Change/Remove Background for Beginners – Adobe Photoshop CC

November 3, 2019

Hello! So first of all let’s just open the photos we’re going to use, by clicking File->Open… Choose the photos you want to use, the new background and the one we’re going to change the background. We have to select the part we want to use for the other background. And cut it out. Now choose the QUICK SELECTION tool on the toolbar on the left. It’s the 4th one. On top of the page we can change the size of the tool that fits better for our selection. Now we can start selecting the part of the picture we want to put into the other background. Don’t worry for the small parts you select wrong. We’re going to correct them later. With the same tool but clicking the minus (-) circle right up to the page, we can now unselect the parts we selected accidentally. Use this tool for as long as you really think that the selection looks okay. When you’re done, click Refine Edge… right on top of the picture. In this window we’re going to fix the areas that actually do not look okay. Left click with your mouse, on the spots that you have missed to select. Photoshop itself will try to fix them. CTRL+Z if you want to undo something you just did wrong. On the window opened depending on the quality of the selection we can fix some spots and corners to look more natural. Careful with the hair. On the square on the top of the window we can change the background of this selection. As we see now it look way natural. But we have another background to add. On the bottom of the window, we have Output to: Click and choose New Layer with Layer Mask. Click OK. Finally we have the edited selected part that we’re going to use for our background. Now grab the first tool of the toolbar to move the selected area to the new background Hold pressed the left button of the mouse and move it to the name of the background picture above. Position it wherever you like on the background. Press CTRL+T to edit the position. Right click with the mouse and this window will help you to do other changes. For example you can Flip it Horizontally or Vertically as it fits better on the background. When you’re done positioning. Click the tick button above to finish positioning. For a better editing, you can also change the lighting of the picture. Go to Adjustments->Brightness and Contrast. The only thing left to do after finishing all the edit is save it. Choose the type of saving than hit Save. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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