (offscreen, sarcastic):
Oh, my heart bleeds for them. Audience Member: No, but it’s true.
That cost a lot of money. Bower: It’s not us who conned the world
as the Today headline stated. We fooled the world, yes, but we didn’t con them.
We conned them out of nothing. Audience Member: You’re a vandal! You have maliciously vandalized
hundreds of acres of farmers fields. Narrator: Chorley stopped doing
interviews in 1992, and died in 96, but Bower gave sporadic talks and
demonstrations into the mid 2000s. He died in 2018. It was a hit with the media, but Bower and Chorley’s
story rests on scant and shaky evidence, and contradicts a number of known facts. On his website, Men Who Conned the World, Terry Wilson offers a exhaustive
debunking of the Bower and Chorley story – the following analysis owes heavily to his work. Bower and Chorley gave multiple demonstrations
of their circle-making skills in 1991 and 2, and Bower gave several more alone after that. In all demonstrations, they proved to be crude
workmen with highly underdeveloped techniques, and they invariably failed to reproduce
the quality of work in genuine circles. Viewed up close, the plants in their creations
looked nothing like the ones found in real formations: they were broken at the base, not bent,
and they had no stretched nodes or burn marks. They were also piled up in bunches, and not flattened
to the ground, or curved with the flow of the lay. Neither of the men explained how they were able
to achieve these effects in their previous circles. Their first public creation –
an aborted attempt at an insectogram – had a connecting rod that was
misaligned with the centres of the circles. In 1992, a former BBC producer named
John MacNish watched Bower and Chorley make a larger formation at East Meon, Hampshire,
and said that they made lots of mistakes: Bower laid the connecting line before the second circle, and stopped where he wanted it to meet the circle’s
outer edge, instead of continuing to the centre. Then he simply guessed where to lay the
second circle, and started it off centre. The three satellite circles were also misaligned. Rather than measuring the required angles, Bower simply placed a wooden cross
at the centre of the large circle and guessed at where the tips were pointing. Bower made circles on his own for Schofield’s Quest
in 1994, then twice for BBC’s Countryfile in 1998 and 9. In his second appearance, he attempted to
recreate a simple circle found 10 years prior. Apparently confusing the diameter with the radius, Bower made the circle twice as large
as it should have been, then gave up, asking another team of hoaxers on set – including
John Lundberg of the Circlemakers – to finish the job. Reporter: Well, the big problem is
as you can see that it’s got light. I think what we’ve got to do is get
some help from the next generation. How about it lads? You gonna give us a hand? Circlemaker: Finish flattening this?
Reporter: I’m begging. Circlemaker: Yeah, why not?
Reporter: I’m exhausted. Bower: The biggest laugh of the century this is. Narrator: In the time it took Bower to lay a single circle, the hoaxers – all of whom had only
learned the craft in the early 1990s – made this complex formation, and finished with
enough time to help Bower after they were done. For all of their claimed experience, Bower and
Chorley made a lot of very amateur mistakes, and were outperformed by relative rookies. As proof of their past creations, Bower and Chorley relied heavily on what they
alleged were the plans from previous circles. However, only one of the diagrams they showed to
journalists matched the corresponding formation, or reflected an awareness of its geometry. Others were crude approximations, at best. In this drawing of the quintuplet at Cheesefoot Head,
the central circle is much too large, and the peripheral ones too close together. The circles in this sketch don’t make an equilateral
triangle as they did in the formation at Corhampton. Bower’s painting of the East Meon
formation had a much larger central circle, much smaller terminal ones,
and an inverted arc on the “Indalo” figure. Some of Bower’s diagrams appear to be based
on aerial photos of pre-existing formations. Bower’s painting of the world’s first pictogram
in 1990 is off the mark in many ways, but it includes a connection between
the smaller circle and the central path. From the ground, it was clear that
there was no connection there, but in photos, the tram lines running down the
centre of the formation make it look as if there were. Why would Bower have included this illusory connection
if he made the formation, and knew it wasn’t there? Clearly, he was working from a
photo of someone else’s work. Other evidence seems only to have been
contrived for photo ops and talking points, like the strange cut-out model of a 1991 insectogram,
or Bower’s hoaxing hat, both pictured in Today. Bower claimed that a ring suspended from
his brim helped him keep straight in the field, but the ring would move in whatever
direction he turned his head, so looking through it would be no different
than simply looking straight ahead. It’s telling that no working hoaxers use the same tool, not least because it would be
impossible to see through it in the night. The men’s only convincing evidence were six photos
of a formation previously unknown to cereologists, supposedly taken in 1980, but not unveiled until 1993. Bower also displayed four new photos that he claimed
showed known circles at Westbury that same year. Strangely, the men never once mentioned these
photos in their first two years in the public eye, and never thought to show them as evidence
as they made their case on television. But even if the photos are authentic, they don’t prove that the duo actually
