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November 9, 2019

Cut Out Hair in Photoshop CC Tutorial, Select
and Mask Hey, Colin here from PhotoshopCAFE and I’m
really excited about this next tutorial. This is looking at the selection and the masking
space, which is brand new inside of Photoshop CC 2015.5. So one of my favorite features, and I know
one of yours as well, is using the Selection Brush and Refine Edge, so all of that is now
being changed. It’s actually a lot better, it’s easier to make selections, and you can
get better selections and better edges on those selections. It’s great for things like
cutting out hair and difficult objects like that. So, anyway, check out this tutorial.
I know you’re going to love it. All right, here we have a woman that we’re
going to extract from the background. Now, this is not necessarily an easy image even
though it’s a solid color in the background. If you’ll look at the hair, we’ve got curly
hair, and we’ve got a lot of individual flyaway hairs. And I selected this image on purpose
for this reason because one of the things that we’ve always kind of struggled with is
getting good hair selections, you know, when we use the Quick Select and Refine Edge, it
cut things out really well, but it always left a little bit of a glow or a halo around
the edges of the hair and made it really hard to composite without doing a lot of work. So let’s have a look at how we can do it now
in the updated Selections and Masks inside of Photoshop CC 2015.5. So what we’re going
to do is grab the Quick Select Tool. Now, we could go ahead and we can make the selection
like we always do, and then, go up into Select and Mask instead of the Refine Edge. But let’s
have a look at Select and Mask first, because one of the new things in here is we have a
thing called the Onion Skin. And if you’d look under the Preview, here, the O key will
get you to Onion Skin. And what this does is enables us to show the full image or it
can show us what’s been extracted, obviously, nothing has been done yet, so there’s been
no selection. So what happens is you can set the transparency
level to where you want, grab the Quick Select right here, and as you begin to paint, and
as you paint, it will start to make the selections around these areas. Now, one of the things
I do, it does it pretty quick but notice how it’s kind of compute what’s going on here,
so it takes a couple of seconds. So one of the other things you could do is you could
start by using the Quick Selection, and then, just come in here at this point, but here
we go, I mean, we’re not going too bad. So this is a very high resolution image, which
is why it’s taking a little bit of time. So far, this looks pretty good, but let’s have
a look. If we pull the transparency down, we can see, yeah, we got our selection. It’s
not bad, but the edges of the hair are looking pretty rough and there’s little bits of the
background there in-between the individual hairs, so we want to clean that up. We also want to make sure that we haven’t
left any areas out there, so if we hit the K key, the K will actually bring us into the
black and white view here. And the black and white really shows the mask, so we can see
there’s no area left out in the middle. That’s good, but let’s also have a look at it against
black. Notice our background’s looking weird and that’s because of the Opacity. If we turn
that Opacity all the way up, we can see there’s a black background. So what we can do is we’re
going to go down to the next one, which is our Refine Brush, and now we’re just going
to paint inside these little areas in here where we can see these hairs or the background
is showing through the hairs. We just want to get rid of that. So I’m just quickly painting
over those areas, and what it’s doing is it’s letting Photoshop know, hey, these colors
don’t belong in here; these belong in the background, so it’s helping it make an extraction.
And even as I refine it here, you’ll notice it will change on the other side because it’s
using that intelligence for the entire mask. All right, so we’ve kind of done that. Let’s
hit the K key again and have a look at the mask, so you can see now that this mask is
looking a lot better, and we can even go in here and start to refine it. So what I’m going
to do now is I’m going to go back to the Onion Skin, so that’s the O key. You don’t have
to remember these keyboard shortcuts. You can just go under the View, and under the
View here, you can see the keyboard shortcuts right next to them. So I’m going to take this
transparency down a little bit because I want to see where some of those fly away hairs
are appearing, but not on the selection. So, now, I’m going to go over these flyaway hairs
and just kind of paint over them and include them in the selection. And as we do this,
Photoshop is going to grab those, see that? And start to add it to our selection. So I’m
going to go over here, there’s some there. Just make sure we get them all, and getting
closer, let’s go up here, and we just want to follow that whole outline, and just make
sure that we are indeed going over all the hairs, selecting them all. All right, so now let’s have a look. We can
bring this transparency back a little bit and see how well we’re doing. That’s looking
really good. Notice we’ve got most of the hair. There are a couple of things you could
play around with. If you wanted, you could go up to the Radius and, maybe, add one to
the Radius. And sometimes that will clean it up and just get a little bit more and it
actually looks quite good by doing that. That worked well. You can show the edge just by
clicking up here, like we did in the past, but we don’t really need to do that. And then,
the other thing that really works really well is the Decontaminate Colors. So if I go against
the blackólet me show you hereóso we select against the black and see how these colors
have got just, you know, there’s a little bit of weird color, but once we hit Decontaminate
Colors, look at that, cleans it up. It might look like those are not selected, but if we
put this against white, notice that those edges where those hairs are indeed selected.
And, of course, you know, we can always just go through and refine it a little bit more
if we want when we’re looking at that, and that will refine it even more. So there we
go, see how we’re picking up some of those loose hairs in there now. All right, that’s
looking pretty good. So what I want to do now is go to a new layer
with the Layer Mask and click OK, and there’s our extraction. Notice that the individual
hairs are in there, and let’s see how good this looks against another background. So
I’m just going to select this here and we’re just going to click and drag it into another
image, let’s release it, and we can see that we’re able to, you know, start to do some
compositing there, and that’s using the Select and Mask workspace. You can see how much better
we can get these selections, and how quickly, and easily we can do that right here. So,
as you can see, you know, one of the most important features in Photoshop has received
a major update and you got it right here. You can see how to use it now, so check out
PhotoshopCAFE for a ton more tutorials. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please become part
of the CAFE crew, hit that Subscribe button right now, become a subscriber, and I’ll get
new tutorials to you every single week. So, thanks for watching guys. Add a comment,
add a Like, and until next time, I’ll see you at the CAFE.


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