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Channel Permissions in YouTube Studio: Invite People to Help Manage Your Channel

March 26, 2020

Channel Permissions
let you grant other people access to your channel data,
tools, and features in YouTube Studio with 4 different levels of access. If you don’t have a brand account, you can
find this feature by going to YouTube Studio then Settings, then Permissions.>From here, click Invite,
then enter the email address of the person you want to grant access to. Note: The email address you invite
needs to be associated with a Google Account. Then you can
choose 1 of the 4 access options. Managers can
add and remove others and edit everything but they can’t delete the channel. Editors can edit everything. They can’t add or remove others,
or delete the channel. Viewers can see everything,
but can’t edit anything. And limited viewers
can see everything except revenue data but they can’t edit anything. Once you select your access option,
click Done then Save. This will send an email
with an invitation to access your channel. The person you invited
will need to accept the invitation to officially gain access. Note that Channel Permissions
does not give access to your Google Account and you can
remove their channel access at any time. Check out other videos
in our YouTube Studio series here.


  • Reply YouTube Creators March 17, 2020 at 7:58 pm

    Want to learn more about your video settings, analytics, or copyright in YouTube Studio? Watch the rest of the series here:

  • Reply Rajesh Kumar March 18, 2020 at 5:18 pm

    Is it legal to change admin email ? I mean i want to transfer my channel to someone else.

  • Reply С В Е Т Л А Н А ♥ Р О М А Н Ч У К (Pelshinda) March 18, 2020 at 5:37 pm

    Спасибо! 🤗👍

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  • Reply the video March 18, 2020 at 6:45 pm

    YouTube, please!, read this!
    I have a solution for COPPA!, just add a new function that allows parents to create accounts for kids under 13, the accounts for kids will be only available to reproduce marked as for kids content, and they will not be advertised with personalized adds, meanwhile in the accounts for 13 and older will have personalized adds even if the video is marked as for kids and comments likes and dislikes etc. I am commenting this here because is your newest video and I really want you to read this message.

  • Reply Abid Khan March 18, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    Its good, but i have a question ? can the access person change your account details , like password etc.

  • Reply Tobbe Häggberg March 18, 2020 at 7:36 pm

    För det första. Ni ska ha en SUPPORT som är anträffbar för frågor rörande era egna metoder här på YouTube.
    Ni står inte över saker som yttrandefrihet och ANDRAS rättigheter här för att ni har er applikation emellan oss och er.
    Jag ska ha en förklaring till den censur som förekommit mot mig personligen av nån i eran dynga till korrupta anställda. Tack

  • Reply PFC Studio March 18, 2020 at 7:49 pm

    Thanks creator

  • Reply أمجد الحمصي Amjad Alhomsi March 18, 2020 at 8:10 pm

    What is the reason for stopping posts on this channel?

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    Thank you so much mam…youtube is love 😍 stay blessed.

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    Sir Yt Stedio Download Nhi hora…???

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    Thank you, it is really helpful 😊

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    Thanks to YouTube for giving me something to do. And upload interesting clips

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    وين هم العرب 😘 لازم نثبت وجودنا هنا 🙂👍

  • Reply Limitless Alpha March 19, 2020 at 12:25 pm

    Dear @Youtube Creators @YouTube , There needs to be more limitations for managers. I cannot trust a person to give them permission to delete my videos (accidentally/maliciously).

  • Reply Larry Lawton March 19, 2020 at 12:28 pm

    If I add someone to
    Help with community posts can the posts be made in their name?

  • Reply Spaulding T. Bear March 19, 2020 at 12:47 pm

    How do I get real people from YouTube to help me? I keep getting the same error message before every music video I want to play. Here is what it copy/paste into when googling the issue. {

    "ns": "yt",

    "el": "detailpage",

    "cpn": "9KrsiPVcOk72CogC",

    "docid": "mq59iE3MhXM",

    "ver": 2,

    "referrer": "",

    "cmt": "0",

    "ei": "HClyXpy6G4Lphwb8q6e4CQ",

    "fmt": "244",

    "fs": "0",

    "rt": "8.262",

    "of": "oPVjTBBF5HGI_zlyA2hMUw",

    "euri": "",

    "lact": 3,

    "cl": "301257561",

    "mos": 0,

    "state": "249",

    "vm": "CAMQARgBKiBPdk55eUFxZHJKS3lablJtZW54cGxXYW5hcURFNWF3eQ",

    "volume": 100,

    "c": "WEB",

    "cver": "2.20200315.04.02",

    "cplayer": "UNIPLAYER",

    "cbr": "Chrome",

    "cbrver": "80.0.3987.149",

    "cos": "Windows",

    "cosver": "10.0",

    "autonav": "1",

    "autoplay": "1",

    "delay": 4,

    "hl": "en_US",

    "cr": "US",

    "len": "311",

    "fexp": "23744176,23768780,23804281,23837040,23837354,23837993,23839597,23842630,23855886,23856950,23857950,23859802,23859863,23860860,23864805,23865479,23866741,23868332,23869954,23876177,23876458,23879431,23882034,23882503,23883174,23883525,23885226,3300008,3300117,3300133,3300161,3313321,3315663,3315772,3316375,3316461,3317006,3317401,9405960,9449243,9471239",

