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Characters Not Confirmed in Avengers: Infinity War | Explained in HINDI

November 2, 2019

SUPER SUPER so guys may be avengers infinity war
is the world’s largest movie, but this is clear that this is the worlds largest super hero movie, this is coming to say that their is at least 76 characters feature 76 characters not superhero most of which already confirm so you guys think that in MCU all the characters which have seen upto present will be seen into this movie but nothing will happen like that presently their are many small and big characters which might be not seen in infinity war so guys i am AMAN SINHA and today we are going to talk about those characters those might be not seen into infinity war before this i have already talk about the side characters who are going to seen in avengers infinity war or avengers fourth title movie. but in this video we are going to talk about the characters of avengers infinity war not about avengers fourth and title movies’s characters now by take care about character related spoilies lets start NO.1 CAPTAIN MARVEL BRIE LARSON’S are the mavel’s first female lead super hero movie played role in the captain marvel but audience are not going to wait upto next year CARIEL DENVERSE have all those abilities that are good to see in avengers infinity war but unfortunately BRIE LARSON are not in the cast list of avengers infinity war and this talk have no sense BREI LARSON has do not done his MCU debu and this will happen in 2019 only recently KELVIN FAIKY reveal’s that captain marvel solo movie was set in 1990’s conditions so this means that without seeing his origin, it is waste to see him in MCU but this is not this mean that we couldn’t expect her camera NO.2 NICK FURY Samuel L. Jackson’s NICK FURY recently are hidden from MCU action NICK FURY didn’t help avengers after the age of ultron with this he was also not in the captain america civil war and this is seen that he will not seen in infinity war also which are very important to think about this is the marwel’s mistake if they are not able to show those man who gathered avengers together but in the captain marwel set images we can see him and mariya hell together with this in the avengers photo shoot they present this means that they were going to seen in avengers fourth and infinity war confirmly but not in infinity war NO.3 AGENT 13 our captain america means steve roggers have old relations with cartel family firstly they promise to dance with peggy carten, now he has promised that he will dance with his sister SHEREN CARTEN SHEREN CARTEN means agent 13 at the time of captain america winter soldier joined the CIA but after the civil war she is underground because she has helped CAP PHELCON and BUKKY in running away so by considering the current situation this is not wrong to say that he will not seen in infinity war but with all these one more reason is that actress amlei wencamp who was playing the role with the fox shoot the THE RESIDENT tv series NO.4 LADY SIF in the MCU lady sif is the important part of the thor but she is hidden from phase 3 and this is not come to know that she is seen after phase 2 or not but at this moment their is no spot of lady sif but this thing is sure that he is in avengers infinity war not going to seen but in avengers photo shoot we seen valcari with vanity fair but not LADY SIF so this is not wrong to say that thor to relations JAMES FOSTER and LADY SIF in avangers infinity war and in avengers’s fourth and title not going to seen NO. 5 HEIMDALL HEIMDALL who is after thor rangarok is with thor which might not be seen into avengers infinity war but this is the matter to think because all ASGARDIAN’ S hulk, loki or thor out of which only hulk loki and thor will seen into infinity war trailer so this is confirm that HEIMDALL’S role doing EDRIS ELWA hamein will not seen in infinity war which means that probably any secret will seen in the infinity war begining after which HEIMDALL in avenger’s fourth and title movie will seen only NO.6 WASP POLE HERD which are playing the role of antman will definitely seen in infinity war but this is also unclear that WASP will seen to us in infinity war or not hope and dine means WASP will seen to us this year in antman and the WASP but this year this is the only marwel movie in which AVENGINE AND LILLY dikhengi with WASP father HANKPEN will not also seen in infinity war NO.7 GRANDMASTER TENELIER TIWAAN means collector will seen to us definitely in infinity war but his brother GRANDMASTER will not ANDUIGAST means GRANDMASTER is a powerful being but him onscreen seen with his brother is little bit difficult most of the fans from mcu grandmaster’s portreals are very dissapointed because in comics grandmaster is one of them who are giving competition to the thanoff but it is very difficult to see mcu grandmaster in infinity war with GRANDMASTER hamein KORL OR MEIG will also not seen into infinity war but KERREN FAIGI mention at one place that he is thinking about to take back fans favourite characters but this is difficult to happen then these are those mcu movies characters those will not seen in infinity war but lets talk about those characters who are the part of mcu movies but not seen in mcu movies after the characters which have been already discussed tv series characters will not also seen into infinity war these tv series are DEFENDERS, SHEILD, INHUMANS OR RUNAWAYS, so these series small screen characters will not also seen into infinity war so guys these are the list of those characters which are not going to seen in infinity war but we do not know about the avenger’s fourth and title movie but if any news we have missed or you have any new fact related to this movie then please tell us on current with this tell us about what the screen writers of infinity war told that in this movie big characters will going to dead so you tell us that what are those characters which are going to dead with this for latest super news and awesome super news facts please do not forget to follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram and on google also we are everywhere so guys if you want to see more videos related to avengers infinity war then i will recommend you our avengers infinity war playlist with this if you then please like and share this video and for all these contents please do not forget to subscribe our channel thank you guys this is AMAN SINHA and you are super super piece


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