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Cardi B | EPIC Before They Were Famous | Biography from 0 to now

September 10, 2019

The story of Cardi B
is a come up story unlike any other… a stripper
from the Bronx to one of, if not the most popular artists of this generation. She has climbed to the top of the charts,
broken records and taken home awards. She had been involved in a highly publicized
marriage and the birth of daughter kulture. She’s taken the stage on television’s most
prestigious shows bringing them in record breaking records and all the while she acted
as an ambassador for the talent coming up off of social media. Not only has Cardi B given the world bangers
like Bodak Yellow, Finesse and MotorSport. She’s also spawned millions of meme’s and
given the world plenty of catchphrases. It was her candid and honest personality,
her embracing all the realities of herself during her come up which made her America’s
sweetheart over night and an artist who won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why we decided to take extra time with
this updated Before They Were Famous video. We hope you like the changes, please give
us your feedback in the comments down below. Smash that like button and Cardi B, if you
happen to watch this please give your man a shoutout. We could use the extra love. My name is course is Michael McCrudden – this
video was sponsored by our good friends at Kandy Pens now let’s take a deeper look at
Cardi B here on Before They Were Famous. Carbi B was born Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar
on October 11, 1992 in New York City. Her father is Dominican and her mother is
Trinidadian. Her father a cab driver and her mother a cashier,
the two would eventually split up during Cardi’s youth. She gained the nickname Bacardi as a result
of her sister’s first name being Henessey. She later would shorten it to Cardi B and
the meaning of the B changes each day depending on how she’s feeling. At the age of eight her family relocated from
the Manhattan district of Washington Heights to the Boogie Down Bronx and started attending
6th grade in the Bronx when she was 11, where she was first exposed to the vulgar language
of her peers. This is also when started getting into fights,
recalling at least 12 or 13 fist fights in her youth. Raised in the Highbridge neighbourhood, Cardi
and Henessey were surrounded by the harsh realities of urban life. Cardi once described a story where her and
her father were driving and a man dropped on the street in front of them. At first, Cardi thought her father had struck
and killed a pedestrian. As it turns out, the man has been shot in
the head. This is only a portion of what Cardi B was
exposed to growing up, which according to her, eventually led her to her involvement
with the Bloods during her teen years. Before you go thinking I’m out here exposing
a young Cardi B for being a gang member she had embraced this affiliation with her track
Red Barz. She also had this to say via Twitter: “Bitch I been a big time Blood since I was
16 so f*ck is you talking bout… ya just never peep it.” While tweets like this would have you think
she’s wearing her gang affiliation like a badge of honor, she has stated that she wouldn’t
encourage anyone to join a gang. Cardi attended Renaissance High School for
Musical Theater and Technology in the Bronx and although she has admitted that she would
often skip class to go to hood parties when she did attend school she was your typical
class clown. A natural performer Cardi B would also take
the stage at her high school talent shows and we found a clip of her performing to Lady
Gaga’s Bad Romance. She also added that despite her absence from
school she took an interest in history and had studied up on events including the World
Wars and the Holocaust. Cardi held several low end jobs as a youth,
including a brief stint working at an Amish Market on the Lower East Side. At the time, Cardi was living with a controling
and abusive boyfriend in his apartment shared with his mother, a couple of pitbulls and
sleeping on a mattress littered with bedbugs. If you think things couldn’t get any worse,
his sister would also steal what little money she had and he controlled Cardi constantly
threatening to throw her out on the street. When she was fired from her job at the market
after giving a customer a discount her manager gave her some helpful advice. Cardi told Fader magazine: “He was like, ‘You’re so pretty, you
got a nice body.’ He told me to go across the street to New
York Dolls, the strip club. That’s when I started stripping,” Speaking on her experiences, she has said
that the decision saved her life and that she went from making $250 dollars a week to
$300 on her very first shift. Her mother however was not pleased and an
intense reaction upon finding out her daughters new gig. Stripping sorted out Cardi’s financial situation,
it gave her more confidence, it gave her great practice as a dancer and she even decided
to go back to school. She enrolled at the Borough of Manhattan Community
College and took courses in history and French before eventually deciding to drop out. She was making tons of money dancing and eventually
decided to move on to higher paying clubs dancing for rich white men. Around 2013, Cardi began uploading videos
to both Instagram and Vine. Her blunt sense of humour as well as honest
nature quickly gained her an audience. Initially she was just getting followers from
those who attended her club and the bar staff but it eventually spilled over into followers
from all over the world. A shoutout from Bobby Shmurda would be her
first big break. With a rise in popularity and some disposable
income Cardi decided to invest in her appearance opting for a boob job, she also got some illegal
