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Course Photoshop” for Beginners, free preview”2020#2

January 25, 2020

Hi. I made this second free preview video just to give you a better insight about this cause. So again this is not a master class. I won’t teach you everything about photoshop but I will show you how to use and what to use you know to become successful in the most common things that are required when you work as a freelancer especially as a photo editor in for reduction. For example you going to get had to remove this logo here and to change the color of the quality in general or even other different button and I will show you how easy this can be done and still retaining all the texture and shadows and highlights of the hoodie and for example in this case we are going to learn some a little more advanced selections. We are going to select just the smoke and I went to isolate it from the beginning and then we are going to play with the colors a little bit like this and you will get some interesting effect on the picture. This is useful for you to know how to make the blue selections and how to change the color. For example for things objects or one then we are going to do some bodies shaping like in this case we are going to give this guy little more muscles and you will see how simple disease and again you will get paid for such things. Then we having to learn some skin retouching some portraits retouching. And this is some of the things that you probably think of as a first thing when someone mentions of the shopped image or something they did. So we are going to go step by step. We have to do some basic skin cleanup like this. Then we are going to do some playing with the colors of the eye. Then we are going to do some on deeper skin cleanup. These and then we’re going to have a couple of more eyelashes to the eye as you can see here. Then we’re going to make the able little tickle. And at the end we are going to play a little bit in the shadows to make this picture more eye pleasing okay. This is very simple thing to do and I will show you a couple of ways and techniques that you can use to clean up skin these coalitions and problems like these that we are going to. Then I’m going to use this example to show you how we can I don’t know some of the wrinkles on the building pay attention only to this one a few you see this is before and after. And by doing this you will make the picture work a little more professionally done and the product in this picture will look like a high quality one. And you by doing this you will help the client to make more sales by using this picture. And that’s where you been had it in the first place. And that’s why you’re going to get paid for doing this. So these are only a couple of the things that went to covering this course. And if you’re interested I’m waiting for you in the course.

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