Create a Mindblowing HDR image using Lightroom within seconds | LIGHTROOM CC TUTORIAL

November 14, 2019

woo hey, what is up, guys. I hope you are doing absolutely fantastic Welcome to another tutorial episode today’s episode gonna be interesting i am going to show you how to make hdr photos in lightroom so you need 3 type of important thing no 1-photo second the photo should be of the same object if you’re taking a picture of the face all the photos should of the face it shouldn’t be one photo of face another hand another leg 3rd you need to maintain same distance from the object you are shooting so this is my photos underexposed medium exposed last one is overexposed so we generally delete this kind of photos don’t delete just bring them in lightroom and see the magic we can do with it let’s head towards lightroom and see how to make cool HDR photos first open lightroom import all the pictures for which you want to create an HDR PHOTO this are my photos go to the first image press & hold shift go to the last image lightroom will automatically select the images right-click and go to the photo merge and HDR, click on it. you’re done lightroom will preview and give you a perfect HDR image THAT’S IT NOTHING ELSE WE WILL WAIT FOR THE IMAGE TO BE RENDERED and see how the HDR IMAGE looks like see such a beautiful image it is out of those underexposed and overexposed photos same thing in HINDI CLICK ON MERGE & UR HDR PHOTO is here u need to export it Go to the library then click on export you just need to export it with your pre-saved settings my HDR IMAGE that’s it guys it was so easy it was so quick i hope that you all enjoyed this tutorial now it’s your turn to try this you may tag me in Instagram with your HDR PHOTOS IF NEW TO THIS CHANNEL SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL HIT THE LIKE BUTTON COMMENT DOWN WHAT TYPE OF TUTORIAL OR VLOG YOU WANT NEXT HERE BYE BYE WILL SEE YOU SOON IN NEXT VIDEO STAY HEALTHY STAY HAPPY AND KEEP GROWING TATA

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