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Como Deixar suas FOTOS SUPER NÍTIDAS no Lightroom

September 4, 2019

Hey! Here we are again Today we are going to learn how to get Super sharp Images
And the process is super easy and simple and the best it’s free
First, you need to edit your images as always Here I’ll use a preset, with minor changes relevant to photos Then disable the Lightroom sharpening section You’ll download a plugin for Lightroom called Sharpener Pro from Nik Collection
In it, we’ll create super sharp images After downloading the plugin, you’ll export the photo already in its final size and in Tiff format
So we have a nice file to work with and avoid anomalies In the last section of the export, menu choose to open the exported file in Sharpener PRO
As soon as the photo opens in Sharpener, you’ll have many options to work with In the menu to your right, we have the global options of photo sharpness Adjust to taste, take care of extreme settings as it can induce noises to your photo Tip: Do not press the ENTER or COMMAND key unless the plugin thinks you have finished and export the photo and you have to start over again
By clicking the numbers you can enter the adjustment values ​​that will be used in the photo Global settings will affect the whole picture, and we do not always want this In this plugin, we have available the local adjustments, where we can choose places to create masks in our photo
By choosing local adjustments you can choose different levels of sharpness for different parts of your photo By clicking on the set point with the ALT key pressed you can duplicate the point and use the same adjustment in various parts of the photo Fit the shape that is most interesting to your photo
In this photo, I’ll leave the level of sharpness greater in the body than in the face of the model, and there the adjustment points show its value
The light areas are being affected by the adjustment, the dark ones aren’t Here I’m adjusting so that the background turns less clear and out of focus than the body of the model
Always compare the progress of your work with the before and after button at the top of the program Leave your like in the video and subscribe if you aren’t already
Once you’ve finished all the settings, click Apply and return to Lightroom
Again in Lightroom if you need to do some more adjustment
Compare version without issues and issues
In this case, I will only export the photo as a JPEG
Just as we export TIFF, click on the top of the page to see more about exporting files With the file ready now it’s just fun!


  • Reply Fotographiko September 22, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    E ai vocês usam a ferramenta de nitidez do proprio Lightroom, deixem ai nos comments!!

  • Reply Ines Sacramento September 30, 2017 at 1:10 am

    Uso sim, agora vou seguir sua dica do Sharpener Pro da Nik Collection. Valeu meu querido, maravilhoso seu trabalho.

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