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Convert Raster to Vector with One New Slider! – Photoshop Tutorial

February 6, 2020

Hi there, this is Unmesh from PiXimperfect. And today I’m going to share with you how
to convert raster to vector, not in Illustrator but in Photoshop. And that too with just one slider. Now keep in mind, for this to work, you need
to be a Creative Cloud member. And also, this only works with one colour
graphics. So without any further ado, let’s get started. Back in the brilliant world of Photoshop,
and if you want to go ahead and download this graphic, check the links in the description. Have a look at this bulb graphic. Not of very high quality. And to convert it to vector, all we need to
do is use Libraries by going to Window and then make sure Libraries is checked. All right. Now first of all, make sure that the layer
that you’re going to be working with is selected and then click on the ‘+’ icon right there
and then choose Create from Image. Now, there’s a lot of things that you can
do right here like Patterns, Colour Themes, Gradients. However, what we’re looking for is Shapes. So, let’s click on Shapes and you can control
the details accordingly. So I’m going to take it right here. 88-89 looks fine. The graphic looks okay to me. If you want some extra smoothing, you can
just check it on. But I’m going to leave it off and click on
Save to CC Libraries and it’s going to save it. Now you can just go ahead and close it once
it is saved. Have a look. This, my friend, now is a vector. You can also import it in other Adobe applications
and also in Photoshop. Now let’s just drag it and drop it into Photoshop
and have a look. No matter how big we make it, it will never
pixelate. Why? Because this is a vector. Have a look, I’m just going to create a white
background by clicking on the Adjustment layer icon and then choose Solid Colour and then
choose White. Hit OK. And let’s make this graphic even bigger. No matter how big you make it, have a look,
it’s never going to pixelate. Now it’s processing. Have a look, it didn’t pixelate. Isn’t that pretty cool? And it always will stay in your library. Anytime you want it, even if you delete it,
select your Library where you have saved it and then just drag it and drop it. Now, to change the colour, it’s also pretty
simple. First of all, let’s create a background again. You can create a Clipping Mask. Click on the Adjustment layer icon and then
choose Solid Colour and then choose whatever colour you want and hit OK. And then hold the Alt key or the Option key
and click on the line between these two layers. Now, it’s colour to whatver you want. So I can change it to whatever colour that
I like. And that’s how, my friend, you convert raster
to vector in Photoshop. Now, keep in mind, if you have a complicated
graphic with more than one colour, you might as well use Illustrator. If you want more controls over how many pats
and corners your vector might have, use Illustrator again. And I actually have a very old video on it. You can check it out right here. Just keep in mind, it’s very old and forgive
me for how I talk. But anyway, hope this video helped you and
if it did, make sure to give us a like and also don’t forget to subscribe and not just
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tutorials. I’ll see you guys again in my next one. Till then, stay tuned and make sure that you
keep creating. This transcript was generated by


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