made the circles they depict: at best, it proves they visited them. Wilson has also shown that Bower’s
Westbury photos weren’t taken in 1980, and depict a different set of circles in the same field. However one judges the evidence in its favour, Bower and Chorley’s narrative clashes
with a number of established facts. First among them is the fact that the circle phenomenon
was already at least a century old by 1978. In his book, The Secret History of Crop Circles, Wilson has identified nearly 300 reports
of circles before this pivotal year. Though they were not widely publicized, people had
been finding and photographing circles in Europe, Australia, and North America throughout
the 1960s, and finds made local news. Eventually, the duo and their supporters
were forced to acknowledge this, after repeatedly denying that there had been
circles in England before their first one in 1978. At the meetings in Marlborough and London, Bower claimed with Brown that he and
Chorley started making circles before 1976. After this, however, Bower went right back to
claiming he began in 1978, but other key supporters, including Brown and Lundberg, continued to insist
that the men started more than two years earlier. Bower and Chorley were also wrong about
how the circles got the attention of the media. They claimed that the first time they made a
circle in the amphitheatre at Cheesefoot Head, Delgado found it, and they said that
it made the news within 24 hours. However, Delgado has always been clear about visiting
his first formation – a triplet set – a year later in 1981, and it was two weeks after this
before the first major media reports. Whatever the true timeline of events, it’s clear that
the circles were there long before Bower and Chorley. The men’s stories are riddled with
other inaccuracies and contradictions. For example, Bower has repeatedly claimed that he
and Chorley made their first circles with an iron bar he took from his studio doors, and once he
said he used this bar for the first two years. However, when he appeared in the
Circlespeak documentary in 2001, Bower claimed that he made every circle
since 1978 with the same wooden board. Bower: That’s the one we started with. 1978, that stick. Narrator: Doug and his wife Ilene have come
up with several different stories to explain how she discovered his hobby and
how she first confronted him about it. The men also gave six different reasons for why
they decided to come to the media when they did. To explain how he avoided leaving tracks
between detached circles of “grapeshot,” Bower claimed that he simply jumped
between them, and later that he pole-vaulted, despite the fact that both would have
been impossible in most cases. He claimed that he was once hit in
the head and knocked unconscious by a frozen chunk of discharge from an airplane toilet, despite the fact that airplanes don’t
discharge their waste in the air, and that if he’d actually been hit in the head
by falling ice, he’d likely have been killed. After critics pointed this out to him, Bower changed his story to say that the
discharge was melted when it hit him. Clearly, not all these stories can be true.
He was lying some of the time, at least. It’s clear that most of Bower and
Chorley’s knowledge was derived from Delgado and Andrews’ Circular Evidence, one of the only books on crop
circles available at the time. For example, Bower said that
he made his first circle in 1978 – the first formation to appear in the book’s catalogue – and that it was a single circle,
as the book’s photo would suggest. However, the accompanying description clearly
states that there were four satellite circles, and that the farmhand had found
a circle there two years prior. And yet, Bower and Chorley maintained that
they only started making satellite circles in 1983 as a way of confounding Dr. Meaden. Bower also claimed that he made the
first formation of 1989 in mid June, while remarking that it was a lull year for circles. Because no books at the time gave
detailed coverage of the 1989 season, it would have appeared to laypeople that
this was indeed a slow year for circles. However, there were nearly 100 circles in May alone, and at least 3 in June before Bower’s – they just
weren’t discussed in the news, or the popular literature. It’s clear that Bower did not have any inside knowledge
of the circles beyond what he gleaned from books, talks, and a little bit of research. Bower and Chorley were poor
circle-makers who rested their case on little more than some crudely faked
plans and a few unremarkable photos. They also made a staggering number of
inaccurate and contradictory statements, and failed to explain how circles had been
found before they started making them. Though it’s possible that Bower and Chorley
made some of the English circles before 1991, it’s clear that they were not the
inventors of the phenomenon. This means that there are hundreds, if not thousands of
formations all over the world still left unaccounted for. It’s likely that Bower and Chorley
only contrived their story in order to claim a ₤10,000 prize offered by the
Sunday Mirror, for which they were rejected. However, the men confessed to first offering the story to
the Daily Mirror, the daily version of the Sunday Mirror, and to collecting ₤3000 each
from later media appearances. Some cereologists, however, still believe that
money may have come from other sources. Despite facing accusations of fraud and conspiracy, Bower and Chorley stuck to their account
of events for the rest of their lives. Whether they were paid shills,
fortune seekers, or practical jokers, there’s no denying that they
successfully conned the world. (Sources listed in the video description.)


