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Climbing Walls LIKE SPIDER-MAN!

August 6, 2019

Iron Man: All right, I’ve run out of patience, Underoos! Iron Man: Nice job kid Spidey: Oh thanks. I mean. I could’ve stuck landing a bit better, but you know new suit wait Mr.. Stark. It’s perfect. It’s perfect thank you. Iron Man: Yeah, we don’t really need to start a conversation Spidey: Okay Kitchener, Ontario, the tech center of Canada man, it’s rough place, but it’s home. Happy: Who are you talking to? Peter: It’s just I’m making a film.
Happy: Yeah. You can’t show it to anyone. Peter: Yeah, I know Happy: Then why are you narrating in that voice? Peter: It’s just for fun. Peter: So why do they call you Happy? you’ve got this Peter. You’ve got this you’ve got this. Happy: What the hell are you wearing? Peter: It’s my suit. Happy: Where’s the case? Peter: Case? Peter: A minor upgrade? Whoa My gosh. This is so cool. It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen Happy: Put them on. Peter: What? Actually?! They’re for me? H-Happy Happy? This is insane this you know like this is amazing. Whoa these are the coolest things ever They’ve even got a screen! It’s my logo Wow oh? These are so cool. Oh my gosh these are cool things go Hey guys. I’m the Hacksmith, and this is Make It Real. About six months ago We made a pair of electromagnet handles so we can climb walls just like spider-man. Karen: Safety systems are completely failing James: We design the handles in 3D CAD and then 3D printed them and used the same electromagnets from the Captain America shield project. We add some electronics to keep track of power, temperature, and time on. It even plays a spider-man theme song when you boot it up The magnets run at 72 volts Which hypothetically holds up to 720 kilograms perpendicular to the surface or around a hundred kilograms parallel to the surface. As long as the metal is thick enough they worked great but we had a hard time finding any metal buildings. The strength of electromagnet depends on how thick the metal is that you’re attached to. For something like this you need at least half an inch of metal to get that kind of strength. You can watch the whole video right here for a better explanation of how we made these. Now unfortunately we never actually did the big tests where we climb a building and this was because a few weeks later I actually dislocated my shoulder testing a different project, Star-lords jetpack. Which is a great video and you guys should totally watch it. Anyway my shoulders fully healed now And we’re ready to do the big test. In my last spider-man video I touched on one of the most important traits of becoming a real life spider-man and that’s being physically fit. Now unfortunately we can’t all be genetically modified by a radioactive spider, but we can get close by doing lots of training. Obvious candidates for becoming a real life spider-man include gymnasts and rock climbers Why because they have extremely high strength to body weight ratios and luckily I’ve been both a gymnast And a rock climber Plus I can do flips just like spider-man Or at least I could this video is kind of old. This means I can do a lot of pull-ups Or even climb a rope with no feet But besides physical training I also have my genetics to thank for some of my strengths. Did you know there are three main body types? Ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. now luckily. I’m a mesomorph which is kind of the best of both worlds And it means I have a slight advantage when working out gains coming a bit easier to me But that’s not to say you can’t become spider-man if you’re an ectomorph or an endomorph it just means you might have to train Harder and remember different body types have different advantages and disadvantages. What else could my genetics tell about me? That’s why I’m super excited announced this video has actually been sponsored by 23andme a company that helps you understand your own DNA. Did you know that we have 23 pairs of chromosomes in our DNA? 23andme Get it I’ll walk myself out. By doing one of these DNA tests you get a personalized report that helps you understand your ancestry, your physical traits and more. You can also learn more about what makes you, you and with their new grand tree feature if you did the test with one of your Grandparents you can learn how much DNA is shared across generations. So before we test these electromagnet climbers Let’s find out if my grandpa is partially responsible for my spider-man physique. Now when I was a kid I used to love poking around my grandpa’s workshop you see he’s actually a Clocksmith I’m a Hacksmith now. Do you see where my love of tinkering came from? Is this thing on?Yeah, Jamie always interested in coming down into my shop here and and I used to give him parts And I would have the electric clocks and things like that who I don’t know what he ever did with them But I think he had a lot of fun with him It’d be interesting to see just how much DNA Jamie, and I share together James: Hey grandpa, how are you? Gord: Good how are you? James: I’m doing great. I brought those DNA tests I was talking about. Gord: Good, you wanna get right at it. James: Yeah, let’s try it James: All right, so that should be it, we should to have the results in a few weeks And we’ll see how much DNA we share. Gord: There you go. Yeah, James: Thanks for doing this with me. Gord: No problem at all, I’m glad to have done this. Big thank you to 23andme for sponsoring this week’s video. If you guys want to learn what your DNA can tell you, check out or check out the links in the description below. Anyway back to the test. This mask makes everything like 10 times more… sketchy. I think I need some practice. If you guys enjoyed that video don’t forget to check out our other make it real videos We have over 40 videos taking fictional ideas from comics, movies and video games and making real working prototypes. Just like these electromagnet climbers. Big thank you to the Core Climbing Gym for accommodating our stunt work as Cambridge’s newest rock climbing gym And you should totally check it out. If you guys want to support the channel make sure you check out to learn what your DNA has to tell you. Finally if you guys enjoyed the superhero stunts in this video We’ve been thinking about starting a new series called superhero workouts. Is it possible to train your body to be able to do superhuman things We’ve been looking at superheroes like Batman, Hawkeye, the Green Arrow, Ant Man, Tony Stark Falcon basically any of the heroes who don’t actually have some kind of genetic modification making them superhuman. If you guys like the sound of that let us know in the comments below, and if you guys haven’t subscribed yet please do so and make sure you have notifications turned on so you notified as soon as the next hack Smith video comes out Thanks for watching!


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    – You should put them in gloves!
    Unfortunately, an electromagnet's strength is proportional to both current and size — and unless we have superconductors we can't make them small enough to fit in gloves and still be strong enough =(

    – Where's "MY FAVORITE" project?
    Check the calendar on our website! We also have a list of ongoing projects there!

    – Make some for your feet!
    We could! And we might!

    – How did some people see this video last week?
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    – I don't like sponsored videos!
    If we didn't have sponsors we would have to shut down the channel =( What we do is very expensive and with the adpocalypse… well, YouTube sucks. By visiting our sponsors links in the description, you help support the channel, and ensure we can keep making videos like this!

    – How do you work on so many projects at once!?
    That's why we have a team! At any one time we are working on 3-4 projects! During the production of this video, Ian has been working on the LIGHTSABER, and Bogdan has been working on something for Wonder Woman!

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