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Color Part of a Black & White Picture with Photoshop Lessons for Beginners, TechnoPhotoshop

February 14, 2020

In this video I’ll show you how to color
part of a black-and-white photo using Photoshop cc. First open your picture in
Photoshop. Create a duplicate of the photo by choosing duplicate from the
image menu and click OK. Next we’ll remove the color from the
picture. Click the image menu again. Point to adjustments and choose to saturate. To focus on the flower in the picture, I’m
going to click the zoom tool and then drag over that area. It brings it into
better focus. Then I’ll choose the history brush tool from the tool panel
and from the brush preset picker I’ll choose a brush and a brush hardness. I’m
choosing the hard round edge brush and a small brush size. To begin outlining the
edges of the flower. Just click and drag filling on the inside of the area that I
want to colorize. When I’m done outlining the flower I’ll
change the brush size again into something a bit larger then I can begin
filling in the rest of the area and depending on what you are filling in, you
can dab or click the mouse in areas or you can click and drag to fill in a
larger area more quickly. I’ve zoomed in a bit more and I’ll just
finish off this last area. I’ll adjust my brush size again to get the smaller
parts. When my picture is done I’ll zoom back
out and save the changes. If you like this activity you can find more in the
TechnoPhotoshop technology project from TechnoKids. visit us online at TechnoKids dot com

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