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Crop and Resize Photos to Any Frame Size in Photoshop

September 11, 2019

Hey everyone, Steve Patterson here from! In this video, I’ll show you how easy it
is to crop and resize an image to match any frame size you need using the Crop Tool in
Photoshop! I’ll be using Photoshop CC but you can also
follow along with CS6. So when resizing an image for print, a problem
we often face is that the aspect ratio of our image and the aspect ratio of the frame
we want to place the image into are different. Since we can’t change the frame size, we
need a way to change the aspect ratio of the image itself. In this video, I’ll show you how to both
change the aspect ratio and resize your image for the highest print quality using nothing
more than the Crop Tool. I’ll use this image that I downloaded from
Adobe Stock. And let’s start by taking a quick look at
the problem. Let’s say I want to print this image to
fit inside a standard 8 x 10 frame. Now normally, we resize images in Photoshop
using the Image Size dialog box. To open it, I’ll go up to the Image menu
in the Menu Bar and I’ll choose Image Size. In Photoshop CC, the Image Size dialog box
includes a preview window on the left, and the resizing options along the right. I’ll make the dialog box bigger so we can
get a larger preview by dragging the bottom right corner. And then I’ll click and drag inside the
preview window to center the image. And here’s the problem we run into. Remember that I want to fit this image into
an 8 x 10 frame. But since the current aspect ratio of the
image is not 8 x 10, the Image Size dialog box is not going to let me resize it to the
size I need. If I try changing the Width value to 8 inches,
the Height is wrong. And if I change the Height to 8 inches, then
the Width is wrong. And the same thing happens if I change the
Width or Height to 10 inches. The other value is always wrong, and it’s
because the aspect ratio is different from what I need. Now I could unlink the Width and Height values
by clicking the link icon between them, and this will let me change the Width and Height
separately. Since I actually want to print the image in
landscape orientation, where the width is larger than the height, I’ll set the Width
value to 10 inches and the Height to 8 inches. But notice how the image now looks squished
horizontally, which isn’t what I wanted to do. And the reality is that as long as the image
and the frame I want to display it in are using different aspect ratios, the standard
way of resizing images with the Image Size dialog box is not going to work. So I’ll click the Cancel button to close
the dialog box without making any changes. So what we need is a way to crop our image
to the same aspect ratio as the frame before resizing it. And we can do that using the Crop Tool. In fact, the Crop Tool lets us crop the image
and resize it for print all in one shot. I’ll select the Crop Tool from the Toolbar. As soon as I do, Photoshop places the crop
border and handles around the image. I covered how to crop images in much more
detail in a separate video. Now, if I just wanted to change the aspect
ratio, without caring about the actual print size, then I could do that by first making
sure that the Aspect Ratio option is set to Ratio. Then, I would enter the new aspect ratio into
the Width and Height fields. Again, I want to crop the image in landscape
orientation, so I’ll enter 10 for the Width, then I’ll press the Tab key on my keyboard
to jump over to the Height, and I’ll enter 8 for the Height. Notice that I’m not entering an actual measurement
type, like inches or pixels. I’m just entering the aspect ratio itself. And Photoshop automatically reshapes the crop
border to match the new ratio. But in this case, changing the aspect ratio
is not the only thing I want to do. I actually want to resize the image so that
it will print at exactly 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall. So to do that, I’ll click on the Aspect
Ratio option and from the menu, I’ll choose Width, Height and Resolution. Then, I’ll enter the same aspect ratio as
before. But this time, I’m also going to include
the measurement type. So instead of just entering 10 for the Width,
I’ll enter “10 in”, for inches. Again I’ll press the Tab key to jump over
to the Height. And this time, I’ll enter “8 in”, again
for inches. Notice that we also have a third box now,
and this third one is for the Resolution value. Since I’ll want the image to print at the
highest quality so it looks nice and sharp, I’ll enter the industry standard resolution
of 300 pixels per inch. Then, I’ll drag image over to the right
to resposition the family inside the crop boundary. Notice that we are going to lose some of the
image on the far right, but in this case, there’s no way to avoid it. To crop the image, and resize it at the same
time, I’ll click the checkmark in the Options Bar. And then to fit the image on the screen, I’ll
go up to the View menu and I’ll choose Fit on Screen. And here’s the image with its new size and
aspect ratio. Finally, let’s check to make sure that the
image will now print at the exact frame size we need. I’ll re-open the Image Size dialog box by
going up to the Image menu and choosing Image Size. And if I change the measurement type to Inches,
we see that sure enough, it will now print at exacly 10 inches wide and 8 inches tall,
at a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, which means it will fit perfectly and look
great in an 8 x 10 frame. And there we have it! That’s how to crop and resize images to
match any frame size you need using the Crop Tool in Photoshop! As always, I hope you enjoyed this video,
and please consider Liking it, Sharing it and Subscribing to our channel. Visit my website,,
for more tutorials! Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next
time. I’m Steve Patterson from


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    Hi everyone, Steve here. In this video, I show you how easy it is to crop and resize your photos so they'll fit in any frame size you need, and how to make sure they'll print with the highest quality, using nothing more than the Crop Tool in Photoshop. We start with the reason why it can be a challenge to resize a photo to match your frame size, and why Photoshop's Image Size command doesn't really help. Then, we learn why the Crop Tool is the best way to crop and resize your photos all at once!
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  • Reply Clifford Manthey October 8, 2018 at 6:12 pm

    Thanks for your excellent videos! Is it possible to place a 1/4 inch border around the picture in Photoshop?

  • Reply drazen petrovic November 11, 2018 at 2:11 am

    clear and precise ! TY so much

  • Reply Sheikh Ashique December 17, 2018 at 3:54 am

    How to I save the file if I have to send to a printer? Like I don't want the size to change while saving it

  • Reply Emma Beech January 17, 2019 at 9:52 pm

    hi, thanks for the vid. i tried doing this with a photo that was very small. i changed it to my photo frame size and once i had done it, the picture was very distorted. could you please advise on how to change very small photos to fit to frame please

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