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Cutting Hole in Tile: Dremel Trio (Discontinued Product)

November 18, 2019

cutting a hole through wall tile traditional methods for cutting holes
through tile including the use of whole whole saws can be costly and time-consuming
for this project will be using a dremel trio and the wall tile cutting that
number TR562 cutting wall tile backer board plaster
and cement board is easy with the dremel trio after marking the whole center point we
used a template to mark its circumference carefully secure your child’s hand and a best tile saw
forty five-degree angle plunge your trio into the trial plunging at the same old maximize the
cutting surface of the bit steps for faster cuts and will spread where
for longer bit life adjust the death of the tools foot so
that you’re cutting tool extends eighth to a quarter of an inch beyond the
bottom of the tile once you’ve finished your cut you can use the time but to go back and
clean up any rough edges for a nice clean finish dry fit you trial to make sure everything
is flush before applying any adhesive here’s an additional thoughts on cutting
a hole through wall tile to cut larger holes in larger tiles you
may want to consider using the trio tools straight edge circle guide
attachment if you’d like to minimize the mess made
through this process we suggest using the trio tools dust extraction
attachment available separately the tile cutting that is rated for wall
tile is not suitable for floor tile work in a clockwise motion when using
the tile cutting that


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