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Creación de máscaras de capa dobles en Photoshop

February 11, 2020

In this video I’gonna show you, how to create this technique with doble masks in Photoshop. The first thing to keep in mind when making montages in Photoshop, is selecting high resolution images. Here, I’m using images from with a very good quality, Let’s start by silhouetting this picture. We will use the Magic Wand tool. Let’s have a tolerance of 35 pixels. But before continuing let’s explain what tolerance is all about. We have here an 8-bit image. 8-bit images have 256 levels of gray. Let me explain it better. I’m going to reduce the gray levels. Now, let’s select the Magic Wand tool The Magic Wand tool has a tolerance that goes from 0 to 255. These are the 256 gray levels what we are doing is determining the range of gray levels to be selected. Let’s say for example 20 levels We click on this point. We have selected 10 gray levels to the left, shadows, and 10 gray levels to the right, high lights It is clear then, that by increasing tolerance, we are selecting more pixels. Here is again, our original image. We need to select the background pixels. We select a tolerance of 35 pixels and click on this zone Let’s add this region, this one and finally, this one Let’s see the result by applying a quick mask. There’s still zones to be selected Please don’t try to clic inside this zones “by hand” Deselect To select the inner zones, deactivate Contiguos Click on this zone again Now we have a more complete selection. Let’s complete the selection edition with a quick mask. Everything seems to be fine. Remember that you can edit the mask at any moment Press Q to leave the Quick mask mode With the active selection, click on the Create layer mask button in the Layers panel. The mask is inverted Undo This happened because the background is selected Press the Alt key and click on the Add layer mask button This creates an inverted mask. Let’s refine the layer mask Double click on the layer mask in the layers panel and, in this interfase, we contract the mask a little to get rid of halos from the background Let’s leave this file and work now on the other file We are going to select this


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    Gracias profeivan

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    Eres el mejor..:") y tu voz es muy agradable aparte de que explicas muy bien

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