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Creating Circular Text On Your Mac

January 17, 2020

Hi this is Gary with Today let me show you how to create circular
text on your Mac. MacMost is brought to you thanks to a great
group of more than 500 supporters. Go to There you can read more about it, join us,
and get exclusive content. So creating circular text on your Mac can
be very frustrating is you don’t have expensive Adobe apps. However there are other apps that can do it. The Mac App Store has several. One good option is to use Acorn which is an
image editing tool you may have already have bought to use for other things. Acorn has a great circular text tool. You can build circular text in Acorn and then
export it to use elsewhere. I’m using Acorn version 6.5.3. Make sure you’re using that version or something
newer. I got it in the Mac App Store. I’m going to create a new document and set
it to be something square. Let’s do 800 X 800, Transparent and hit OK. Then I’m going to expand the window here so
I can see the drawing area clearly. Creating circle text is actually pretty easy. You’ve got a text too herel. Now you probably have it set to plain text
like that. But if you click and hold this tool you can
select Circle text or Path text. So we’ll select circle text and I’ll click
near the middle and it will create the circle and there will be a text cursor at the top. Now I can simply just type. I’m going to use all caps because capital
letters seem to work better around a circle. So you can see how it added the text here
and kept it centered on the circle with the center being here at the top. I can select all, Command A, and I can change
this text just like any other. So I can make it a larger size. I can left justify it instead of right justified
so it starts here at this dot. We have three control dots here. This dot is the rotation dot and it starts
here. But if I do centered then it’s centered with
that dot kind of being that as the left side of the text box. Now this dot here you can click and drag and
move that point so you can change where the text starts. This dot here you can change the size. This dot here changes whether or not the text
is on the outside of the circle or if you click it then the text is on the inside of
the circle which is going to come in handy here in a minute. But I’m going to use this text on the outside
of the circle. I’m going to select the Move tool here and
I’m going to drag this around. I’m going to make sure it’s centered here
on this document. Then I’m going to create another text circle. So I’m going to click there, click in the
middle, and I’m going to type the text I want to be at the bottom. Now what I’m going to do here is I am going
to click this black circle here to move the text into the inside. Then I’m going to click here and rotate this
around to be zero degrees. So this text is on the inside and at the bottom. Now I want to enlarge the circle because notice
how, with this text being on the inside and this being on the outside, they don’t line
up. But if I use this dot here I can move the
circle so it matches the top of the text here. You can see now how it basically puts both
pieces of text in the same circle. I can select All and let’s increase the size
of this text here at the bottom. Also I want to increase the kerning a bit
just to move those letters across. Sometimes the letters get a little smushed
together because of it being on a circle. So increasing it just slightly, like that,
can make a big difference. Lets do it like 5. So now I’ve got something pretty much ready
to use except that I really want to actually have a kind of circle background on this. So I’m going to select the circle shape here. Click and drag to create a circle. I’m going to use the Shift key to make sure
it stays circular and not oval. Then I’m going to leave it there. Switch to the Move tool and center it right
there. I did a pretty good job of guessing the outside
of the circle here. Let me go and change the Fill color. You can see there’s Fill and I can click the
color there. Make it completely Opaque. Let’s make it red for now. Then I’m going to go to Shape and then Arrange
and then send it back. So it will be behind this text here. Then I’m going to duplicate it. So I’m going to do Copy and Paste and I have
this other circle here. I’m going to shrink this down. I could just grab the corner of it here. Actually if you hold the Shift key it’ll do
a good job of keeping it in kind of the same ratio. Change the Fill color of this to say black
here. Then I’m going to move this in the center. It’s not quite the size I want. I’m going to continue to shrink it down and
recenter it to get it to about the size I want. A little bit more. There. That’s good. That’s what I want to cut out. Now that I have that selected I’m going to
Shift, Select the outer circle. So now I have both selected. I can tell because I can drag them both like
that. Just Undo to put them back. I’m going to do Shape and then Exclude Paths
which will then cut a hole out in the middle. I need to reapply the color there and then
move it back. So I’m going to do Arrange, Send it Back. Now the red it behind there. Now I can do further adjustments. I can see that this text here seems to be
pretty well centered. But this text at the bottom here, I’ll click
Away and then click there. I need to maybe just enlarge that circle there
just a little bit to get it right there in the middle. There we go! So now we’ve got some text that we can use. Since this is a transparent image I can now
go to File, Export and then do Export. Then do a png so it remains transparent and
Save it out. So I have a transparent image I can use in
other apps. I can also, for course, just use this in Acorn. Be sure to Save it as an Acorn document as
well so then you’ll be able to open up the document again in Acorn and edit the text
and other elements if you want.


  • Reply Charles Hartman January 15, 2020 at 4:10 pm

    This is the first I've heard of Acorn. It looks like it might be a nice additional piece of software to have on hand.

  • Reply Victor Forbes January 15, 2020 at 6:27 pm

    Thank you!!!

  • Reply Stuart Borden January 16, 2020 at 12:37 am

    Thanks for the very helpful video!

  • Reply John Constable January 16, 2020 at 2:18 am

    great tip! thank you

  • Reply John Carter January 16, 2020 at 2:21 am

    Oh, no! Not another photo editing tool! But, hey, it looks interesting.

  • Reply john gies January 16, 2020 at 4:22 am

    Can you do a video on how to get rid of Landslide search on a Mac? It is causing havoc on our iMac and MacBook.

  • Reply C J January 16, 2020 at 10:54 pm

    Brilliant! Could save me a lot of time when I don't have to hire graphic designers for more basic or one-off needs. I am a fan of paid software like this that provides value, please do have more of it.

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