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Creative Cloud Dashboard

September 17, 2019

Hi, everyone when you install the creative cloud dashboard to download and install all of your software and update it when needed I highly recommend checking out the assets panel. The reason for that is that there’s a market you can search for graphics and download them to your libraries for all of your Adobe software, for example, if you’re looking for a computer icon. You can just search. And, download. All different computer icons to place in your documents you can also select fonts and. Install fonts from type kit. also the files area is there you have a file storage in the creative crowd where you can view it and have a folder on your computer to store files. And, then one other thing you might want to check out is a discover. Tab where you can look at different creatives Portfolios. You through the creative cloud you also get an online portfolio but this gives you the opportunity to learn from many different creative people. Let-me know if you have any questions about your creative cloud dashboard.

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