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Changing a Photo’s Timestamp in Lightroom

September 4, 2019

(chalk scratching) – [Voiceover] Every
once in a while I forget to change the setting on
my camera to adjust my time so that that way it reflects the current time where I’m photographing. When this happens my time
zones are usually way off and the actual date and
time of my photographs is inaccurate. When this happens I
like to shift that time so that way it is in the
appropriate time zone, and my photos reflect accurate time. To change time in Lightroom,
go ahead and select the folder that you want to change, and then highlight all of
those photographs using the shortcut Cmd+A (PC: Ctrl + A). Then go to Metadata>Edit Capture Time. I tend to use the shift
by set number of hours, which will adjust all of the
photographs appropriately. It will just move the time
based on the amount of hours that you adjust it to. Then use the drop down to
select the appropriate number, and you will see the corrected
time there in that readout. Then when you’re ready, click “Change All”, and the date and time will be corrected.

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