injections put into her behind. Now with a new look her online following soon
climbed into the hundreds of thousands Cardi B doubled down on worked for her and continued
to be herself no matter who was watching. As her numbers on
Instagram grew new opportunities came her way and she went from dancing in clubs to
hosting club events. She had always told herself that she wouldn’t
be dancing by the age of 25 and by 23 she landed a big break that would allow her to
do so. Cardi B was cast on Love & Hip Hop: New York
a minor role but quickly stole the show. As a youth, she spent time listening to female
rap icons including Missy Elliot and Lauren Hill as well as several reggae and dance hall
artists from the Caribbean. She also enjoyed pop music from Lady Gaga
and Madonna. After gaining clout on television and social
media Cardi gambled huge on her own ambitions to become a rapper and invested all of her
savings into making it happen. In March of 2016, her first mixtape Gangsta
Bitch Music, Vol. 1 dropped and this was followed by Vol. 2 in 2017. She was quickly being compared to artists
like Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown. From here Cardi B’s online buzz continued
to snowball and audiences were eager for a full length album… while building up anticipation
the social media star was invited to sit down on America’s most popular television shows. Cardi B signed with Atlantic Records and on
June 16th 2017 that Cardi dropped Bodak Yellow an rap anthem heard all over the world. The track was a success of historical significance. Not only has the video racked up 664 million
views on YouTube at the time of this recording it also made Cardi the first female hip-hop
artist to have a number one single without a feature since Lauren Hill’s Doo Wop from
back in 1998. This song was also nominated for two Grammy’s
for best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance. Good for her, girl deserved cause she almost
got eaten by a tiger on set of the video shoot out in Dubai. In the fall of 2017, she had a tripple hitter
with features on the Bruno Mars’ Finesse remix, G-Eazy’s No Limit and Migo’s MotorSport alongside
future rival Nicki Minaj. Around this time, she was also getting into
a serious relationship with rapper Offset. Cardi always had a plan to be married and
have children young and things with Offset got serious pretty quickly. After seven month of dating the man got down
on one knee in front of a stadium of thousands of people out in Philly. But there would be another couple shockers
in store for us, it was soon revealed that the two had already tied the knot a month
prior and a marriage certificate was released via TMZ. We have actually made an entire video titled
Before They Were Engaged on the pair relationship. During an appearance on Saturday Night Live,
after weeks of circulating rumours, the camera zoomed out to unveil Cardi B baby bump. This served as an announcement to the world
that she was indeed pregnant. Returning backstage after her performance
of Be Careful, she expressed her relief. In the summer of 2018, Cardi’s long awaited
debut album Invasion of Privacy was released via Atlantic Records. With additional tracks including I Like It
and Ring, the former reaching over 674 Million views on youtube, the album proved to be one
of the biggest of the year. She set a new record for the most streamed
album by a female artist in a single week with over a hundred million streams. In July of that Summer, Cardi gave birth to
her first child, a daughter named Kulture. But things were not all great, Cardi soon
was involved in drama. Two weeks after Kulture’s birth, Offset was
arrested at a traffic stop in Atlanta after being found in possession of marijuana, $107,000
in cash and three unregistered firearms. He was released on bond soon after. Cardi also had her fair share of drama. While walking the red carpet during the 2018
New York Fashion Week where Cardi spotted Nicki Minaj and threw a shoe at her. Back to her old tricks I see. She actually managed to one-up Jim Carrey’s
controversy from the year before. Sorry, I’m a huge Jim Carrey fan so I had
to squeeze that in. In fact Cardi B is also a massive Carrey fan. After the release of her music video for In
Loving Colour he took to Twitter to share his praise and Cardi posted about it sharing
her admiration for the comedian. Before we get back to the shoe throwing beef
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once again. Well She stated that the incident stemmed
from a comment Nicki made about her as a mother. Their feud had actually been bubbling for
quite sometime, with Cardi and Nicki throwing subliminal jabs at each other since the beginning
of 2017. Controversy aside, Cardi B has solidified
herself as one of the biggest entertainers in the world. Despite all the cards she was dealt she overcame
all the odds and utilized all the opportunity that existed on social media. I truthfully don’t know if we will ever see
a come up story like this again but I think we can all agree she is one unique talent
that deserves all her success. A funny lit bit of Behind the scenes’s info
for you guys. Do you remember when Cardi B filmed this ins
Toronto? She was here in town for OVO fest in 2017. My best friend Ben-O caught her at a Hot Dog
stand. Ben is a strange guy and Cardi was a bit stand
offish when he approached her, he then mentioned that he knew the Before They Were Famous guy
and she lit up, she told him she loved the video and they took a photo togther to send
to me. Crazy! I know. As for the rest of the story, well we’ll have
to wait and see because this is Before They Were Famous. My name’s Michael McCrudden and we post all
sorts of videos on celebrities daily. Let us know who you want us to document next. We’ll see you guys in another video.

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