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CineStyle for Better Images and Best Export Settings for Web! – Film Riot

October 30, 2019

This episode of Film Riot brought to you by Today on film right we shoot, import, and then export like a champ, like
a champion, someone who’s successful in shiz. Flow with it. Welcome to Film Riot, the show that takes
the mystery out of the effects and techniques that go into some of your favorite Hollywood
films. I’m your host, Ryan Connolly. Now DIY, no/low budget shooting is no easy task. We
typically never have enough gear or enough help or enough time to really get the shot
100%. So right now what I’m going to talk about
what one of the things that you can do to help a whole lot in post, and I got an email
to justify my love. “Hey fellas, I’ve been hearing about the Cine Style thing a lot.
Can you talk about what it is and why I’d wanna use it?” See, now that some emailer
aid right there. The type of email that makes me wanna make
an episode responding to the email’s inquiry. So, that’s what I intend to do, right? Now. Alright my sexy ladies and well just fellas.
The Cine Style is a picture style made by Technicolor, which as they say on the site,
optimizes the dynamic range in your image and dynamic range is just the level of dark
to bright you can have in your image while still retaining detail. The best way to shoot
with any camera, including a DSLR, and the way that I have shot with the Canon 5B up
until this point has been with a flat profile, meaning you go into the camera’s image settings
and turn down the contrast, the saturation, and the sharpening. That way, there is a little image adjustment
happening inside the camera which gives you much more room to work in post. Of course
when it comes to cinematography you really want to get the look, in camera. When I do
a big project then I can take more time with it, I like to light and shoot to get my image
as close to my final look as possible in camera. But unfortunately, with low, no budget film
making this is rarely an option. Not many of your friends are going to be willing to
stand around while you light the scene just right for an hour. Or you may be jumping onto
a location for a shoot and need to get in and out as quickly as possible. These are
the times that you made that extra wiggle room and post to be able to take that color
as far as you need to. So to show you what I mean here let’s jump
to some examples, shall we? Here we have an uncolor corrected shot. This one was done
with Canon’s neutral profile. Now, I’ll switch to a new profile. This is my custom picture
setting. Still no color correction, but flattened out like I talked about before. And finally here is the technicolor picture
settings. As you can see, there’s far more dynamic range here, tons more info in the
shadows and the highlights. So right now the and the color picture style looks very flat
and not so great, but the point is to retain as much of the info as you possibly can so
in post you can push the image as much as possible as much as possible. So let’s do that. First we have the neutral
setting which is without color correction and then here we add some color correction
on it. Next is my flat perrot file, again uncorrected and now corrected and finally
the technicolor profile, uncorrected and then corrected. I was able to do a lot more work
with the technicolor profile because there is more information attained in the image
so I can push the color and the highlights and the lows much more than I could with the
other two and I’m able to do that while still keeping detail in the shadow and highlight
area. I was extremely impressed with how big of
a difference this profile made when I first started using it. It’s a gods end for my image.
The ability to get some more detail in my shot is extremely helpful in getting the final
look I want in post. Especially if you want a highly stylized look, you really need that
extra bit to play with so you that you can take your image all the way to the point you
need it. Just as a quick example of that I’ll take
this shot which was done with the neutral setting then the same shot with the same lighting
but this time with the technicolor profile. Now I’ll take them into Final Cut Pro and
add some contrast. In the shot in the neutral profile, I can’t go very far at all. But with the technicolor profile, you have
miles to work with in comparison so I can really dial it in much better. One downside
is that it’s easy to expose incorrectly while using this profile so I took the advice of
Shane Hurlbut and I used the neutral profile, or one that’s really close in style to what
I want the final to look like, and I use that to light and expose my scene and then I flip
over to the another profile to shoot with. James said to do this, and he is definitely
right because the first profile will give you a better read of your final image so you
can see what the lighting exposure is going to be like, then the technicolor profile will
be able to give you a lot more detail to use in post. There you have it, that is the technicolor
profile and the best thing about it is that it’s free. The down side though, is that it is only for
Canon DSLRs right now, but if you have one jump over to the web site
and get your free profile so you can start getting more detail in your videos. Booyah
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domain names, think Got a great idea, it all starts with a great domain.
We got one, we got Triune films dot com because we’re more than just videos
over there, and we’ve got, doing that video thang, am I right I’m right. Logo. On we go to importing your footage. Many OPs
have asked me this very question. Ryan, I am shooting with a DSLR but my footage is
very hard to edit with. Do I need to convert it first? And another along the same lines
would be. All your videos have really good quality on YouTube. What export settings do
you use to keep good quality without a big file size. If so, get the both of those in that order,
that exact order, huzzah. So before you edit with DSLR footage you need
to make sure to convert your files to something more edit-friendly first. And there are a
lot of ways to do this, but after testing them all, the best way in my opinion is also
the cheapest and that is by using MPEG Streamclip, which is a free program you can download right
now. And it is super easy. All you need to do is
open MPEG Streamclip, click list then batch list, now drag all your clips from your card
into this window. Once you do that, you will be prompted to tell MPEG what you want to
do. Here you will be exporting to Quicktime, then click okay, now choose where you want
to save your files, and now you’ll go to get all these options for export.I use Apple [xx]
to edit which I’ll boost the quality all the way up, deselect interlay scaling, and click
batch. That’s it. Your footage will be imported and
you’ll be ready to edit. Now for exporting, again there are many ways to do this, but
it’s all about what Kodak you use. And for me, I love H264. And since I’m just going
to web, I usually just use quick time conversion inside of Panell Cut Pro. So once you go there
to export using quick time conversion you’ll go into options, set the size you want for
your video and then into settings, select H264 from the drop down and I usually put
my quality right under high. I find that this works perfectly for exporting
for the web. The file size stays low and the quality stays high but now you’re ready to
render. And I know, I just showed you using Final Cut Pro. But the process is the same
in any editor. The buttons are just in different places. So I hope that answered a lot of your
questions. Go, go import and export, like crazy. No go,
ah man, what, we’re done here you know. But there’s more goodness to come. We’re working
on a few really cool things coming in the next few weeks, including the red episodes.
I was hoping to start those this week, but the camera was a bit delayed. But we have
it now, so been doing some sweet BTS of what we’re doing with that, a lot of cool stuff
with the red cam starting next week. Should be a blast tassy, until then you could
follow me on Twitter at, if you do feel so inclined, you can also mosey
on over to our Facebook page and if you do not know, I have posted a teaser poster for
Tell on the (xx) Facebook’s page, if you aren’t following what’s there, you should be. I’ll be posting most of the cool stuff for
Tell over there. I’ll see you guys next week when you watch me act like a little kid in
a candy store with a new toy since I now have the delicious Red Epic, which is not red by
the way. It’s black, which is weird. Oh, my God!


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