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CAREERS IN HOME SCIENCE – Diploma,B.Sc,B.A,M.Sc,M.Phil,P.Hd,Top Recruiters,Distance Learning

September 3, 2019

Hi friends this is devyani from today i am here to speak on the careers in Home Science Home science is a subject which deals with
the science related to home and everything that relate to family members, home, person
and more. Family ecosystem is mainly the subject which educates better living. By making the
right use of resources, family members are gained uttermost satisfaction.
When you take a deep look at the courses for home science, actually home science is a subject
which is studied in 11th and 12th in CBSE as well as other syllabus. The subjects involved
in the study are human development, nutrition and food, and family resource management. Apart from schooling syllabus in home science there are a number of courses home science
offers. A few of them are • Diploma in home science
• Advanced diploma in child guidance and family counselling
• Bachelor of science in home science • Bachelor of science in household science
• Bachelor of science in home science and nutrition
• Master of science in home science • Master of science in home management
• Master of science in family resource management • Master of Philosophy in home science
• Master of Philosophy in home science extension education
• Doctor of Philosophy in Home science food and nutrition
• Doctor of Philosophy in Family resource management
The UG course is a3 year course with 10+2 as basic qualification and for PG degree is
a 2 year course with science subjects involved in. Distance learning can also be achieved for home science in some universities which include
Karnataka state open university, IGNOU, Nalanda University and many more.
Learning and gaining experience can be mingled when students purse to continue their education
abroad. They can opt for PG courses abroad as many leading countries have a number of
universities teaching home science. Scholarships are also provided for certain students based
on certain criteria. Job opportunities are also abundant where
students can work and study if desired. Hunting online for specific universities abroad can
gather you more details. The professional career for home science is
bright with a number of job opportunities. Graduates of home science can get to work
at schools, colleges, welfare organizations, textiles, management, interior design, child
care management, dietetics and nutrition, and more.
Some recruiters who hire home science graduates are as follows.
• Nestle • Britannia
• Glaxo • Star hotels
• Airlines • NGO’s.
Other government job roles that can be worked as home science graduates are research officer,
agricultural officer etc. Few organizations or universities that recruit graduates in
home science are Anand agricultural university, Punjab agricultural university; government
home science college Chandigarh and certain exams conducted by government such as SSC
for government jobs can also be prepared and attended.
There are streams of home science jobs such as production jobs which include specialized
cooking, food and preservation, dress manufacturing and more. In the same manner technical jobs,
sales jobs, teaching jobs, service jobs, and research jobs are available for home science
field. The site is an informative
site which offers complete details regarding home science jobs and application method for
the same. Students and job questers can keep themselves updated and visit the site often
to know the various job opportunities that happen across the nation. Graduates can apply
for the numerous government as well as private jobs in home science field through this site thank you we will be back with more such videos please subscribe to our channel


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    i have done my in home science (specialisation in human development). I am awaiting my msc final results….can u please tell me how can I apply for jobs in companies lije nestle,glaxo…thank u in advance 🙂

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