CyberLink PhotoDirector | How to Use Layer Editing & Express Templates

October 5, 2019

Use Layer Editing & Express Templates In this tutorial we will show you how to combine images with layer editing tools. Go to the Layers tab and drag the cat image on top of the background image. Click on the Select area tool and choose the Smart selection brush. Select the area you want to remove. Change the brush mode to “Substract from selection” if you need to deselect some of the areas. Click on the Refine tool and then brush the edges of the removed area to fine tune it as required. Right click on the layer, select Create Layer Mask>From Transparency. With the Pick and move tool, you can resize and reposition your object. Select the background layer and click on the Blur tool to apply blur effect. Click on Add new layer icon and select Add Express Template. Express templates are pre-designed layer projects you can use to quickly create creative photo composites. You can simply apply and then resize the design template to fit your image.

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