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Create a Superdog image using Content Aware Move and Layer Editing | PhotoDirector Tutorial

January 17, 2020

How to use Background Removal and Content Aware Move Tool Go to the “Edit” module and select “Content Aware Move”. Use the slider to set the brush size. Select the area you want to move. When finished, click on “Next”. Move the object to the place you prefer. You can also resize the object according your image. When finished, click on “Apply”. Go to the “Layer” module. Drag another image layer on top. Hide the bottom image layer. Click on “select area tool” to select the part of the image. Click on the “Invert selection”>”Delete selection” to remove the background. Use the “Pick and Move tool” to resize and reposition your object. Hide the top image and select the bottom image layer To make this image more realistic, use the “Select area tool” to select the cloud, press ctrl+c and ctrl+v to dublicate the cloud. Unhide the top image and drag below the cloud image. Add Adjustment layers to adjust exposure and brightness, right click to apply Clipping Mask if you want to adjust specific layer. You can always edit the adjustment layer without affecting the original image.

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  • Reply delamare777 January 11, 2020 at 3:33 pm

    Ok. Now do it again without the Superman logo flipped 🙂

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