    "feature": "autoplay",

    "list": "PLf6AOv_T4O7zLTbqMZSFVwsASqjYCFNl1",

    "afmt": "251",

    "lct": "0.000",

    "lsk": true,

    "lmf": false,

    "lbw": "3299094.296",

    "lhd": "0.410",

    "lst": "210.970",

    "laa": "",

    "lva": "",

    "lar": "itag=251,type=3,seg=0,range=807-66342,time=0.0-3.6,off=0,len=65536",

    "lvr": "itag=244,type=3,seg=1,range=67123-122657,time=5.3-9.6,off=0,len=55535",

    "prerolls": "ad",

    "ismb": 15200000,

    "relative_loudness": "6.961",

    "optimal_format": "480p",

    "user_qual": "auto",

    "debug_videoId": "mq59iE3MhXM",

    "ad_ns": "yt",

    "ad_el": "adunit",

    "ad_cpn": "gvYC7np0H0iHb1ec",

    "ad_docid": "0WLfSH3EdV4",

    "ad_ver": 2,

    "ad_cmt": "0",

    "ad_fs": "0",

    "ad_rt": "0.853",

    "ad_adformat": "15_2_1",

    "ad_content_v": "mq59iE3MhXM",

    "ad_euri": "",

    "ad_lact": 4,

    "ad_cl": "301257561",

    "ad_mos": 0,

    "ad_state": "80",

    "ad_volume": 100,

    "ad_aqi": "HClyXqiAH4WX6toP-oGN0AY",

    "ad_c": "WEB",

    "ad_cver": "2.20200315.04.02",

    "ad_cplayer": "UNIPLAYER",

    "ad_cbr": "Chrome",

    "ad_cbrver": "80.0.3987.149",

    "ad_cos": "Windows",

    "ad_cosver": "10.0",

    "ad_autoplay": "1",

    "ad_hl": "en_US",

    "ad_cr": "US",

    "ad_len": "175",

    "ad_fexp": "23744176,23768780,23804281,23837040,23837354,23837993,23839597,23842630,23855886,23856950,23857950,23859802,23859863,23860860,23864805,23865479,23866741,23868332,23869954,23876177,23876458,23879431,23882034,23882503,23883174,23883525,23885226,3300008,3300117,3300133,3300161,3313321,3315663,3315772,3316375,3316461,3317006,3317401,9405960,9449243,9471239",

    "ad_vct": "0.000",

    "ad_vd": "NaN",

    "ad_vpl": "",

    "ad_vbu": "",

    "ad_vpa": "1",

    "ad_vsk": "0",

    "ad_ven": "0",

    "ad_vpr": "1",

    "ad_vrs": "0",

    "ad_vns": "0",

    "ad_vec": "null",

    "ad_vvol": "0.4487006048872311",

    "ad_vdom": "1",

    "ad_vsrc": "0",

    "ad_vw": 727,

    "ad_vh": 409,

    "ad_creationTime": 2579729.0299999877,

    "ad_totalVideoFrames": 0,

    "ad_droppedVideoFrames": 0,

    "ad_corruptedVideoFrames": 0,

    "ad_debug_error": {

    "errorCode": "auth",

    "errorMessage": "An error occurred. Please try again later.",


    "Qg": "",

    "DB": "backend.gvi"