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    Doug and Dave were a fraud. This is the real thing

  • Reply Red Collie Returns January 14, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Fake news media this is the real thing

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    Destroying crops…should go to jail

  • Reply Vukan Simic January 21, 2019 at 1:12 am

    Excellent video, excellent channel!

  • Reply P C January 25, 2019 at 6:18 am

    I do appreciate the crop circle videos. Makes me think.

  • Reply Diabetic Alien January 26, 2019 at 9:22 pm

    I refuse to believe we know all there is to know about our world, and universe. There is so much still unknown about several phenomena around the world, and I applaud you for making this video.

  • Reply Arcturus February 1, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    Most of these circles appear in areas close to Stonehenge.

  • Reply Johnny Begood February 3, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    I wonder how much they got paid to persuade others of the supposed non existence of alien messages.

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    Well Done Sir!!
    My new favorite in depth fringe topics channel!! Really happy to have stumbled upon your channel!

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    This is very professionally done and very informative. You're voice is clear and concise.

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    what a pair of twats

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    Thank you for this information.
    I wish I had access to a book with pictures of 1000's of circles. There must be a Rosetta Stone within the real as opposed to faked circles.
    It's either a mathematical language or a lesson book regarding "something".
    But to pay men to say they faked it all, to convince men to sully their reputation seems weak.
    These guys were admitted drinking buddies. 3000,(though they didn't win it) pounds was a lot of money!
    The later payment for interviews was a greater inducement to continue lying.
    Sadly they fakes. Sadly they've become leaders to other "pranksters".
    But— the truth will come out. 5here will eventually be a day of reckoning, but we'll forget the fakes when the Actual truth comes out.

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    Why would anyone trust 2 liars? Not just any liars. But 2 liars that claimed to have put a lot of energy into lying to everyone on planet Earth. These are self proclaimed liars, meaning they fully embrace it. Literally the last type of human I would trust the word of.

  • Reply Tru Keesey February 23, 2019 at 7:02 am

    An intel pro from North Carolina used to publish a newsletter while he was alive, his name escapes memory for the moment. Nord somethin. Nord Davis I think.

    He said that the circles were done with Tesla scalar devices. Also that plane shot down off of New York out over the ocean was done with a soviet scalar device.

  • Reply Paa Hawkins February 23, 2019 at 10:29 pm

    The two liars are dead. The Crop Formations are not. The fact humans are so ready to not accept the truth that we are not alone, shows how ignorant and neanderthal this Planet still is in the large scale of existence.

  • Reply fergal farrelly February 24, 2019 at 9:40 am

    Very few crop circles are ufo made. The ones that look like art are just guys like grafiti artists. Here in Saskatchewan canada a man saw the ufos then they left just some small circular depressions and not in the crop but right on the edge of a prarie pot hole wich is like a pond.

  • Reply mars laredo February 24, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    Crop Circles Are No Hoax, Concludes Historian After Studying Google Earth's New 1945 Overlay–no-hoax-historian-google-earth-new-1945-overlay_n_2572524.html

  • Reply sergio patrik February 24, 2019 at 7:43 pm

    Duvido alguem fazer um crop circle com paus e cordas dobrando o caule sem as plantas morrerem

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    They are made using microwave weapons that are satellite based.

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    Personally, I do not take kindly to anyone trampling my crops… with a little luck, my perimeter denial system will soon settle the question of just who are the crop tramplers.

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    Aren't those guys a little old for pranks like this?

  • Reply Gary Davis March 5, 2019 at 10:39 am

    Bower and Chorley proved that you were wrong to follow it (at) all.
    So-called Crop Circle "experts" said that it was impossible for the circles to have been made by anything other than a landed craft.
    Yet the BBC FILMED it, and the 'cereologists' proved that they had not one clue about REAL physical science.
    Incidentally, they would not have needed to leave 'footprints' in the fields: all they need do was walk in one of the tracks to their chosen spot, and — Voila!

  • Reply Todd Levine March 7, 2019 at 2:52 am

    Both Doug and Dave give new meaning to he term “circle jerk”. Cheers!

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    The guy doing it doesn't do the complex paterns. His circles are broken not bend

  • Reply Frank McGuire March 7, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    EMF and DEW technologies.

  • Reply Dana Berg March 13, 2019 at 3:58 am

    I once saw a UFO/Aliens related documentary involving Crop Circles. One in the US was shown . No plants ever grow inside the area in which the circle was. Circles that leave a permanent imprint like that debunk the idea that Crop Circles are just made by people like Doug Bower and David Chorley. I've noticed the Sceptics with their hack ideas never talk about those types of circles either.

