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Clipping Magic Tutorial: Easily Cut Out The Background of Image for Marketing

September 9, 2019

he hello again Michael it here with
another creative quickie this time we’re going
to use the clipping magic tutorial I twill on lying gotta clipping magic instructions down com this is a GE d p grab it imagery and right in here who
don’t don’t actually are you bitch I put it in the wrong place we’re going to drag it into here loaded in we do with this says are green toward has been selected green we keep ready goes away and there we go now we’re going to zoom
again in we’re going to use are moving to all
here wheaties you little bit more just like
to really see what’s going on up here see I don’t like
this so we’re going to remove a little there’s a hair tall am quite figured
that out yet because this is got me when I need so
far so why take time and looks pretty good over
here sorry go back to this the moving cut out background image miss the good on this side not so bad ok
you see here make it so we’ve got them here because
it was just Braley let’s so is decent quickly cut out background image can put some stuff back in DC I even got some had their can I got some
had I’m so funny okay in our in a quick
death boom and tell just make sure it’s like
normal shaped great week even this morn because just and to I’ll Nyathi I would have had in health
care I create translucent background image RG than using the wrong color one moment
please the pics that okaz amounts go back to this moving to roll we could
be a little bit smoother rate there to not sure I could give myself one
weekend jaw line to grand okay wait are we doing for getting rid
of church okay more but that 0 GE’s you know I’m is knowing deal but
they have in a race but clearly it does nothing ok there we go it does do a little
something okay pre-fixed essentially got me outside its temperamental sometimes come and do
minimal bet yeah sabir going around the hands he went to the nice way if the doctor
image behind is sometimes a little bit more difficult yeah we should be pretty good I like
break here if you wanted to be picky who if I
wanted to be picky I could fix that it kinda looks okay
over here my computer is acting led a bit slower
and I get there ok I’ve been recording okay see three
picks it over there ions in my love it immigrant keep moving so basically we’re going image EN with
Dan are we go download he and yes we’re gonna download the results
and goes there and now it’s in my downloads folder on my computer in the next video I will
show you how important that into Kim so come back


  • Reply Sindre Eide June 25, 2014 at 12:17 am

    I finished my photo and it want me to pay a monthly fee. Is there a way around this? I am a student and can't use money on things like this.

  • Reply Super Zach 2005 January 14, 2018 at 9:45 am


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