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Comic Book Cartoon Effect: Photoshop Tutorial (Easy)

September 3, 2019

Select the Quick Selection Tool. Select around the entire model. ALT + Click will subtract from selection. When you’re done. Head up to Select and Mask. Refine Edge (Earlier Versions) Select the Refine Edge Tool. Only focus on the model’s hair at this point. When you’re done. Output To: New Layer Then hit OK. We’ll add a background for the image later. I’m going to rename this layer>Filter Gallery. Head up to Filter>Filter Gallery. Make sure the Artistic tab is selected. Then select Poster Edges. Edge Thickness: 8 Edge Intensity: 0 Posterization: 6 Create a new effect layer. Select Cutout Number of Levels: 7 Edge Simplicity: 0 Edge Fidelity: 3 Then hit OK. Select our Filter Gallery layer. Duplicate it>CTRL + J. I’m going to rename it>Diffuse. Head up to Filter>Stylize>Diffuse. Anisotropic check, This will soften up the edges. Then hit OK. Select the Diffuse layer. Duplicate it>CTRL + j. I’m going to rename it>Sharpen. Head up to Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen More. We need to make a background. Hide our bottom layer. Create a new adjustment layer>Solid Color. Select a nice color. The color code I used: bde8fe Hit OK when you’re done. Drag the solid color below the Filter Gallery layer. Select the top layer. Duplicate it>CTRL + j. I’m going to rename it>Halftone. Right click>Convert to Smart Object. Then head up to Filter>Pixelate>Color Halftone. Max. Radius to about 8 Pixels. Keep the rest of the channels set to default. Then hit OK. Change the Blending Mode to Soft Light. Bring down the layer opacity to about 30%. Select our top layer. CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E (Merge all visible layer) I’m going to rename it to merged. Head down to FX at the bottom>Blending Options. Duplicate it>CTRL + J. Click on Stroke. Size: 27 Change the color to white. Then hit OK. Head down and create a new adjustment layer. Vibrance. Bring up the vibrance a tad, + 24. Saturation about +10. Then hit close. Add talk bubbles to your image. Thanks so much for watching!


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    Let me say that I appreciate your effort a lot.. but speaking from a practical point of view, can't this effect be easily applied on any photo in a blink by using filters from certain mobile apps? Perhaps it would be more useful to use Photoshop for other purposes more complicated than a filter..

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