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Cutout Paper Style in Photoshop CC | Beginner Tutorial

November 11, 2019

Create a new file 2800×2800 70px/inch 8bits CREATE A NEW LAYER STEP 1:
Start with a circle in the middle of your canvas.
1200 x 1200 px Colour: #194759 CREATE A NEW LAYER STEP 2:
Add two other smaller circles. You can add more if you want but for this composition I used 3 cricle Step 3:
Now it is the most important part, the Layer Styles. STEP 3:
Bevel & Emboss
Inner Bevel Smooth
1000 %
Up Size: 1 px
Soften: 0 px
Angle: -90° Altitude: 0°
Color Dodge – white – 100%
Color Burn – black – 50 % STEP 4:
Inner Shadow
Darken – Black – 50% Angle: 90°
Distance: 8px
Choke: 0 Size: 20px
Noise: 5% STEP 5:
Pattern Overlay
Normal 100%
Scale: 25% STEP 6:
ALT + Drag & Drop Fx
to applicate the same layer effect to the 3 circles. Just like that … Add a new layer Step 7:
Now add the pattern to background of the artwork. Besides that I added a Broken heart logo in the center. Circle: 600 x 600 px Add the Broken heart logo:
ALL THE RESSOURCES ARE IN THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION Repeat the same layer style than the circles, Color Overlay
Multiply – white – 100% Drop Shadow
Multiply – Black – 30%
Angle: 90° Distance: 10 px
Spread: 1 %
Size: 10 px Noise: 10 % Add a new layer Now, CTRL + Click on the 1st circle to select it shape * Click on your newest layer
* Click on Mask button THEN,
Select the Brush tool (B) paint half with cyan and the other half with pink. Step 9
Change the Blend Mode to Soft Light, that way it will affect just the shadow and grey tones. You can duplicate all layers and merge them onto a new one, then use Color Burn for the Blend Mode in order to increase the contrast. The outcome will be something simple but yet with some nice contrast.

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  • Reply Travis September 10, 2016 at 5:30 pm

    Hey man, love your videos. One thing, I couldn't find the pattern overlay you have. Could you send it to me?

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