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Cómo blanquear los dientes en photoshop tutorial

February 20, 2020

Hello, how are you friends, welcome to the channel
of entrepreneurial world. In this tutorial you will learn how to whiten teeth
in photoshop very quickly and simple so let’s go immediately to
open the image in photoshop by clicking in file after we open and
we will choose the image we want start changing the color of the
teeth in this case I choose this image what I recommend as a first step
is duplicate layers so we give button right duplicate layer or if you want you can
give control j let’s give it ok very well I’m going to start hiding the
original layer and then we will use the lasso tool that
found in the left sidebar so we headed immediately from
left side towards the loop tool which is precisely this one
and here it is already selected we will immediately approach the
image by pressing the control keys more and let’s select what
we want to bleach in this case are the teeth so we started quickly
selecting teeth the loop tool precisely me
lets make this selection for start making the saturation change
in the color of the teeth now let’s do the following let’s come in
the image tab after we we place in settings and click on tone
and saturation or if later you don’t want do these steps I’m going to cancel
because it can also be this window by pressing the control keys and
so now we are going to move this window up we will select
a color that in this case is yellow let’s start by moving the bar
saturation to the left side is say let’s eliminate saturation of
preference puts 70% more negative or less and here in luminosity we are going to
increase to 100 percent all changes if you notice now
teeth were white and bright if you want to get out of control – and to
remove selection crush the keys control of this community and finally
but I want you to see the following look let’s activate the layer below to
that you see how it was before is before and here is the after quite
difference not now let’s open a second image as an example so that
see how simple this is look let’s go to defer control j to duplicate
we will select once more the loop tool found on
left side and notice how you selected once again the part of the teeth in
yellow very well there is ok let’s smash the control keys
If you want through image settings hue and saturation which is the same we go
to select the yellow color for lower saturation until
approximately 70 percent the luminosity we will increase until
100 percent and saturation if you wish you can
randomly towards at least 100 although I for this case I will leave it in a
minus 90 then depending on your visual tastes choose saturation
adequate I choose less 90 let’s crush the control keys to stop
select this tool I I approach with the control keys more to
take a look in case you have to do some adjustment and I see that we were left
quite acceptable white color dental decreasing saturation of
yellow now I want you to see the before and the after here is the before teeth
yellows and here is the after with shiny white teeth and it’s that
simple teeth whitening in photoshop I hope you liked this
tutorial don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and follow us on facebook as a world
entrepreneur first in the next premiere until next greetings i


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    Un saludo bien grande desde bucaramanga, como siempre excelente video. Aunque no lo creas siempre me preguntaba, cómo hacen eso; muchas gracias por esa información, felicitaciones y exitos.

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