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Como Hacer una Portada para el Canal de Youtube 2020

December 29, 2019

Track of the Intro hello how about youtube friends in this
occasion I will show you how to make a cover on the youtube channel too
I’m going to show you how to put icon of social networks on the cover for
when a person wants to get in contact with one just click
to that button these are the measures for a cover 2560 x 1440 so how
use this page will give you the link the description of the video remember that
they have to have content activated flash in the browser and to be able to
access this page then here we specify the measure
2560 x 1540 and we give it ok then we have this the measure of the
cover now what we go add the design here also remember that in the
youtube cover only comes out as the center of that image that is how it is
quote part is how they would divide their cover in three then only the center
commercial and so everything design and whatever they do be sure to place it
in the center so that everything goes well and it’s going well then now we proceed
I’m going to add the design add the logo the name of the channel and the
slogan I’m going to put a blue background like come in the elastic paint can
select the color you want the cas then now we go with the logo
let’s open an image we select
the logo as you see we have then the png also what I will leave in the description link
a video that I have as I say is the logo so just know the letter no
on the bottom not only up here we close this part that I no longer
interest we give it here
ok now with this tool let’s bring the logo where I want to put it
also if I go here where it says edit and free transformation
ok but I will put in Spanish so that Do not confuse
now yes edit free transformation to cautious can accommodate what you
consider necessary when moving more or less we give you the idea is that you also
see the logo on the hidden one for example if your channel is a personal channel of a
public character then I would have to put a picture of you although I would have
also to trim it the same and leave it without without the back end so that it comes out
plus one here we are going to give you some touch the wolf to make it look better
Health more or less
or not this here we can also gradually is like the
effect shadow the color they drink at a white fell the color that I want
okay it looks like not being overdone with the
white how to lower the cold with the quality and I think there too ok exactly what add the name
of the Chanel that we hit goal the one that grows insect
we visit the name of the channel in my case Dionny Computer
also here we can choose the type of letter the color of the letter the design that
have everything you want lengthen only a little creativity
they can specifically design what you want here they put it the biggest letter
also in the numbering that is there if you change the numbering too
they are going to change the font here they can zoom in
until they owe you an appropriate size the color and is also the typeface
you want to add I’m going to choose is that kind of
you can choose the one you prefer they are a little more It is very large
although reduce it a little h what are we going to talk in that we also have to add the
slogan that achieves them is practically what is your channel about
so the slogan of my channel is computer Solutions
then I put it here too key
and also the typeface in the most big smaller
remember that nothing else doing design in the center of the cover
remember that the top of down will not come out have been observed by
that is not necessary to add any design
if it touched you here I can change the color and I give ok for example here I want
put it black as you can see, black can graduate red
sorry if a light red dark red came and who prefer I am going to leave this
so as you can see here I can also give
some details and add a design like shadow like a bowl around the letter that
I don’t like what I want either add it as a white border to
round letter to the site I can do this with the
slogan same
and give it the same color let’s add a design
then the black eyeshadow we are adding a white bowl
too such explains very colon the fire on the ground
more or less we have design at another point now without closing that
I’m going to review how it looks as a preview to know if
I have to add modify what is In the meantime I will save this here
I’m going to put the name remember that in youtube not to the files should put
the name also for what does google make it easier for you
image or your video that does not happen with videos didn’t give you a video to the archive
of 4 name the title of video to make it easier to
find here me that behaved well incomplete so a little as you see in the square on the right
they have a preview of how it looks a beautiful lawal of
let’s save it again we write the name that cut and still incomplete
ok what I was telling you is that this page is not going to close yet
first I will upload it to the channel because I have a preview that yes
it looks good if I have to enlarge the with the lama went down higher after it looks perfectly fine
I will save it on the desktop and not of equality and now I’m going to my channel
this window without movement but also I’m going ok I give it clearly with today’s channel to
your channel I’m going to personalize the channel I hope someone clicks there
where the icon to edit appears and you I modify the channel design and here it says redrawn when that
select from the computer I’m going to see just as imported
April 1st going up then here you have a view
previous more or less if on a television in the act or on a phone as you see in a
TV would look good for an act the name was very high and in the
cell phone was very large for it
I’m going to put the name down more remember it didn’t look good
It was already very high so I will not be the page where he had it well he lowered it a
little bit I also could not notice the logo
it was very big I have the most little one so you can see remember
that the top and bottom not it looks
he got injured under the mud compose the smallest the vital path is still remembered
Free transformation let’s accommodate
a little boy s give it to me change
that little arrow we take to the maximum to the cover has good quality
adamo ok and we keep that before we want to replace the one that
now let’s follow the sisters let’s see come on let’s go edit modify the design
of the Chanel we select again
then he loves that there is no left synchronized just where you want not
we can finish that now looks a little bit but I think
the logo yet given the lack of certain detail so that it
can see better because it takes
selected here on behalf under a little more yet a little bit up to come out
remember that only that square comes out and the achievement to put more small
I go to the place where it says transformation black because you fear and I have up because the idea is that what I want
I was just in the square in the only one that will focus on me yes
and we give equality that I think now was pressed
got to the extreme of course you must replace again
got injured in April I hope someone although now as you see if you add
select list in which the logo is seen complete looks the design for the channel
super cool now I’m going to show you how to add network icons
social on the channel that’s fine important because he is a person who
wants to get in touch with you to any questions or you can follow there to
through your social networks we even modify the link we hope someone here we not only add click add and there we put the name of the networks
social and the url for that we open a new instagram tab and in the url we will install
copied the link remember to copy them with them
initials that goes ahead that means that when someone clicks
to that link is sent by the right that http initials
and we give it ready you have instagram and we can add others a sex
to add facebook too add
and they can add all their networks social
I will upload as much as I want only I’m going to make the example with Facebook that
integrate that are the one the person we love the photo also use it then
I go to Facebook entered here did not ensure that the username of
Facebook with the initials that I showed him
and fire Now I will show how it looks
but this I’m going to my YouTube channel and I hope they change in front of your channel
and as you see there that appears 2 and how perfectly I will be
done then do a test where I click any of those icons
then send social networks to integrate facebook if you liked the
video like like subscribe leave your commentary
follow me on my social networks any doubt any suggestions too if you
would like me to make you a video specific also leave them in the
comments thank you very much


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