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Comment faire des vidéos en HD avec Windows Movie Maker (720p & 1080p) ?

November 22, 2019

Hey ! You too you don’t have any budget to buy a great editing software! And you would like to make High Definition videos yet! Just do like me!
Use: WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER ! Hi everyone , this is Guillaume. In this video I will firstly show you : How to configure Windows Movie Maker to make HD videos, With the 2.6 version, this is the most used. And at the end of this video I will show you how to free download a new Windows Movie Maker version. That is almost the same version that the previous but better than this one, And I will compare both versions because there is some differences. Here we go. First of all, All that I ask you to download in this video is totally free and safety. So, 1st step, you must configure Windows Movie Maker, the 2.6 version, to be able to make HD videos. To do this, click the « tools » tab, Then click « Options ». And there you must check the boxes “NTSC”, in the “advanced” setting tab, and check “16-9” too, and click “ok”. And your video size will be adjust in a 16-9 ratio. Now you can close Windows Movie Maker. 2nd step, You must download the file to get more options and be able to make High Definition videos. So you open your search engine, Then You paste or click the link I put in the video description, and you press “ENTER”. Then you will be head for this website page.
You click “Download this file”. Then you enter the password. Like this. And you click “Download now” ,
Then you click “OK”, And then you open the downloaded file. When you’ve got this file, you can see it in the middle of my screen. If you open it, You have 4 options to make HD videos. So the following step will be to put those 4 HD files in the Movie Maker settings, remember it’s the 2.6 version. To do this, you click the windows button,
Then, click « Computer ». You click your hard drive « SYSTEME C ». then « Programs ». « Movie Maker 2.6 ». And Click the « Shared » folder. Now you can see that I’ve got a folder named “Profiles”, You don’t have this one. You must create it. So you right-click, ”New”, “Folder”. And you name your new created folder with exactly this name: “Profiles”, So “P”, “r”, “o”, “f”, “I”, “l”, “e”, “s”. If you don’t name your folder like that, it may not work. So I already created it, Then next step, You can reduce. You open the downloaded file with the 4 options. You take those 4 options. You copy (right-click – copy) You go in your create folder, the “Profiles” folder. And you paste the 4 options (right-click – paste) There it is. Now you can quit. The next step is on Movie Maker. Normally, When you’ve finish to edit your video, You click “publish to – this computer”. You name your video as you want, and you click “next”. normally, the chosen option is “best quality for payback on my computer”. There you click “more settings”. You click the option tab, and there it is, we find our 4 options that we put in the setting just a minute ago. Now you can make HD videos with Movie Maker at last. You click next , and if everything is ok, it normally works! For those who doesn’t want to do all this method because it’s complicated. I talked about a new Movie Maker version more recent at the start of this video. Well now, I will show you how to free download this version. But before that, you must know your powerful system. To download the compatible version with your computer. For that, nothing complicated, you click the windows button, You click computer. And then you click “System property”. And there you can check your powerful system, I have a 32 bits. You can also have a 64 bits version system. When you know this information, You can download the compatible version. So, go on your search engine, Paste or click the 2nd link I put in the video description. press “ENTER” And you’ll be direct on this website. to download Windows Movie Maker version 6.0 There you have 2 possible versions, the 32 bits version, 64 bits version, it’s up to you to download the right version. And now we will compare both versions, the 2.6 version and the 6.0 version. In the 2.6 version, the texts are in “French”. So it’s easier for those who are not comfortable with English language. You also have an option named “Take a Picture”. With this option you can precisely freeze a moment of your video. Where you want to stop for example, You don’t have this option in the 6.0 version. If you right-click and click “effects”, You can see that you don’t have many effects, about twenty. This version miss some effects. On the contrary, one good thing is that when you want to publish and export your video, You can select your video payback quality. But you will be limited to 24 frames per second at the maximum. Well, one last thing, in the 2.6 version, the loading are longer than in the 6.0 version. If we open now the 6.0 Movie Maker version. You can see that it’s almost the same interface. We find again our timeline and the work area at the bottom of the screen. And at the right top of the screen we have again our video broad outline Like I said before, this version is in English. Well it works exactly the same way, you click and slip your videos in the timeline to edit your video. One very good thing is that you don’t have any loading when you import your videos. But there is no left the option “Take a Picture”. To freeze precisely a moment of your video, it doesn’t exist in this version. I don’t know why they removed this option because it was very useful. But in this version, if you right-click and click “effects”, You can see that there are more effects than in the previous version. It’s an advantage. And the biggest difference between the both versions is that when you publish your video, You click publish to this computer, You don’t have to select the payback quality, it will be directly the best quality for your computer. And to finish, you’ll have a payback in 30 frames per second in this version, instead of 24 in the previous version. So your video will be more freely. Well, I think that’s all for the both versions, So it’s up to you to choose the best for you. I always use the 2 versions, so I hope this video could help you to choose. Once again, Thanks for watching guys. Don’t hesitate to write to me in the commentaries if you have any questions. Then, see you next time for more tips. Ciao !


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