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Create a Highly Realistic SKIN TEXTURE in Photoshop! [90-Second Tip #15]

September 6, 2019

Hi, welcome back to the, I’m Jesus Ramirez. In this 90-second Photoshop tip, I’m going
to show you how to create skin texture from scratch in Photoshop. A custom skin texture will help you bring
back some of the skin texture details that you may have lost through retouching or the
lighting in the portrait. We will use a non-destructive technique that gives you a whole lot of flexibility
to edit your adjustments, to achieve a seamless transformation between the original skin,
and your custom made skin texture. We’re going to start by creating a new blank
layer right above the portrait layer. You can rename the layer skin texture. Then,
go into that edit menu and select fill. From the contents drop-down, select 50% gray
and press OK. 50% is the gray that is right in between white and black. Then, right click on the layer and select
convert to Smart Object. A Smart Object will allow you to apply adjustments,
distortions, and filters non-destructively, which means that you could come back and edit
them at any time. Then, go to filter, filter gallery, and open
the texture folder. Select Texturizer, and apply the sandstone texture, which looks
a lot like skin. There are two reasons why I like this filter
over the emboss method you may have seen in other tutorials. The first reason is that you get the option
to choose the direction of the lighting which gives you a better match with your photo and
it makes the skin texture more realistic. For example, in my image, the light is coming
from the top left, so, I’ll select that option. The second reason I like this filter, is that
I can upload a custom texture if the sandstone doesn’t work. I can create a texture, save it as a Photoshop
document, and load it from this drop-down menu. But that will not be necessary in this case. Then, you can use the scale and release sliders
to control the size and intensity of the texture. I’ll leave the current settings for now, and
I’ll adjust them later. I’ll just press okay. I will then blend the skin texture layer with
the layer below by selecting either the overlay or soft light blending mode. Either of these blending modes hide 50% gray
and we’re left only with the highlights and shadows that the filter created, making it
seem like skin texture. I’ll select soft light, since it gives me
a more subtle effect. Next, I’ll double click in the smart filter
label and edit my skin texture to match the portrait. I’ll adjust the scale to 140 and set the relief
to seven. Of course, the settings in your image will
be different, so just adjust them accordingly. Then, I can hold the alt key in Windows, or
the option key on the Mac and click in the layer mask icon to make a mask that hides
the entire layer. I can now select the brush tool, set my foreground
color to white, reduce the opacity and flow both to 20%, and I’ll paint in the skin texture
wherever I need it. Notice that with a low opacity and flow, I’m
slowly building up the texture in the skin, making it more realistic. click on that like button now if you enjoyed
today’s Photoshop tip, and don’t forgot to click on that subscribe
and notification buttons so that you don’t miss any other Photoshop tutorials. Also, check out my tutorial on enhancing textures
in Photoshop. I’ll place a link down below in the description. Thank you so much for watching.


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