Change Your Boring First and Last name to ONE WORD Just LIKE PEWDIEPIE

September 30, 2019

hello there YouTube Matt Dean here back at ya with YouTube’s growth and today we’re talking about channel names now I recently made a video basically called how to change your YouTube channel name which showed you how you can change your name from for example YT growth to something like Matt Dean or any one word kind of name but there have been a few people on that video who asked the question how do I change my name if I currently have the format of first name and last name how do I change it to a one word channel and it’s very very easy to do okay so I’m going to show you how to do that now so head over to forward slash account and you’re going to want to go to see all my channels or create a new channel okay once you click that you’ll be redirected to a page that will show you every single channel that is linked to your gmail account so as you can see I have for the original account which is Matt Dean which is first name and last name and then I created two extra ones for the purposes of this tutorial and then obviously have whitey gross which is how the YouTube channel is displayed right now if you want to create anymore then you just go to create new channel you follow the steps it will ask you for a username and then you you basically just just do that once you’ve done that press back see you back at youtube-dot-com forward-slash account and you need to go to advanced say you’re an account under school advanced and then you need to head over to where it says move channel to your google account or different brand account press that button and it will take you to a page where you can literally pick your your account so I’m just going to quickly type in my password once it’s logged you in and verified that it is indeed you who is trying to change this it will show here it will say what your channel is currently the brand account is currently linked to all the person account and then you simply need to pick the account you want to change it to from down here and then from then on everything I said on the previous tutorial will remain true and that’s it that is simply how to change your name if you currently have a first name and last name on YouTube I hope you found it useful if you did make sure you hit subscribe and hit the notification bell because I make videos all the time teaching small YouTube creators how to get more out of YouTube how to get more views more subscribers and ultimately to make an income online but for now guys take care and I’ll see you in the next one

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