Converting the Background to a Layer in Photoshop | 2-Minute Tips

October 12, 2019

When you open an image or create a new Photoshop document the bottommost layer in the Layers
panel is the background. There’s only one background layer in a Photoshop
document. You can’t change the stacking order of a background layer, so I can’t
move it up or down nor can I change its opacity or its blend mode or apply a
layer style to it. So you may wish to convert the background layer to
a regular layer in order to change some of those properties. There are several ways
that we can convert a background layer to a Photoshop layer, the easiest if you
just click on the lock icon on the background layer that will go ahead and
create a new layer and automatically named it as layers zero and we’re un-doing.
You can also double-click on the background layer and that will bring a
new layer dialog box and you can give you a couple options you can name the layer,
changed its blend mode, or its opacity. and go ahead and cancel that. Thirdly you
can go up to the layer menu go to layer, new layer from background and that will
bring up that same dialog box where you can rename the layer changes color
display mode or its opacity. go-ahead hit OK and you’ll see that I can now take
the layer I can move it up or down in the stack in order to apply a layer
style change its opacity or change its blend mode. so that’s today’s two minute tip.

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