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Cara Edit Matte BRONZE Tone – Lightroom Mobile Tutorial [+ FREE PRESET]

October 26, 2019

Hey guys welcome back with me Owen In this video i’m going to explain how to edit Matte Bronze Skin Tone So in this video I’m going to focus on skin tone Rather than the overall look So in this video we’re going to create the skin tone and this skin tone actually a bit like chocolate look let’s open our photos Let’s open a photo SCREEN TEXT: Remember to edit like this, you’ll need a model with a bit dark skin look, a bit like tan color. Let’s open light I’m not going to change the exposure Lets increase the contrast to 40 Okay Highlights.. Depends, if your photo a bit brighter You can decrease the highlights And shadows Decrease the whites also To -12 Blacks -5 Okay Let’s tap the curve, we’re going to adjust the brightness of this image Curve like this Tap Done After that let’s go to ‘Color’ Ok here let’s decrease the vibrance -9 and Saturation -5 -6 Okay Let’s open color mix Mix is the most important step Increase the luminance of the red color Saturation to 3 Tap the orange color, drop the hue to – 29 We’re not going to touch the saturation Increase the luminance to 9 Now yellow, Decrease the hue and the saturation and tap done Tap ‘Effects’ icon Increase Clarity Around 12 Open ‘SPLIT TONE’ Change the hightlights to H: 28 S: 60 Let’s decrease the balance to -78 Tap done Now we can see the before and after Before And after Ok now let’s copy the settings Now when we copy settings, I realized something recently When we want to copy settings We shouldn’t copy the CROP Because the size of every photo is different If we didn’t uncheck the crop and the photo is small Then when we paste to larger photo, the larger photo will be cropped according to the photo we copied before. So, let’s uncheck the crop Tap ok Ok now, open another photo Now this photo is unedited Let’s paste the settings here And there you go Let’s try to this photo Let’s paste settings Ok now, it’s a bit too much So let’s adjust em On the orange color, we Decrease the saturation and luminance as well Now it’s softer Before &after If it still too much, you can increase the hue a little Now it looks good Okay guys, thanks for watching this video, if you like this video Don’t forget to subscribe like and comment And i’ll see you in the next video, bye


  • Reply Sandy Lau August 28, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    Tanks bang, ditunggu terus preset selanjutnya

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    semangat terus ka, keren keren tips2 yg kaka buat

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    Terbaik tutorny 👍..di tunggu video slanjutnya bang😁

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    Terbaik dri malaysia

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    iOS ndak bisa yg lightroom yg premium??

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    Inii yg di tunggu. Thanks ka

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    So handy, waiting for new ones soon I hope 😀

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    cuma dichannel ini yg gua temuin kagak pelit tentang preset terus berkarya kak★

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    Bto can you tell me hiw to edit in lightroom so photos look more vibrant and colorful and clear. Just like a dslr photo

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