  • Reply JIMMMY_ MACK March 21, 2019 at 3:18 pm ok whats this then

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    "Doug and Dave" look like ex military to me, doing a favor for their queen and elite puppeteers.

  • Reply CHRIS FERRETT March 25, 2019 at 10:57 am

    What a joke to waste time on them as creators of such intricate works, they were stummped with a basic design. Anyone who looks at the intricate circles just go wowo , no way they are done by chumps with a few planks. Id bet my house on it.

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    This video is like pissing on the grave of Doug who only passed away less than 6 months ago, you should be ashamed.
    They were the artists behind crop circles. And you make this video full of lies.

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    wrong. crop circles are never on the news, why? the first crop circles were in the 80's. those men would be in their 60's.theres too many crop circles for these guys to go to many countries. they would be on planes half their lives. this would be a full time could they hold on to their jobs? traveling in planes all the time would be pretty expensive.

    why do they make these only at night.? since people think these are man made, why not just make them during the day time as well?

    also, why would they do this for free? what is their motivation?

  • Reply og jenny April 24, 2019 at 12:51 am

    if these were man made, they'd be Rollin in the dough. and why would they make them only at night?they prolly know that we know they're making them, why not just do this during the day. they'd have to spend a lot of time traveling to a lot in planes and sleeping in hotels. thats expensive! how could they hold down a Frick in job? since the first crop circles started in 1980.those guys would be in their 60' think a 60 year old would be blowing his retirement money traveling on planes to lots of countries making these just for the hell of it? whoever thinks they are man made needs to get some common sense

  • Reply Chickadee April 25, 2019 at 11:09 pm

    They are calling wheat corn. At least get the crop right.

  • Reply Chickadee April 25, 2019 at 11:11 pm

    They are calling wheat plants corn. At least get the crop right.

  • Reply Scar Man April 26, 2019 at 11:13 pm

    This is a great video, but the title is misleading. The argument in the video simply concludes that Bower and Chorley’s claim that they were responsible for all of the crop circles is incorrect. The video does not argue (or at least not in depth) that some crop circles could not have been hoaxes.

  • Reply antony kulik May 7, 2019 at 7:49 pm

    You really have to be a complete idiot if you think the complicated patterns created all around the world by humans. Unless we spent billions of dollars to create a satellite with the purpose of creating complicated mathematical designs , we didn't do it

  • Reply antony kulik May 7, 2019 at 7:57 pm

    The end of their stupidity and lies …good riddance to their bullshit …..BURY THEM IN A HOME MADE CROP CIRCLE

  • Reply Oumaumau May 16, 2019 at 9:08 am

    The first circle I sat in was in 1981, near the Long Man of Wilmington, East Sussex. The main thing that struck me about it, was the way in which the ripened Wheat, had been woven into a pattern similar to Celtic Knot-work. I was convinced they were the inspiration for them. There is no way such an elaborate pattern, could have been achieved with a plank of wood.

  • Reply Jim The Raspberry June 29, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    All crop circles are man made, no question. However, the same reason you don’t know the names of the best makers is the same reason you don’t know the names of the best gangsters and criminals. Anonymity reigns supreme, especially when one of the absolute best in crop manipulation was a very well respected semi-public figure.

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    youtube videos that take advantage of incredibly stupid basement dwelling UFO hunters should be banned for harming the mentally disabled.

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    Humans: This crop circle surely was not made at the hands of any person!
    Alien: It's fun watching them argue with each other about the true origins of my masterpiece.

  • Reply Paul Fahy August 5, 2019 at 2:37 am

    No way two old gezzers from down the pub made all those crop circles , especially all those complex designs , also those other two dickheads that came forward in the early 2000s were full of shit aswell , when asked two draw the designs on a piece of paper they couldn't do it , so how the hell could they do it on a large scale in the middle of a field in the dark , no fucking way , especially the complicated ones !!

  • Reply Rory O'Donnell September 3, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    I agree 100%. Idiots

  • Reply Rory O'Donnell September 3, 2019 at 7:26 pm


  • Reply Rory O'Donnell September 3, 2019 at 7:35 pm

    An alien had a poo on Chorley from a great height

  • Reply Arizona Sunflowers October 5, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    These men have been dead for years, apart from all the reasons they could NOT have done all these crop circles.

  • Reply MagicN9ne October 14, 2019 at 3:10 am

    There's a video of an orb creating a crop circle that you can find here on YouTube

  • Reply fergal farrelly October 26, 2019 at 12:27 am

    Theres graffiti style artists that make the in England and very rarely there are ufos that land and make small impessions in fields. No art work. The Saskatchewan farmer that saw disks in his field walked right up to the disks.

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