    "ad_relative_loudness": "NaN",

    "ad_user_qual": "auto",

    "ad_debug_videoId": "0WLfSH3EdV4",

    "ad_skipBtnDbgInfo": "{"player":{"bounds":{"x":97.9375,"y":80,"width":727.109375,"height":408.984375,"top":80,"right":825.046875,"bottom":488.984375,"left":97.9375},"class":"html5-video-player ytp-transparent ytp-exp-contextmenu-icons ytp-hide-info-bar ytp-large-width-mode ytp-iv-drawer-enabled ad-created ad-showing ad-interrupting ytp-ad-display-override"},"videoAds":{"bounds":{"x":0,"y":0,"width":0,"height":0,"top":0,"right":0,"bottom":0,"left":0},"display":"none","opacity":"1","visibility":"visible","zIndex":"auto","hidden":false,"html":"<div class=\"video-ads ytp-ad-module\" data-layer=\"4\"><div class=\"ytp-ad-action-interstitial\" tabindex=\"0\" id=\"ad-action-interstitial:50\" style=\"\"><div class=\"ytp-ad-action-interstitial-background-container\"><img class=\"ytp-ad-image ytp-ad-action-interstitial-background\" id=\"ad-image:54\" alt=\"\" style=\"background-image: url(&quot;;);\"></div><div class=\"ytp-ad-action-interstitial-slot\"><div class=\"ytp-ad-action-interstitial-card\"><div class=\"ytp-ad-action-interstitial-image-container\"><img class=\"ytp-ad-image ytp-ad-action-interstitial-image\" id=\"ad-image:51\" style=\"display: none;\"></div><div class=\"ytp-ad-action-interstitial-headline-container\"><div class=\"ytp-ad-text ytp-ad-action-interstitial-headline\" id=\"ad-text:52\" style=\"\">Help Kids Live</div></div><div class=\"ytp-ad-action-interstitial-description-container\"><div class=\"ytp-ad-text ytp-ad-action-interstitial-description\" id=\"ad-text:53\" style=\"\"></div></div><div class=\"ytp-ad-action-interstitial-action-button-container\"><button class=\"ytp-ad-button ytp-ad-action-interstitial-action-button\" id=\"button:55\" aria-label=\"Donate Now\" style=\"\"><span class=\"ytp-ad-button-text\">Donate Now</span></button></div></div></div><div class=\"ytp-ad-skip-button-slot\" id=\"skip-button:56\" style=\"\"><span class=\"ytp-ad-skip-button-container\" style=\"\"><button class=\"ytp-ad-skip-button ytp-button\"><div class=\"ytp-ad-text ytp-ad-skip-button-text\" id=\"ad-text:57\" style=\"\">Skip Ad</div><span class=\"ytp-ad-skip-button-icon\"><svg height=\"100%\" version=\"1.1\" viewBox=\"0 0 36 36\" width=\"100%\"><use class=\"ytp-svg-shadow\" xlink:href=\"#ytp-id-578\"></use><path class=\"ytp-svg-fill\" d=\"M 12,24 20.5,18 12,12 V 24 z M 22,12 v 12 h 2 V 12 h -2 z\" id=\"ytp-id-578\"></path></svg></span></button></span></div><div class=\"ytp-ad-timed-pie-countdown-container\" id=\"timed-pie-countdown:58\" style=\"\"><svg class=\"ytp-ad-timed-pie-countdown\" viewBox=\"0 0 20 20\"><circle class=\"ytp-ad-timed-pie-countdown-background\" r=\"10\" cx=\"10\" cy=\"10\"></circle><circle class=\"ytp-ad-timed-pie-countdown-inner\" r=\"5\" cx=\"10\" cy=\"10\" style=\"stroke-dasharray: 3.2, 32;\"></circle><circle class=\"ytp-ad-timed-pie-countdown-outer\" r=\"10\" cx=\"10\" cy=\"10\"></circle></svg></div></div></div>"},"skipButton":{"bounds":{"x":0,"y":0,"width":0,"height":0,"top":0,"right":0,"bottom":0,"left":0},"display":"block","opacity":"0.7","visibility":"visible","zIndex":"1000","hidden":false,"ima":0,"bulleit":1}}",

    "0sz": false,

    "op": "",

    "yof": false,

    "dis": "",

    "gpu": "ANGLE_(AMD_Radeon(TM)_R5_Graphics_Direct3D11_vs_5_0_ps_5_0)",

    "cgr": true,

    "debug_playbackQuality": "large",

    "debug_date": "Wed Mar 18 2020 10:29:47 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)"


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    Cant see permissions?

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    My channel name: Pakistan Presenter

    My channel Id:"

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    ممكن اشتراك آب قناتي

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    That's great,
    So finally we can hire managers or editors to decrease our burden.
    Thanks YT Creators

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    Please help me.
    The permissions tab doesn't show up. It doesn't show on any of my brand accounts. It does on my personal account…

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    Why aren't these settings available for brand accounts?

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    Small YouTubers like me: Through the years we're still small YouTubers. 😂

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    Your site bot aye trash
    You can decide between publisher or platform
    False flagging is rampant
    And your own YTers are getting fu€ked by You and and the government

    Cant wait for you to explain this as a bug again susan wo-what the fu€k ls you name

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    Booted out of one thread unable to answer there.

    Outside of it then:

    Hello, i want one in your crew to answer me if i get personally censored in real time.

    If not so, then why did my just now previously typed comment disappear along with many others here on a daily basis.

    (Copied and pasted). Something is going on and i get NO feedback on it.
    What am i as a user to think if your application is acting up. Either it´s not working as it should or censorship in progress.
    Either way you stay very quite for being one official channel so lousy support here nonetheless.

  • Reply Tobbe Häggberg March 20, 2020 at 6:59 pm

    Skulle inte förvåna mig om alla är robotar här eller demoner.
    Det är MEST logiskt från vad jag sett av internet.
    Jäkla gravplats med mumier överallt.
    Can you read and understand Swedish? Good then.
    It came from the heart.

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    can you promote my Youtube.
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    I sometimes have to check my videos for problems or timestamps but an ad shows up on my own video.
    Is this normal?
    I don't want to manipulate ad metric by accident so I am unable to check my own videos the normal way.
    What should I do?

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    Get ready bitches!!!! You played the wrong game.

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