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Customizing the Lightroom 5 Identity Plate for Text

November 10, 2019

One of the things that I really love about
Lightroom is that I can customize the Identity Plate. That is the name that appears on the
upper left hand side that says Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 can be changed to my name. In
this case I am going to show you how it’s done.
If you first put your cursor over here by the logo, you’ll see that there is a triangle
that you can click on that will bring down a menu for choosing the Identity Plate. When
you click on that it will bring up the Lightroom Identity Plate Editor. Don’t worry, just because
it says no options for Lightroom Identity Plate doesn’t mean you can’t do this. You
need to change the Identity Plate pull-down. And you do that by clicking on the pull-down
menu and choosing ‘Personalized’. This will open up your options for setting text and
changing the colors of your text and your module picker buttons.
Next, what you’ll want to do is just double check and make sure that the radio button
is selected for, ‘Use a styled text identity plate’, because we are doing text this time
around. And you are going to put your cursor inside the black text-box underneath and click
once inside, so that you see the blinking text bar.
I am going to type in my name, Lightroom Guy and you’ll notice that as I type it’s also
appearing in the upper left hand side of my interface. However, it’s very small. In order
for me to change the size of my font right now, I will need to select the text that I
typed and I’ll need to change the size of it, by using the pull-down menu with the numbers
for the size of my text. I am going to pick 36. That gets it much larger. You’ll notice
my text here is grey. I can’t see it, but it is changing, because it is selected and
we’re seeing it up here in the upper left hand side.
I want to change my font. I am going to use the pull-down menu here, and I am going to
look for something that’s a little bit more stylized. Let’s try Copper Plate. I like that.
Let’s choose a lighter face. The size could go up a little larger. I am going go to 48. There we go. I am pretty happy with this. You’ll notice still my text is greyed out
in the text box, because it’s been selected. Sometimes it’s hard to see, but that doesn’t
mean it’s not getting changed up here as you make your changes with the pull-down menus
and your size. Next, while my text is still selected, I want
to change the color. And you can’t change the color unless the text is selected for
your name. Here’s the Color Selector button. When I click on that I get my color menu.
There’re a number of different options here for picking colors. I am going to just use
the crayons, and I am going to pick Red. When I choose Red, you’ll notice immediately my
Lightroom Guy becomes red. And I am going to now close this window. I am done with setting
my Lightroom Guy text right at the top left of my interface.
Now I am ready to do my module picker buttons and change those colors and the font there
as well. The difference here is I am not setting text so I don’t have to select the text in
order to make my changes. To start with, I want to use the same font as I am using for
my name. I am going to change that to Copper Plate
and change it to Copper Plate Light. If you
notice here, this has already changed to Copper Plate Light. But it’s looking a little small
for me, and I want to make that a little bit bigger. So I am going to change it from 22
to 24. And that feels a little bit better. Now I am going to change the colors of my
selected modules and my unselected modules. The left color button is going to give me
the color for my selected modules and I am going to choose Red once again. That will
be for my selected modules. When I choose the button on the right that
will be for the modules that are currently not being used. For argument’s sake, I am
going to change that to this kind of funny pink color. I am done there.
At this point, I now have my selected module, the modules that are not selected with a new
font and my Lightroom Guy in the top left hand side. I can select, OK at this
point and I am done and ready to start developing and working on my images in Lightroom.

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